Saturday, November 20, 2010

░ Update: Vintage Samsonite Traincase (Circa 1977) ░

I wasn't the only one who was happy with all the appointment bookings I've been receiving. My Mama was also very excited for me when she heard the good news. She offered to buy me more makeup for my clients, I have to increase of my tool supply and cosmetic products as well. I told her what I really needed at the moment is a traincase. I explained to her how much easier it would be for me to carry all my makeup in just one container instead of what I usually do (carry around huge shoulder bags and have small vanity boxes in them). She told me she's keeping a traincase in the room ("Meron diyan ah." was her exact words.) I was surprised! I didn't know we had one in the house! She told me it belonged to my aunt, who, when she got married got it as a token of love? or something like that. You know how traditional Chinese weddings are. So she told me my aunt gave it to her already. When we opened the package I jumped for joy because it looked so brand-new! It doesn't even look like it's been used. The insides were pretty clean. I couldn't believe it when she told me it has been existing since 1977. And now it's still beautiful. The best thing I liked about it was the color. My favorite red on the outside and pink on the inside. It also has a number combination lock which I love! I took photos of it so scroll down some more and you will see them in the photo roll. 

I am really thankful for this. Now I don't have to buy from Suesh anymore. (I'll save that purchase for next year!) This will definitely make life more easier for me as an amateur makeup artist. I promise to pass this traincase on to my daughter in the future... Isn't it great to have family heirlooms like this?

Now I don't have to be seen like THIS anymore!
Thank you Mama! I love you! 


  1. OMG! My parents are Chinese and they had a traditional chinese wedding where the groom have to give "gifts" for his bride to be and so on....My mom have the same...exact luggage, even the color! I guess, the luggage should be "RED". =) Good luck Say, and more bookings to come!

  2. Wanna steal your traincase :)) HAHAHA!!! Samsonite pa talaga

  3. what a coincidence! I was literally looking at Vintage Samsonites just a few days ago! the one you have is really nice!!

  4. hello Say,
    i like this vintage Samsonite. Palit na lang tayo rimowa;)
    Btw, followed you.I hope you like mine as well:)
    Kisses from DE,

  5. @Chinadoll! Hi dear! Yes, it's a tradition! My aunts each have one according to my mom. She didn't have any kasi my Papa's Filipino. Anyway, thank you Chinadoll!!!
    @Nadine! Thank you! Hahah, it's a relief I don't have to earn 3K for a brand new one. Remember I was gonna uy from Suesh? Anyway, thanks, Nadine! :)
    @Louise! Hi dear! Really?! Hahaha thank you! :)
    Hi I'm your random lady! Thank you so much. :)
    Hi Gingersnap! Haha I'm planning to pass this on to my future daughter! It'll be like a family heirloom! I followed you as well! I like your blog! Thanks dear :)

  6. so cool! and good condition pa talaga. goodluck sa career say!:)

  7. Hi Say. That train case is as old as I. Haha. When I was in grade school, I found a box just like that when we were cleaning out the antique cabinet left by the previous owners of my parents' house. It was mint green and the lining was already dirty and smelled musty. It contained a few broken pieces of vintage jewelry, including ladies' watches, and a couple of pieces that might still be useful. However, young as I was, I threw out the jewelry and kept the case to store old love letters from high school. I also kept the letters exchanged between my mom and dad (+) when they were still in their teens. The whole thing I kept at the back of my closet to hide from prying eyes (hubby and brothers) =P Anyway, just a few months ago, hubby and I decided to clean my old room and this case was one of the first to go. I transferred all the letters and pictures to a plastic bag and took out the case for disposal. Had I known it was a train case, I should have kept it, now that I am already collecting cosmetics. Keeping it as an heirloom would also have been a nice idea since I have two little girls. Hay. I better ask the help if she was able to save it. Enjoy it and good for you that your mom was able to keep these things. =)