Sunday, July 7, 2013

First Time Getting Gel Nails (Review)

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This post is for all the ladies out there who haven’t tried getting gel nails and are contemplating whether to do so or not! I finally completed my review process from application, duration, until the removal so I am ready to relate my experience.

I had my first gel nails done at the newest opened branch of Nailaholics at Gateway Mall. We’ll go through the interior aesthetics and design in a separate post since I want this one to be focused on the gel nails alone. But as you can see from the photos (above and below) the salon looks so posh and beach-y!

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You can watch this vlog to see the live version of the gel nail application!

Dated JUNE 26, 2013—my nails beforehand

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Ate Ems, the senior nail technician is amazing. I highly recommend her. I did not feel any pain. She’s very swift yet careful with her tools! Here are my nails after a regular cleaning and filing sesh.

DSC_0001abd (30)

To apply the gel nails, you go through the following:

  1. bonder to make the color stick and last
  2. gel nail color
  3. 2 mins in the UV light box to make the color dry up
  4. another layer of the gel nail color
  5. 2 mins in the UV light box to make the previous layer dry
  6. finishing coat
  7. last 2 mins to let previous layer dry

How the UV light feels? Wala. It’s just warm light!


My nails after! They look so pretty and they are 100% dry!!! I was ecstatic!

DSC_0001abd (36)

Acetone was used to enhance the glossiness of the nails. In contrast with regular nail polish, acetone WON’T remove gel nails.

DSC_0001abd (37)

Gel nails claims to last up to 2-3 weeks. I think this is a case-to-case basis.

In the first 4 days with my gel nails on, I was able to wash the dishes, do housework and all those nail-ruining stuff that you could think of, and my gel nails stayed put. I was happy about that!

PHP600.00 for gel nail application on the nails, PHP650.00 for the toes

Found my first chipping (on the nails) on June 30 (4 days duration) Just a tiny one!


And then my nails started growing and growing.

DATED: JULY 6, 2013 (10th day)—what my nails looked like…


Obviously looks unpleasant and in need of change!


To get gel nails removed, you go through a special process which will cost PHP350.00

  1. nails are buffed to make the solution absorb faster to soften the gel nails
  2. solution soaked cotton pads are put on the nails
  3. nails are wrapped with aluminum foils
  4. 20 minute-wait


After 20 minutes, the gel nails are softened, and scraped off


After scraping the gel nails off and a fresh sesh of cleaning!


Had regular nail polish on from ORLY named “Cupcake” PHP180.00 for a regular manicure


I am in love with this color.

Watch my LATEST VLOG featuring the gel nail removal process:

Now the big question… IS I T WORTH GETTING GEL NAILS?

My honest answer:

I honestly thought it would last more than 2 weeks on me but it didn’t. I didn’t expect to find chipping on the 4th day!! Although I love the staying power because it really won’t budge, whatever you do. We can’t control the growth of our nails, so it is inevitable for the polish to move up and show a nail gap. Gel nails served me a good 4-5 days and that’s it. On the 10th day they were crying out for a change.

I don’t recommend gel nails to be done regularly (in my opinion) because

  1. it’s pricey PHP600.00 for application PHP350.00 for removal = PHP850.00
  2. UV light is said to cause cancer on the skin

Although it would be perfect if you’re gonna go to the beach!

I love gel nails, but I’m sticking to regular polish.

P.S. I asked about acrylic nails and I was told that it takes 3 hours to apply!!!!!!! Hoo mama.

Hope you liked this!

Nailaholics provided the GC’s for my gel polish, but I paid for the removal. This review is 100% honest and not biased. Vlogs are posted to show truthfulness.


  1. and i think ate say..medjo ma murder naman ang nails sa pag alis plang ng gel nail polish....grbe na..=)

  2. mine lasted for 3 days. i started noticing cracks and chipping. i think it's not worth the splurge.

  3. I also think that gel nails are a waste especially for me who loves to change polish colors every now and then. It looks stunning though, but it's too pricey. I'd rather go for a weekly hand spa and manicure than gel polish. Just saying.. :)

  4. 950 po miss say :)
    grabe ang mahal ha!
    magtry ka nlang ng matte nail polish kesa magpa gel nails.
    mas mura pa. parehas namang maganda.

  5. Thanks for the post. I get here Very helpful information. I love shellac

    Cindy xx

  6. wow great thanks for sharing these awesome post.

  7. ang mahal pala! i want to try the matte polish though. have you tried it? did it last? :)

  8. Mine last for 2 weeks. I think its recommended if you'll gonna travel, it's worth it naman. But if there's no long occasion at all, regular polish would still be the best!