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Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray (59ml) ₱575.00

Made with the same top-quality ingredients found in heavy creams but applied via a fine, refreshing mist, Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray absorbs excess powder for a natural-looking finish--and rejuvenates skin. The moisturizing formula contains NAPCA, elastin, collagen, and sodium hyaluronate in a pure iodized water base.

This all purpose MOISTURE SPRAY is designed to add moisture to the skin, help Cinema Secrets FOundation spread thinner, smoother, and set powder as well as provide a dewy, fresh look. Continued use can slow down wrinkling process of the skin. To prevent dehydration of skin in dry climates and artificial environments such as offices and airplanes—spray every hour or two.


  1. To apply makeup using a sponge—Spray 1 or 2 times onto sponge to dampen slightly, then dip sponge into makeup
  2. To set makeup—after powdering the face, hold 10 to 12 inches away from face and spray
  3. To refresh and revitalize skin—spray 2 or 3 times a day

I’ve been frequently flying the past weeks and I have learned to hate air inside the plane especially with makeup on my face. My skin just feels SO TIGHT and YUCKY. I can still remember the time I flew back from Cebu with full makeup on. I felt so sorry for my skin.


This is where the Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray comes in. My ultimate skin hydrator!!! Well, you can obviously tell from the product itself how often I’ve been using it. I only have about 1/4 left!!!


Upon spraying onto the face, my skin instantly feel moisturized! It’s very refreshing and rejuvenating! Tightness on the face fades, and it seems like my skin can “breathe” again.

This moisture spray is also a perfect tool to refresh a full face of makeup. It revives “old makeup” on the skin—like having full makeup on for hours without retouching.

When I use foundations that are too thick, I spritz this on my face first and then apply the foundation, and application gets instantly easier!

I highly recommend this product. It gets an A+ for me!

Also available in 118ml (PHP795.00), order here.


L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream REVIEW

bb cream loreal

4 Beautifying Actions in 1.
Hydrates, Primes, Perfects, Corrects.
Flawless bare skin finish.

Meet the Magic all-in-one skin BB cream, with Beautifying Beads; encapsulated pigments infused in an ultra-light lotion with antioxidants Vitamins C&E. This mullti-tasking skin beautifier delivers 4 beautifying actions in 1: hydrates, corrects, evens and perfects. Instantly transforms to your perfect shade for a flawless, bare skin finish. Over time, more beautiful skin.

Comes in 4 different shades to fit almost all skin tones!


In this review I used the shade “Medium”. I also think that going a shade lighter will still suit me! Make sure you choose the closest shade for your skin tone before ordering!

  • This BB cream wowed me with its beautifying beads. The BB cream is white in color and contains bead-like particles that break down upon contact with skin (through blending) transforming its shade into your skintone!
  • I love how LIGHT this BB cream feels on the skin! It’s definitely something you can use every day
  • I love how easily it blends onto the skin! It gives a very radiant, fresh finish giving you a healthy skin glow

In terms of coverage and longevity, I have photos to show you to back up this BB Cream’s positive performance on myself.

loreal bb

BEFORE AND AFTER | Absolutely no makeup on, no primer, visible acne, dark spots, oily t-zone >>> evened out skin tone, acne marks disappeared, dark spots no longer visible, dry patches around the nose area, healthy skin finish


3 hrs

AFTER THREE (3) HOURS | Coverage still intact, insignificant shine/oil on the T-zone, no melting

8 hrs

AFTER MORE OR LESS 8 HOURS | Visible shine on T-zone, coverage still intact!


One of the best BB Creams I’ve tried.

  1. I did not use setting powder for the sake of trying out the bb cream alone. Had I set it with powder, this BB cream would TOTALLY last for more than 12 hours without shine!
  2. This is perfect for people with oily-combination skin! Use primer and setting powder to keep oiliness at bay.
  3. This BB Cream DOES NOT have an overly dewy finish! Which is perfect for us with combination and oily skin type
  4. I love the healthy skin glow I gives me

This definitely goes on my “BEST BB CREAM I’VE TRIED” list!

PRICE: ONLY PHP500.00 from Chedelyn’s Cosmetics Collection (US price, 100% authentic, straight from the U.S.A., cheaper price compared to when bought from Department Stores)

TO ORDER: Text/Viber 09173251576, 09176332451, 09176332502

CEBU’S Makeup Heaven NOW OPEN!

I flew to Cebu once again for an extremely exciting grand launch/opening of what I consider one of Cebu’s makeup heavens namely Chedelyn’s Cosmetics Collection Store!!! I was invited over to do FREE makeovers as well as meet my beautiful Cebuana readers together with my gorgeous friend, Noe of Colorismyweapon! Of course, it was yet another blessed opportunity that I couldn’t say “no” to.


Chedelyn’s Cosmetics, you’ve heard this from me a million times over and I am back to share more good news about this brand. Chedelyn’s Cosmetics is now open at APM MALL, CEBU CITY. They are now located at a much bigger space (no accommodate their wide variety of products) right beside Metrobank.

