Monday, October 26, 2015

GlamourBox/BYS Makeup Unboxing + Giveaway!

Girls, I have another unboxing/makeup haul to share with everyone!
This is from GLAMOURBOX—and I must admit I looove every bit of it. It contains BYS products that every girl should have! This month’s box is definitely worth it. Check out Glamourbox at Watch the video to see the contents! :)
In line with BYS, they recently celebrated an anniversary and I shared with you guys what they gave away to everyone during the event!

Make sure you watch till the end, as I am giving away a bunch of the makeup products to ONE lucky winner!
All you need to do is comment in the video and comment in this blog post! Just 2 comments, loves!
Good luck and enjoy! :)

Always be #CetaphilSelfieReady (Giveaway!)

Hi girls! Do you have trouble removing your make-up? Is it such a hassle for you to carry your make-up removal cleansers and cotton pads? Afraid as well those products might have ingredients which could irritate your skin? No need to worry as Cetaphil has introduced a convenient solution for women like you!

The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths comes in a pack of 25 high quality cloths which is infused with the world class, award-winning Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser formula.


The ultra-soft, disposable cloths are enclosed in a snap-to-close packaging to ensure the product is perfectly sealed inside, and will not dry out. Using the new facial cleansing solution of Cetaphil proves to be easy, as one just needs to pull out one cloth and wipe one’s face—without having to dampen it with water nor any make-up removing solutions.

Whether you’re in transit, out of the house, or you just need a simpler make-up removal routine, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths is an essential for the modern-day woman. With these cleansing cloths, you’ll be #CetaphilSelfieReady anywhere, and everywhere you go!

And all of you are in for a treat! Cetaphil is giving away Packs of 3 Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths to 3 lucky individuals!


Here’s how!

1. Follow Cetaphil on Instagram (

2. Post a selfie on Instagram of an instance when you wanted to wash off your make-up and you desperately needed an easier, and more convenient solution than the usual products you use.

3. Make sure that your caption should mention why you need the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths!

4. Don’t forget to tag us at @CetaphilPH and use the hashtags #CetaphilMyEssential, #MakeUpRemover, #CetaphilSelfieReady. Only those entries with the tag and mentions will be counted as valid entries!

5. Winners will be selected based on the creativity of their captions and photos.

6. You can send as much entries as you want, but entries will only be accepted until November 6, 11:59 PM. Winners will receive a message from Cetaphil Philippines on the week of November 9 with details how to claim your prizes.

Good Luck!

Here are suggested photo samples!

1. Selfie in the car, while holding up a cotton pad and an empty bottle

2. Selfie in a restaurant and you’re looking at your compact mirror because you noticed you made a mistake in your make-up

3. Selfie in a restroom and you can’t seem to take off too much blush you’ve applied.

Good luck!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ultimate Makeup Haul + Giveaway!

Hi girls, I have a new video up on my channel, it’s a 20-min long haul! I love doing hauls, and I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I do. There’s a surprise near the end, so make sure you watch everything.

All you need to do is leave a comment in the video as well as this blog post.
Good luck! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

BDJ Box Elite (Ber Month) Unboxing + Giveaway!


Hello girls!

What better way to start the day than with a giveaway? I did an unboxing video on the BDJ Box Elite Ber-Month Beauty Box! The video is up live on my channel, you can view it here:

Watch till the end, and you’ll find out which items are up for a giveaway! 1 lucky winner from the Philippines will get to take home selected products from the box :)

All you need to do is leave a comment in this blog post and don’t forget to INCLUDE YOUR YouTube username! I need them to match your entries!

Second step is to go watch the video and leave a comment there, as well. Only 1 entry per person,  no spamming—spamming automatically disqualifies you!

Check out BDJ BOX here
Enjoy the video, loves! Have a great day ahead.

Thursday, October 8, 2015



Hi girls! Today we are putting the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths to a test! Let’s see if it works.

Overview: The Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths –

1. Thoroughly removes dirt and makeup without irritation

2. Dermatologist developed and tested

3. Formulated for sensitive skin

4. Soothing ingredients cleanse without stripping skin

5. Non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and pH balanced

6. Ophthalmologist tested


1 pack contains 25 ultra-soft,disposable cloths, each cloth measures 12 x 20 cm.


