Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Vow Premiere Showing at Rockwell

Shen of ShensAddiction invited me to the premiere showing of The Vow last February 12 sponsored by ZoyaManila and Carmex Philippines! They even gave me the privilege to giveaway 10 tickets to 5 of my readers (+ their dates) The movie started at around 630PM and I had my sisters to accompany me! Achi Char and her husband, Ahia Oliver were there, too! The movie was great, although it was very bitin.


After the movie I had the time to take photos with some of my readers! So glad to meet them:


With Jess and Alice


Here I am with the gorgeous Martha of TheBeautyJunkee!


A huge thanks to Zoya Manila and Carmex Philippines for the goodies! Reviews coming up soon!


Cosmetologie Fair 2012

I was really excited for Cosmetologie 2012 because the last one I went to was way back in 2010! This year, I got to spend it with fellow makeup gurus! I woke up really late and Sab and Andee were such darlings to accompany me to lunch even though they’ve already had theirs. I love spending time with these two girls (we haven’t blogged about our lunch at Ling Nam yet!) Anyhoo, after eating lunch we went to SMX to shop at the Cosmetologie Fair! I was deeply saddened by BabyLiss not being present this year. I wanted to get myself a huge barrel!!!


Everything was basically sold at low prices! I saw these traincases (with lights) but I didn’t have the guts to spend all the money I had just for one. Besides, I wasn’t really planning on buying a traincase at all. We kept walking ‘round and ‘round. Next stop was the Suesh booth!

Suesh is such a trusted brand when it comes to makeup tools! I’ve always been a fan but have never purchased nor owned any Suesh items before.


Until I saw this…


Oh mama, I swear I wanted to take it home the moment I laid my eyes on it. About a few minutes of chitchatting with Suesh’s owner, Sheryl, I found myself handing out my card and receiving a receipt.


Why? I’ll tell you why.

  • This baby has been in my makeup wishlist since 2010! It’s EXACTLY what I wanted!
  • It’s the LAST piece
  • They accepted card payment (I coincidentally had my card with me)
  • They slashed off 50% the original price! From 8,500 I got it for 4,250!

Now I believe those are pretty good reasons.

Suesh was right beside Ever Bilena, and guess what was on sale! Their cream eye shadows! Price was down to 70.00 per piece! I got three new shades (which I will show in a separate video)


I neglected to take photos of the rest of the booths that we went to, but I also got bendy rollers, a couple of lash sets and a box of approx. 700 bobby pins! (I told myself I had to stock up on these for my hairstyling gigs) *photos to follow in a separate post*

Probably the best thing about Cosmetologie 2012 (besides getting myself an awesome traincase) would be meeting fellow makeup gurus! Sab and Andee are an exception because I’ve been with them a couple of times already.

So I finally met Trina of thebestsoylatteandme who looked absolutely gorgeous in person I swear (not that she doesn’t in her videos):


Teena of AngKikayKo who I met during the IJT M&G; spending time with her was waaay different, she’s pretty cool:


Andee of ohthisislove who I kept calling “Sandee” in the videos that we filmed lol!!! Love this girl!


And of course Sabrina of MissCoryPotts! This girl is always a pleasure to be with! She’s a ball of energy!!! (She’s Andee’s sister, by the way) Love them!


We filmed a couple of videos together (actually, only 2—lol) I wanted to do it right there and then because it’s not everyday that we get to see each other!


Meeting my readers were absolutely great, too! Here’s the gang with Katy Yap and Andy! Sweethearts.


And here are some photos I grabbed from Bing (thanks, Bing!)


It was a great day. I went home a happy girl.

Thanks to everyone who came and said hi!!! I remember all of you.

Hair & Makeup: Jeselle Bagadiong

IMG_4486IMG_4500 (1)IMG_4484 (1)


I was hired by my sister’s good friend, Jeselle Bagadiong, to do her hair and makeup for her prom a few weeks ago. We stayed at Atrium Hotel and the perfect spot to do her hair and makeup was right beside the large windows. I love working with natural lighting all the time!

I wanted to give Jeselle a glamour-inspired look hence, I gave her a smokey eye look adding a hint of iridescent highlight on the center of her lids. She was gifted with naturally long lashes, so all I had to do was give her lashes coats of mascara. I paired off her smokey eyes with a pink lip color to add femininity.


For the hair, I have Jeselle a classic updo with curls meshed with each other. The pouf right on top of her head gives attitude to the whole look. As always, I secured all the curls with bobby pins to make them stay in place all night long.


More photos in this album.

