Sunday, November 28, 2010

░Makeup Haul: 30% Off on Maybelline Items, Celeteque, Pond's░

Today was another busy day pour moi. I had to go to school for some community service orientation (we'll be in Alimugmog, Antipolo for two consecutive Sundays starting next Sunday). After staying for an hour in UST, I headed home and attended Sunday mass; went to the mall with my sisters to eat lunch and to stroll around. We went to Watsons, like we always do and I was very glad to hear that Maybelline is on a 30% off sale! I picked up a few stuff, some of which I never intended to buy but was convinced to because of the humongous price drop! I couldn't let it go. I wanted to come back this afternoon but I fell asleep till 7PM so I'm saving the lipsticks and a few from the Angelfit line tomorrow. Now for the products I purchased today...
Skin care products (bought mainly for purposes of low supply):
  • Celeteque Facial Moisturizer with Triple Moisturizing System -my face has adjusted with this moisturizer already and no longer get oily after a few hours after application; it leaves my skin 100% supple and believe me it's an awesome product for people with dry skin.

  • Pond's Clear Solutions Anti-bacterial Facial Scrub- I'm back to using this scrubby-dubby facial wash.
Maybelline Products (bought mainly for purposes of the 30% off sale):
  • ANGELFIT Perfect Concealer 02 Natural Beige- I've been meaning to buy concealer (I tend to double my foundation as concealer most of the time) and found today the perfect time to try Maybelline's ANGELFIT Perfect Concealer
FROM 429.00 I  GOT IT FOR 300.30! (in Philippine Pesos)
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation 24 True Beige- It's no secret how much I love this foundation.
FROM 349.00 I GOT IT FOR 244.30! (in Philippine Pesos)
  • Maybelline Makeup Remover Eye and Lip- I've been using waterproof mascara on a daily basis nowadays and I'm running low on makeup remover so I purchased another one.

FROM 199.00 I GOT IT FOR 159.20! (just 20% off since it isn't priced P200.00++ in the first place)
Also, I bought a little notepad to record all my bookings into, although I do have MS Word for that but I love scribbling. This notepad has the Statue of Liberty on the front pad, this cost me P99.00 only, bought from National Bookstore.

And just a little scoop on what I'll be wearing on one of my next tutorials...

My sister hand-painted it for me and charges me P0.00! It's for free! One of the advantages of having a talented sister. Making hand-painted shirts is her current online business. She still has a lot of designs available, check her out at Order for just P300.00! I am loving my "Paris " shirt soooo much!
Catch you guys in my next tutorial! Bye!
P.S. I am going back to Maybelline tomorrow to pick up a few more stuff 
(particularly lipsticks and the pressed powder from the AngelFit line)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

░ Update: Retraction; No More Lancome ░

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men." 
-St. Francis of Assisi
I am taking back what I said about wanting to purchase Lancome makeup products this Christmas.  I am not going to be a hypocrite and say I am against animal testing but still purchase products from firms who test on animals. I must  admit I blinded myself for a moment there (while constructing my wishlist); I really wanted to try Lancome and I thought it would be alright if I did even though I know for a fact how they test the products on animals. All the undercover videos from Peta came rushing back in my memory. And then I knew what I should do...Consider this a retraction. I am and will always be animal testing. 
No more Lancome for Christmas or any occasions! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

░ Workout: Day 3 of My Pre-Holiday Workout Challenge ░

Just a little recap, I did my workout every other day this week starting on Monday, then Wednesday, and then Friday. For the first day I performed the 550 Reps Workout, the 600 Killer Reps for the second one, and for today, the third one, the Hot to Trot Workout. This is one of the older workout routines from Looks mighty easy, but you'll get a good sweat out of it. 
There are two parts of this exercise. You'll need an interval timer/stop watch. 
Part I:
Elbow Planks (hold for 10 seconds, really keep your abs tight)
Reptile (make your knee touch your elbow from side to side (R-R, L-L) do this for 30 seconds; count the number of reps you were able to finish in 30 seconds)
Elbow Planks (hold for 10 seconds, remember to proceed to this move immediately after the last exercise for maximum benefits)
Mountain Climber (switch your feet from front to back as if climbing a mountain; jump as you switch; do this move for 30 seconds and count the reps you were able to finish)
Elbow Planks (hold for 10 more seconds)
Knee Tucks (make your knee touch the opposite elbow, this will tighten the abs and strengthen the core; do this for 30 seconds, switching legs; count the reps you were able to finish)
Part II:
25 reps of Monkey Push-Up and Jump (push hard, this is going to make you drip with sweat!)
25 reps of Squat and Twist Jump (you will be doing full squats here so expect a tighter tush and leaner thighs after 3 weeks! Push hard, girls. You can do it!)
My Scores for Part One--Round One: 28, 29, 30 * Round Two: 31, 27, 26
So basically you do this routine twice. I was dripping sweat when I finished. Again, nothing beats the invigorating feeling of an after-workout shower.
P.S. Weigh in on Sunday! Stay tuned to know how much I've lost this week.
I hope you did your workout today, girls!
Don't forget to visit the official website!
Stay healthy and beautiful!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