Starting with a face full of makeup, take note of the waterproof mascara!


One swipe of the cleansing cloth, and it instantly removed my brow makeup! I gently rubbed the cloth onto my lashes to remove the waterproof mascara, and I can safely say that it was able to do its job without excess pressure added.


I was able to remove my makeup using HALF of the cleansing cloth.

One sheet is enough to remove a full face of makeup.


My thoughts:

· The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths are made of extremely soft and delicate material that won’t scratch your skin.

· The cleansing cloths are wet enough to remove all the impurities and makeup (nobody likes almost-dry cleansing cloths!)

· It gently melts away all the makeup even waterproof mascara!

· I experienced NO stinging upon usage

· I was wearing my contact lenses while using the cleansing cloths and it did NOT irritate my eyes

· It’s convenient to use as a makeup remover—one sheet is all you need!

· I cannot express how much I LOVE the after-feeling of using the cleansing cloths, my skin feels SO SMOOTH every single time!

· No need to rinse face after usage—and I haven’t developed acne even if I skip washing my face! (This is for those lazy days, girl friends!)

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the performance of the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths. It definitely does its job properly without harming the skin. It’s definitely one of my instant favourite makeup removers! Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Just head over to any Mercury Drug, South Star Drug or Watsons near you!

For more information, visit the website of Cetaphil Philippines, Like them on Facebook,, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Hi, girls! Today’s topic is all about feeling confident! I receive a lot of messages everyday from my (YouTube) viewers asking for tips about nailing that bold lip color, perfecting that cat-eye look, and choosing the right type of makeup - all that can boost one’s confidence. You may not know it, but confidence can come from so many sources – make-up, different hair styles, and of course, hygiene!

Let me give you quick and simple tips on how to feel more confident every day, in little ways!


I personally work better when I have make-up on, especially when I’m out and about meeting clients. Appearance is the #1 thing that puts an impression on the people we meet. Think about a make-up look that suits you the best. Here are my personal favorites:

Barely There Make-up Look – This is an au natural look! Accentuate what you already have. Use a light liquid foundation to even out your skin tone; concealer to diminish imperfections; shape the brows for a neat finish; work with light, neutral colors on the lids; add a bit of mascara; and finish off with a nude lip color!


Cat Eye and Bold Lip Look – this combination works every time. Look fierce and beautiful at the same time! For this look you’ll only need a waterproof, long lasting eyeliner, a steady hand (to get that precise cat eye), and of course, a bold lip color!


Statement Lips – If you wanna keep everything simple, try this technique! Add lots of volume on your lashes by curling them and putting on mascara, apply natural looking blush, and choose a BOLD lip color! Go crazy, and rock it!



Let’s face it girls, there are a lot of hairstyles that make us feel like goddesses! I love my naturally straight hair, but I must admit that there are days when I feel like it’s super ‘bagsak’ and limp with no volume at all!

21 (2)

Neat Hairstyles—these styles keep your hair away from your face. I have video tutorials up on my channel on how to do these, so make sure you hop over there to watch!


VAVAVOOM HAIRDO - always a great choice when you want to feel extra beautiful! All you need is a hair curler, lots of volumizing mousse/spray, and voila!

Lastly, HYGIENE.

All the glamming up on our outer appearance won’t mean a thing if we don’t feel fresh from the inside! Here are some of the tips I have for you:

1. I see to it that I brush my teeth after each meal to keep my breath fresh and ready to face any client with confidence! Nothing is more unattractive than a stinky breath!

2. Unkempt nails are unattractive, I make sure I keep them neat and clean all the time.


3. Everyday feminine wetness is an uncomfortable feeling. It affects one’s mood and productivity. I don’t have to worry about this as long as I have my Carefree Pantyliners with me! They absorb everyday wetness in an instant, making me feel #FreshInsideAndOut!

Those are my tips on how to feel more confident everyday! Hope this helped, ladies! Keep shining.