If you haven’t heard of this brand, let me give you a little tour of their newly opened store and take you to what I call “makeup heaven”…


They carry individual brushes as well as makeup brush sets! They also have a rack full of nail products like nail polishes from brands like OPI, China Glaze…etc., nail acrylics, hardeners, and many, many more!


Traincases, you ask? They sure have those as well! Above are stars of the show. We have the professional case with lights for PHP9,500.00 and it also comes in smaller, personal versions!


This is the area where Noe and I performed the makeovers. Filled with numerous makeup brands, some of which are NOT even available in malls.


Lashes, you say? They have it too! From sets, to individuals! Different styles to fit your different needs!


Here’s a general view of the cosmetics area. Yes, I know nakakalula. I could stare at them forever and look through them for HOURS!


Different lipsticks from different brands! A whole lot of shades, too!


Mascaras, eyeshadow palettes, liquid liners, glosses, quads, bronzers, blushes…YOU NAME IT, THEY SURE HAVE IT!


These particular Rimmel mascaras that Noe raved about are the same ones that the Pixiwoo sisters used in one of their tutorials!!!


Over on this side, we have a LOT of Physician’s Formula products. Bronzers, blushes, powders, palettes, liners…etc!


When you reach this part, you will find TRAINCASES beneath and makeup brushes above them! Inside the glass shelf at the back you will find branded and original wallets!


Trolleys, hand held…different train cases suited for makeup artists/enthusiasts!



Hehe, just a little selfie in the middle of working.


This is probably THE BEST area out of all, FOUNDATIONS!!!!!! Why I love it?

  1. They have a WIDE VARIETY of SHADES
  2. They carry brands which are not even in the Philippines!
  3. They have Revlon, Arbonne, L’Oreal, Almay, Neutrogena, and MANY MANY MORE!
  4. You get all these at US prices!!! No unnecessary mark-ups!


If you’re more of a lip balm person, they have EOS! And other fun ones, like Nerds-flavored balms (which I have!)


Beautiful bags can also be bought here! Those MK bags are GORGEOUS!!! Noe went gaga over them!!! (PHP8,000.00)


The blessing of the store was made on the day itself as well and we were all there to witness it!


I am glad to have worked with Noe once again! Haha don’t mind the matching coffee poses! We were both EXTREMELY energy-drained mid afternoon and had to get caffeine in our systems!


With Ms. Chedelyn herself! Proud owner of the wonderful store!


I wasn’t able to take photos with my viewers due to the very BUSY situation, but here is a photo of myself with Jhoye, her husband, and their baby girl. Jhoye is very dear to my heart as I met her 2 years ago here in Cebu. Since then, we’ve always kept in touch. She is a wonderful person with a wonderful family. I am happy to see their baby girl all grown up!

More photos from my Cebuana viewers coming up as soon as I grab them all from Instagram! Tag me, ladies!

If you want to experience this kind of heaven, head on over to APM Mall, Cebu City for Chedelyn Cosmetics!

If you’re from Manila, don’t worry, we’ll make it happen soon! (opening of a possible kiosk/physical store)

If you’re from Davao, please watch out because we will be there at the GREAT KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL!


Final details will be posted about this soon!

Chedelyn’s Cosmetics’s online transactions will never end! Follow them and get the latest news!


INSTAGRAM: @chedelyncosmetics

Contact numbers: 09173251576 | 09176332451 | 09176332502

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Personal Makeup Workshop BATCH 2!


Today’s  Personal Basic Makeup Workshop (Batch 2) was a success! I taught five beautiful ladies namely April, Francesca, Andrea, Yvette and Kamil! Our model for the day was the ever so gorgeous Yhang Isla!


We made use of beautiful palettes and brushes from Enhance Cosmetics. These are the products I hauled in this video!

15 pc Brush Set PHP950.00
10pc Blush Collection PHP500.00
10pc Blush Tangerine Collection Palette PHP500.00
80pc Eyeshadow Palette PHP700.00
Contour and Highlight Palette PHP450.00
32pc Lip Palette PHP550.00
Camouflage Concealer (5pc) Palette *price to follow

My students were definitely amazed by the pigmentation of the 80 pc palette! And how well they could contour using the contour and highlight palette! You can watch my video haul here!!!

As usual, it was a fun 2-hour demo and application! I love how lively my students were today!


After the demo, I watched my students do their thing!


Photo op with the gorgeous Valerie Tan, co-owner of Glambox Beauty Studio!


I am so proud of my girls from Batch 2! They all did an amazing job!


Here are before and after photos! (No makeup-daytime makeup-nighttime makeup)


Congratulations, BATCH 2 for completing the personal basic makeup workshop today!!!


DATE: AUGUST 17, 2013 (11:00-1:00PM)


PRICE: PHP2,000.00 only! (tools and products will be provided)

COVERAGE: Skincare, Foundation & Concealing, All About Eyebrows, Doing Your Eyeliner, Blush, Contouring and Highlighting, Daytime to Nighttime Makeup

TO RESERVE A SLOT: Text 09156218309