░ Update: Chelsea Korka Fringe ░

For everyone's information, I cut my fringe last night. See this photo above? This is Chelsea Korka of the show "The Search for The Next Pussycat Doll". She was my favorite among all the contestants. Every time I cut my bangs, I draw inspiration from her fringes. At times, I get it from Tyra Banks, but most of the time, I opt Chelsea's since hers is one of the most perfect fringes I've seen! I'll be doing a Chelsea Korka Inspired Look next just to feature my new hairstyle! I'm really excited about it, I hope you stay tuned. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

░ Workout: Day 2 of My Pre-Holiday Workout Challenge ░

Hey guys, I'm back to do an update about my second workout for this week. As you all know, and if you probably  noticed, I didn't post any workout yesterday. This is because yesterday was rest day for me. My muscles needed to repair themselves and I didn't want to push too hard to the extent that I'd get sick like how I always do when I "push too hard". Anyway today is Wednesday and I performed the 600 Killer Reps Workout. Zuzana and Freddie gave various names to this workout. This video embedded below is named Hot Bad-Ass Workout, but if you check their videos in the past, this was called the 600 Killer Reps Workout. This video below has some changes in the other exercises, but over-all, they target the same areas, so it's not really a problem. I did a few modifications for this workout today since I am still in the process of regaining my 100% endurance and strength. 
I shuffled the exercises according to what I wanted to perform first.
1. Half Burpees with Calve-Raise (Do 60 reps, this will seem like forever [this was called the 600 Killer Reps Workout for a reason] but all the buckets of sweat is worth it, trust me!)
2. Over the Chair Kick (Most probably the easiest among the bunch. Just imagine an imaginary chair in front of your and kick over it. Do 30 kicks per leg.)
3. Chest Lifts (Do 60 reps, this will totally strengthen your back muscles and sculpt it beautifully.)
4. One Leg Jump (Do 30 per leg, this will strengthen your legs.)
5. One Leg Tricep Dip (Do 60 reps. This exercise is a surefire way to tone those triceps! You might feel pain, and you can have short pauses in between. Your midsection will likewise tighten every time you lift your leg up and push your triceps down.)
6. Crunches with Leg Extensions (Do 60 reps, again, a surefire way to tighten the tummy area and sculpt those abs!)
7. Prisoner Squats and Front Kick (Do 60 reps, this will surely keep those thighs tight and sexy! And a 100% CELLULITE-BANISHER! Believe me.)
8. One Leg Dead Lifts (Do 30 per leg. This will test your balance.)
9. One Leg Push-ups (Do 60 reps. I needed to do the push-ups on my knees because I scraped my knee during Monday's workout. I pushed extra hard, though.)
10. Jump Lunges (Do 60 reps. I did not perform full lunges, instead I modified the exercise and did Scissors instead. It's like doing mini lunges, not going all the way down.)
After this workout, you will feel phenomenal! I hit the shower after working out and I felt amazing. It's that rejuvenating feeling that workouts give you. You won't regret it. And when you wake up tomorrow, trust me, you will feel a lot more lighter, tighter, toner and definitely sexier.
I almost forgot! Time yourselves, girls! I finished this routine in 19 minutes and 11 seconds.
 I hope you enjoyed Stay healthy and beautiful, ladies!
Promoting health, fitness and beauty,

