Wednesday, November 27, 2013


All the guessing ends HERE!!!

No, I am not pregnant…

No, we are not getting married nor are we engaged…


But we are starting a NEW VIDEO SERIES TOGETHER!!!

You read that right! Say hello to “Dead Hungry”! A series of food-filled videos to be “reviewed” by myself and my awesome boyfriend and eating partner, Mark!

A lot of people have been asking for us to do this and we actually think it’s a GREAT idea!

Considering we both love eating, and we both love discovering new food AND we love sharing it to the world!

Episode 1 is featured right above! We hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment what restaurant you would like us to feature! We’d love to do it for you guys. :)

Our Dead Hungry series will air at least once or twice a week! It’s here to stay, ladies and gentlemen.

Next episode will air on December 1, 2013 (Sunday)

P.S. “Food blessings” *wink wink* are on their way… We are so grateful. Thank you, thank you so much.

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring Tutorial


Hi everyone!

I’ve always wanted to do a video tutorial on how to use the Bubble Hair Coloring from Etude House! The first tutorial I did was via blog entry. And now I finally have a video up (after a couple of years)! My roots have been showing for the past weeks and I must admit it’s not the prettiest hair color to sport! Since I want to take some time off from getting foreign hair colors, I decided to go back to black—the closest to my natural hair color!

As much as I wanted to try out the other brands, I decided to just stick to the Etude House coloring kit since I was too afraid that the other brands might not work/cause allergies on me. Stick to what works for you, right?

I got the shade in “Deep Black” for PHP378.00—their pricing hasn’t changed through the years.

You will see the same stuff inside the kit, the gloves, shoulder plastic, pump bottle containing the oxidizing agent, the sachet of bubble hair color, and a sachet of the perfumed treatment.

Oh and another thing, the box now has English instructions! They didn’t have those before!

Here is my video tutorial on using the Bubble Hair Color from Etude House!


Brown bun!


What the foam from the Deep Black kit looks like!


  1. Very easy to use! You can do it at home by yourself!
  2. The foam/mousse gets all the hair thoroughly even without sectioning of the hair
  3. Affordable price at PHP378.00 compared to professional salon coloring services
  4. Vibrant color
  5. Caused no allergic reaction (on me)
  6. Only takes 30 minutes to color your hair!


  1. Very messy (black shade)—my viewers told me to use petroleum jelly to erase the dye on my skin
  2. I cannot think of any more cons…

That’s it, you guys! Enjoy the video!

P.S. I got my Bubble Color from Etude House SM City Manila

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Discount: Personal Makeup Workshop in Manila!

Hi everyone! It’s time to announce the next makeup workshop schedule which will happen on November 30, 2013 (Saturday) at Hotel Kimberly Pedro Gil Street, right across Robinsons Place Manila (map below). Our previous workshop in Alabang last Saturday was such a success, and I can’t wait to meet new students this coming weekend for the 10th batch of the makeup workshop!


The venue for this workshop (Batch 10) will be held at the beautiful Hotel Kimberly situated along Pedro Gil Street, right across Robinsons Place Manila (map below) I see to it that I book venues with a  relaxing ambiance for all my students to feel at home and enjoy while they learn the basics of makeup application!


We will have (2) sessions on Saturday -

Session A: 3PM-5:30PM (5 slots only)

Session B: 6:00-8:30PM (5 slots only)

The Holiday Discount is being implemented for this batch!

Workshop fee is only PHP2,300.00 inclusive of:



1. NO NEED to bring makeup! All tools and products will be provided (For sanitary purposes, bring your own lash curler)

2. Be able to try different brands like Benefit, Revlon, Maybelline, L’Oreal, Urban Decay, and many more!

3. Individual mirrors will be provided

4. Certificates will be provided

Only (10) slots available for this workshop!



Only the first 10 confirmed booking will be entertained.

See you soon!

Meet & Greet (World Trade Center): FREE Makeovers and Discounts!


Hi everyone!

As announced on my FB Page a few days back, I will be holding a Meet & Greet and FREE MAKEOVERS at the Enhance Cosmetics Booth at the SuperSale Bazaar on November 29, 2013 at the World Trade Center. I’ll be there from 12NN-3PM!

In addition to the M&G plus the free makeovers, the first 20 subbies/readers who comments on this blog entry will each get a 15% OFF electronic coupon for their purchase at the SuperSale Bazaar! The coupons shall be sent to the lucky 20 subbies/readers and will receive them via email. You only need to print out this coupon and use it at the bazaar for Enhance Cosmetics!

  1. COMMENT ON THIS POST and tell me what product they love most about Enhance Cosmetics
  3. FIRST (20) COMMENTERS will win the 15% OFF coupons!

I invite everyone to come and chat with me on November 29! See you at the World Trade Center! Get your makeover done!


Visit Enhance Cosmetics here:

Batch 9 Personal Basic Makeup Workshop in ALABANG!


Hi everyone!

I had the best weekend ever. Batch 9 of the Personal Basic Makeup Workshop was held at the beautiful Parque EspaƱa in Alabang. This place is by far, one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve been to. All my students really enjoyed the ambiance, too! It’s very homey and warm. Despite the terrible traffic which I was stuck in for 2 hours, I arrived just in time to set up for the first session.


Meet the two early birds, Jimmebelle and Tricia!


Jimmebelle and Tricia checked out their FREE makeup brush set from Beauty Cosmetics and had their meals which were included in the workshop fee.


They also each got a free cupcake from Tessa’s Cupcakes!


Here is all our set up for the makeup session! Yes, all my participants get to try out these different brands that I have in my beauty collection. That purple brush set right there is from Beauty Cosmetics, too! The same set (in a different color) that my students get for FREE when they sign up for the session!


Lani and Julie arrived in the nick of time for the workshop! Traffic was really horrible that day.


It was so much fun seeing my students interact and learn—the fun way! We were just like girl friends sharing tips and tricks about beauty!


All of them did a great job! I’m so proud!


After the workshop came the photo taking session!


THANK YOU GIRLS! I had a lovely time with you all!


Tricia’s mom was really supportive! So nice to meet you, Tita! Thank you for watching our videos!


Next we move on to the second session! Meet the next batch of my beautiful students for the Alabang workshop—Danica, Kat, Ruby and Patty!


We all had an incredible time! It sure was my pleasure hanging out and sharing beauty tips with these ladies.




And finally, the last batch for the Alabang makeup workshop! Meet Wynne, Jona and Crislyn!


We did everything from skincare, doing their brows (see photo: below) foundation, blush, contour, highlight, and daytime to nighttime makeup application!


We finished at 9:30PM and the girls all left with smiles on their faces. I loved how all of them were so cheerful!



I can’t express how grateful I am for all the ladies who made this Alabang workshop a success! THANK YOU!

New workshop schedule will be out within the week!

*Workshop fee: PHP2,700.00 inclusive of a FREE brush set from Beauty Cosmetics, a FREE meal, and a FREE cupcake from Tessa’s Cupcakes. Makeup by Say’s official workshop sponsors.*

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