For bookings, contact Say at 09156218309

Hair & Makeup: Jayne de Hoya


Worked on one of my good friends and client, Jayne de Joya last January for a wedding she attended as a bridesmaid. Given her orange gown, I gave Jayne a play of neutrals on the eyes, highlighted the inner corners of her eyes using a shimmering white E/S, gave her a sleek, winged out liner and painted her lips pink, I also highlighted the high points on her cheeks using MeMeMe’s Moonbeam. She looked absolutely radiant and glowing—perfect for the afternoon wedding she attended. Jayne is sporting a really short ‘do, so what I did was gave the ends twists and curls, and pinned one side up for that chic, Marilyn-Monroe-like feel.

DevCollections Photoshoot: Hair & Makeup

I was hired to do the hair and makeup of Gilda, model for an upcoming online store called DevCollection, last January. The whole feel of the shoot was basically high fashion. I used my most favorite trick ever—the cardboard trick, for the first look. I worked on a sleek looking eye makeup, playing with purple, metallic whites, and of course gave it a smokey finish. Everything else was kept subtle and neutral. I gave Gilda a hint of pink for the lips. Second look was a mix of smokey neutrals for the eyes and paired off with a deep red lip color for a glamour feel. First hairstyle was loose, messy curls, and was followed by a messy, side top bun.IMG_8946



Here are the photos from the shoot:

P.S. DevCollections will launch soon—I will be updating you about it. For the meanwhile, check out their gorgeous pieces


Check out more photos here

Monday, February 27, 2012

NEW Traincase from Suesh!


Hi everyone!

This is so far my biggest purchase this month! I got a new traincase!

I bought this traincase from Suesh during the last day of Cosmetologie Fair 2012 last February 22nd. I was with Sab and Andee, shopping! This traincase caught my eye from the Suesh booth since it has always been the traincase that I wanted to have since I started my career as a freelance hair and makeup artist! It’s actually included in my makeup wishlist—and now I have crossed it out!

I wasn’t planning on buying a traincase that day. But when I learned that they slashed 50% off the price, accepted card payment, and it was the LAST one—I GAVE IN!

Imagine, its original price is PHP 8,500! 8 thousand freaking pesos and 500! And I paid 4,250 to get it! SUCH A HUGE DEAL, RIGHT?!

I was super excited. Sab and Andee kept reassuring me that it was a good price. After the card’s been swiped, I was all, “OMG, did I really spend so much money on this?!” LOL which is the reason why Sab and Andee kept telling me it’s okay because it’s a form of investment on my part!

Look how beautiful my baby is… Okay I am going to name her. (thinks of a name) I love her! I’ve taken her out thrice already!!! So much ease. No more shoulder pain from lugging my heavy Samsonite heirloom traincase anymore (I kept it already—heartbroken, but not entirely!)


This traincase holds ALL MY MAKEUP AND HAIR TOOLS! How freaking amazing is that?!

Wanna see the features of this traincase? Watch my video!

Contact Suesh for more information

My First Makeup Class: DLSU LEAP Program


I was invited to be the speaker for an alternative makeup class at DLSU during their LEAP Program. The venue was at Andrew Building along Taft and was scheduled on February 14th. I have never ever talked to a whole class about makeup before! This was my first. It was really nerve-wracking at first, and I kindly asked the class to not be too quiet as I felt uncomfortable talking with blank stares on my students’ faces!

The classroom chairs were too spread apart so I requested everyone to come a little bit closer so that everyone could see the demonstration that I showed. Lovely volunteers from the class were very fun to work with! All of them were really participative! I really enjoyed showing them personal tricks and of course, all the other makeup tips that I have learned since 2010, both from online videos, blogs, magazines, and makeup books!


The class covered skincare, makeup tools, basic makeup looks, evening looks, brows, contouring, concealing, foundation, highlighting, blush, and basic eyeshadow application. I prepared a Powerpoint Presentation (which I finished at 4AM!) and loaded up my personal tutorials in YouTube to show to the class.


I felt so happy to be able to answer questions from the ladies in the class. I really had so much fun giving some of them make overs and just casually talking to them as if we were gal pals! The class ended really fun and happy!!! As opposed to the quiet and boring one that I thought it was going to be.


My photo with the whole class! Thank you so much DLSU! Special thanks to Debbie, my high school classmate for inviting me!


“I am not a professional makeup artist nor do I claim to be one, I am just a freelancer in this industry but I believe that my skills are honed and sharpened every day through my perseverance. I am blessed to have people who trust in my skills. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”