░ Update: DOLLFACE Train-case/Bazaar/No to Fake! ░

Photo taken from Dollface Cosmetics' Fan Page in Facebook
I opened my laptop today (which was in "Sleep" mode) and got very surprised when I saw Pearl Sarcauga's (Dollface Cosmetics' sole proprietor and a good friend of mine) post about their very first makeup train-case! I was really surprised! I am so thrilled to be a Dollface girl! Price is not yet available. Stay tuned by liking Dollface Cosmetics' fanpage in Facebook here.
Anyway I just wanted to blog about this to promote the next bazaar that Dollface Cosmetics will be participating in. The St. James the Great Christmas Bazaar from November 26 to November 29 at the Cuenca Covered Court Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa from 9AM-9PM. 
The traincase will be available there for sure. I think I might change my mind on not going since it's too far! But this train-case got me really excited.
Photo taken from Dollface Cosmetics' Website
I also wanted to add this: Say No to Fake Makeup Products! And get a 10% discount from Dollface at their coming bazaar! Terms and conditions apply. Please click on the links to know more about them. I personally have never used fake makeup before. I never even thought of buying one. Spending my hard-earned allowance on fake products is not worth it at all. Might as well invest on original ones. Please make a stand against fake makeup products! 
Photo taken from Dollface Cosmetics' Fan Page in Facebook. Hit the Like Button!

Monday, November 22, 2010

░ Workout: Day 1 of My Pre-Holiday Workout Challenge ░

 I am back to do a report on how my workout went today. For everyone's information, today marked Day 1 of my Pre-Holiday Workout Challenge. I know I started quite later than the actual date I planned to start. I got my period the day I was supposed to begin my challenge, so I wasn't able to do strenuous workouts due to unbelievably woman-pain. (And I know you know what I mean.)
Today, upon returning home from school, I started my workout. I set a stopwatch timer online before working out. You can find online timers here. You can also download from this site. I downloaded the bomb timer and the original countdown timer. They will show a variety of timers to choose from. Take your pick!
Then I went to for some guidelines. It's not the first time I'm performing this workout, but I don't memorize the exercises. This is one of my least favorite routines, nevertheless, I went on with it. I played the 550 Fat Massacre Workout onscreen while I do my own thing. I made sure  I had the proper form for each exercise. In the next paragraphs, I will explain how I performed each exercise.
*Before starting your workout, click on the start button on your timer and click stop once you finish. This is not under time pressure, but we are aiming to finish the routine as fast as we can, considering the proper form for each exercise to get the maximum benefits.*
-All exercises from this workout are from
1. Backward Lunge Kick Up- this may seem like the easiest one among the 11 exercises, but don't be fooled. You'll have to lunge back as low as you can and kick up as high. Exert maximum effort. Do 25 repetitions per leg. One lunge back+One kick up= 1 rep.
2.Walk Over Push-up- Since I have lost my arm-strength by about 40%, I opted to do the push-ups on my knees and walk doggy-style sidewards twice, and do a push-up again. You have to complete 50 push-ups. Get ready to feel the pain!
3. Mountain Climber- jump as you "climb". By far the easiest one in the bunch. Do 50 reps.
4. Sumo Squats Knee-Up- this will tone the thighs because of the squats and the midsection because of the knee-ups that will be "tucked in" every time you do knee-ups. Do 50 reps.
5. One Leg Bridge Leg Lift- keep the proper form. Pause for a few seconds to quickly recharge and move on. Complete 25 reps for each leg.
6. Side to Side Squat and Leg Lift- Do 50 reps of this workout. Again, you are working on your thighs and mid-section in this exercise.
7. One Arm Tricep Push-up- this is a challenging workout. Check the site for the proper form. Keep pushing and keep going. Don't give up. 25 reps for each side.
8. Star Crunch- your ab-muscles will surely get toned with this exercise. Keep pushing! Don't stop when you can still go on. 50 reps for this exercise.
9. Diagonal Touch Down- the squats will work your legs every time you touch down, and when you stretch upward diagonally, you'll be working on your midsection. Do 25 reps on each side.
10. Side Plank Lift- you may find it difficult to do this exercise at first, but once you go on and practice on the form more and more, you'll get the hang of it. Do 25 lifts for each side.
11. One Leg Wall Sit- this is the last exercise, so you better push hard! Do 25 reps on each leg.

