Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Batch 7 Personal Makeup Workshop (Makati City) *Special Low Rate*

Hi everyone! It is with a great gladness that I share the news that I have finished six batches for my Personal Makeup Workshop! And so for my 7th batch I offered a special promotion! Only PHP1,500.00 for all the students who joined complete with a full meal and the personal basic makeup course I have prepared. I owe all of this to all the people who believe in my basic skills about makeup application.


Prior to this class, I first handled a 1 on 1 Makeup Class with my student Therese. During a 1 on 1 makeup class it is just myself and my student closely discussing each topic and applying it. Some people prefer this kind of teaching environment. Therese got a free brush set and a free meal too! You can read about our session here: http://saytiocoartillero.blogspot.com/2013/10/1-on-1-makeup-workshop-with-therese.html


Right after the basic makeup workshop, we proceeded with Batch 7! Everyone was a delight to be with! You could feel the warmth in the aura of the beauty studio. I am also extra happy because I was able to finally replace my former mirrors. I went to Japan Home Center earlier that day to get these super cute stand mirrors! PHP88.00 each (if you’re wondering!) It’s double sided and it’s much taller than the ones I used before. All the makeup brush sets are from www.fb.com/candyblushshop (8 are sponsored, and I bought 9 sets at my own expense for my students) I personally think this set is a good set for starters. It’s becoming my favorite as well! The venue was held at the beautiful Glambox Beauty Studio! https://www.facebook.com/GlamBoxCosmetics Thank you Andrea and Val for the space, once again!


Here is the second table provided as we didn’t want everyone to be squeezed in together.


Let us move on to the workshop proper!


We first tackled the lecture and demonstration before everyone went back to their seats and proceeded to application.


The LED videolight I brought that day came in sooo handy because the students were able to see the true colors of the pigments!


Here’s the end result of the demo on my model and good friend Yhang! Isn’t she pretty?


After the lecture and demo, I went from one seat to another to give hands-on guide to each of my student.


The class ended so well and we finished with the awarding of certificates + class picture taking!


Here are before and after shots of the girls:


Thank you ladies for spending the afternoon with me! You all did an amazing job!!! :) *Feel free to grab the photos on my Facebook Page!

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  1. i am in UAE right now, and im going back december this year. i hope by that time, you are still offering a workshop like this. cause i definitely want to join!

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