If you find it hard to follow instructions by words, watch this video!
Keeping a healthy mind and body,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

░ Update: Loading my Samsonite Train Case with Makeup ░

As most of you may already know, my mom gave me a Vintage Samsonite Traincase yesterday. Today I wanted to test it and see how much makeup it would be able to hold. I re-sanitized the traincase before putting in all my makeup because I was in one of my extra-OC moods while doing it. So starting with the first layer, you will see five divisions of the spaces. In the first square space, I put all my lipsticks in. At the moment I have 11 lipsticks (including lip balm), I was able to pile up two layers of lipsticks in the space--really roomy! On the middle square, I put in all my blushes, primer, and stick foundation. I also added in my cream eyeshadow. On the third square, I put in all eye products namely mascaras, lash curlers, liquid liners and eye pencils. In the narrow rectangular space, I have placed in my lip liners, my Beauty Treats lipstick+lipgloss which is quite long, plus my petroleum jelly and my gel eyeliner. On the smallest space, I put it my lash pads, lash glues, and eye/lip pencil sharpener. 

On the lower layer of the traincase, there are available pockets in each side! On the rear side, I put in all my E.l.f. brushes (which I rarely use anymore), on the two side pockets, I put in eyeshadow quads/small square palettes, and on the front pocket I inserted my foundations and my bronzer. On the space inside, I placed my loose powders, pressed powders, my two palettes, my brushes (in the brushroll), my kabuki brush, and my eyebrow duo liner kit.
I was able to fit in all my makeup in this spacious heaven! I am so satisfied with this traincase. I'm going to film a video about it tomorrow, I hope you guys stay tuned for that one. 


░ Remedies: Broken Palettes/Eyeshadows/Bronzers ░

I dropped my Dollface 96 Color Palette two times this week, causing the pans to come off the palette and the eyeshadows to crack. I expected to see eyeshadow massacre upon opening the palette after the fall, and I did. Ever had the same dilemma? The remedy is easy as 1, 2, 3.
All you're going to need:
  • Paper towel 
  • Super glue
  • Clean cloth 

Lay down the paper towel on the table and turn the palette down, the cracked eyeshadows will then fall off and so will the pans. Tap off the excess powders and then wipe the palette with a clean cloth. Now seeing the empty spaces, place a drop of super glue on each space and glue the pans with intact eyeshadows back on. Press firmly and this will usually stick within seconds if you're using super glue. Now you're back on track with your palette!

Now let's move on to broken eyeshadow (single palette) and bronzers. I dropped my Elianto Baked Eyeshadow Duo in 04 Gold a few weeks back. The shape of this eyeshadow is convex (bulging outward). I was so disappointed to see it shattered in pieces. Same holds true with my E.l.f. Healthy Glow Bronzer, it cracked into pieces because I dropped it again. *Take note that I did not drop all these things at the same time.* What I did was scrape off the excess from both containers and mix them together. Since the Elianto Eyeshadow has a shimmery highlight shade, it would create a hint of shimmer when mixed together with the other color in the duo eyeshadow and the bronzer as well. So just mix the two products together until you get the consistency as you would in loose powder. Now you can use this as a regular loose bronzer! Remember to tap off the excess! *By the way, I used Etude House Lashes' packaging as the container for this process.*

Remember, you can always make new things out of broken things! Don't head straight to the trash bin. I hope I was able to help you girls!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

░ Update: Vintage Samsonite Traincase (Circa 1977) ░

I wasn't the only one who was happy with all the appointment bookings I've been receiving. My Mama was also very excited for me when she heard the good news. She offered to buy me more makeup for my clients, I have to increase of my tool supply and cosmetic products as well. I told her what I really needed at the moment is a traincase. I explained to her how much easier it would be for me to carry all my makeup in just one container instead of what I usually do (carry around huge shoulder bags and have small vanity boxes in them). She told me she's keeping a traincase in the room ("Meron diyan ah." was her exact words.) I was surprised! I didn't know we had one in the house! She told me it belonged to my aunt, who, when she got married got it as a token of love? or something like that. You know how traditional Chinese weddings are. So she told me my aunt gave it to her already. When we opened the package I jumped for joy because it looked so brand-new! It doesn't even look like it's been used. The insides were pretty clean. I couldn't believe it when she told me it has been existing since 1977. And now it's still beautiful. The best thing I liked about it was the color. My favorite red on the outside and pink on the inside. It also has a number combination lock which I love! I took photos of it so scroll down some more and you will see them in the photo roll. 

I am really thankful for this. Now I don't have to buy from Suesh anymore. (I'll save that purchase for next year!) This will definitely make life more easier for me as an amateur makeup artist. I promise to pass this traincase on to my daughter in the future... Isn't it great to have family heirlooms like this?

Now I don't have to be seen like THIS anymore!
Thank you Mama! I love you!