Sunday, October 31, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Wednesday Addams Halloween Look ░

"When being tortured, its best to take a deep breath before screaming. 
That way your cries will echo much longer." 
-Wednesday Addams

I am back with my fourth and last Halloween tutorial! This was actually requested to me by a viewer in YouTube. This is a Wednesday Addams Look. Before anything else, I just want to remind you guys that I went for a teen-aged Wednesday Addams look--which explains the red lips. If you plan to go as a toddler Wednesday Addams, apply nude lipstick. 
Let's move on to the tutorial...
These are the products I used to achieve this look.
1. You have to look very very pale. Nichido's Classic Mint Beauty Cake was perfect for this. Apply it until it looks like "pancake makeup". Use a moist sponge (I used Nichido's Latex Sponge) before picking up the foundation cake. 

2. Redefining the brows. I used Nichido's Eyebrow Liner Duo Kit and went for the Black 01 shade. We have to define the brows really well and use a dark color to emphasize sinister (meaning: threatening) eyes like Wednesday Addams'. I used Fanny Serrano's #7 Brush for application.

Use Black 01 (right)
3.  I selected a coffee brown matte shade from my Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette and applied it all over the eyes. Concentrate on darkening the crease, this will give the illusion of deep set eyes. Much like a dead person's.
4. Now using my Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette, still, I selected a deep mauve shade and applied it on my lower lashline. This will help more with the deep-set illusion for the eyes. Bring the color way up to the brow bone (as shown in the video)
5. Take any black eye pencil (I used Nichido's Eye Contour Pencil in Blackest Black) and tightline your eyes. This will improve the look of the eyes and make them more goth-y.
6. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. (Don't you think goth girls do this too?!) I used Nichido Lash Curler and Nichido Lengthening Mascara in Black.

7. Line your lips with a red lip pencil (I used Nichido's Lip Pencil in LP03 Blaze) *we are going for a teen-aged Wednesday Addams look.

8. Apply lip balm before applying matte lipstick (if you are going to use matte lipstick) I used Nivea's Star Fruits Lipbalm in Strawberry.
9. Apply a red lip color. (I used Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick in Love That Red)

Don't forget that sinister smile that Wednesday is very much known for! This look is very easy to achieve. I hope you were able to follow the steps! Oh, and for the hair style, just divide your hair into two parts and braid. I don't usually part my hair in between, so I really had to use some styling cream to make it stay in place. To imitate Wednesday's outfit, I just wore a white collared top and put a black button up shirt over it. Wear a long black skirt and black boots/shoes to finish the whole look.
Happy Halloween everyone!
And for the photo roll...

You can watch the tutorial here:

░ Makeup Haul: Ever Bilena, E.l.f., Beauty Treats ░

I dropped by the mall today and I couldn't resist the urge to buy makeup (yet again...) Paulo wasn't with me that time so there was no one to stop my compulsive shopping! I picked up a couple of lipsticks and an eye primer (at last). I knew I'd be filming the Wednesday Addams look this afternoon so I purchased red lipsticks and a nude one from Ever Bilena. EB's Matte Lipsticks will always be #1 to me! I just love them so much. I have around 6 EB Matte Lipsticks at the moment (I am considering doing a makeup collection video soon...) 
I searched for reds, and came across "SCARLET" (which is a bright kind of red, almost orange--if you look closely, but still close to the family of red). Remembering what I read from the internet (that Wednesday wears a rose red color) I picked up another shade called "LOVE THAT RED" (I could say this is the perfect red shade.) I picked up "SKIN" as well, since I thought it would be a great addition to my collection (what I always say as an excuse for spending money...) I bought all these @ Watsons, paid P125.00 for each. 

I went to the department store (makeup section) and there I was again picking up things w/o any control. I finally bought an Eye Primer from E.l.f. This is a pretty special product since on one end, it has the eye primer (natural shade) and the other end it has a liner sealer. The Liner Sealer basically turns eyeshadow into eye liner! You just have to mix both and apply it as such. Terrific right? I have yet to try this for myself. This cost me P249.75. Not the usual P129.75 you'll see from E.l.f since this product is from their Studio Line. 

Lastly, I finally bought this amazing lipstick+lipgloss from Beauty Treats! I was eying on Beauty Treats products for such a long time now, and this was the only time that I got to decide which one to buy. This is the Rose 2-in-1 Lipstick/Lipgloss. The packaging is really lovely. The cap of the lipstick is designed in a rose shape, and at the bottom end, you'll find your lip gloss! I chose the shade of "465 PROMISE". It's a very pretty carnation pink color with shimmer in it. I can't wait to use it!

I hope you enjoyed this haul! 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

░ Makeup Haul: Nichido, Ever Bilena, Maybelline ░

The other day, I woke up from a nap and had the urge to buy makeup. Well, it's not exactly just  for the sake of retail therapy, but I also needed some stuff to put into my collection for upcoming makeup gigs. My boyfriend as usual, was such a sweetheart and accompanied me to the mall and waited patiently while I sorted out the things I wanted to buy. No high-end products, because some of these are mainly for gig-use. I bought majority of the products from Nichido and because I exceeded 500PhP, the saleslady slashed off 50PhP from my total purchase (including other brands). Makes a big difference. 
Let's sort through these, shall we? ♥

Why I like this product:
  • The rounded ends of the container is really cute. It can fit even in the smallest purse.
  • The color "Plum Brulee" is the best I've seen among all the colors. Not too pink nor too brown; just right for my skin tone.
  • The price was marked down to P84.00. Original price was P168.00. It was on a 50% sale when I bought it. 
  • The product did not cause any irritations or breakouts on my skin.
  • This is the very first product in mousse form that I've tried, and I am not disappointed in it.

Why I like this product:
  • I've been using the perfect dark brown color from my Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette for a long time now, and I think this would be more convenient to use since it's really compact.
  • Contains a mini tweezer and an eyeliner/eyebrow brush inside! 
  • Costs P238.00, quite affordable.
  • A mirror is included in the kit
  • Fits my carry-around makeup purse just fine.
What I dislike about this product:
  • I get fall outs from the powder while redefining my brows, and I never get this with the dark brown color from my Dollface 88 Earth Color Palette. This has something to do with the consistency of the powder, I believe.

Why I like this product:
  • This particular color caught my eye from a distance and I did not hesitate to buy it at all. The color is just perfect for contouring! Even if it is a blush.
  • Costs P150, affordable and I believe this will last me at least 4-5 months, or maybe longer.
  • Comes with a small blusher brush inside and a small mirror as well.
What I dislike about this product:
  • Contains a bit of shimmer, which may not help when you use it for contouring. But it can do.

What I like about this product:
  • I bought this mainly because I needed a red lip liner for an upcoming tutorial and it would be a good addition to my collection. I have the LP04 Rosette and it's not the best match with red lipstick so I got this.
  • Paid P100.00 for this.

What I like about this product:
  • The saleslady from Nichido was also the one who assisted me in the Maybelline counter since the one in charge was no where in sight. She asked me to try Nichido's Makeup Remover but I told her I've been using Maybelline ever since so I'd still go for it. I've tried and tested this makeup remover and I am and will always be a happy and loyal consumer of it.
  • Cost P199.00 for 70ml/2.363Fl OZ bottle
  • I was running low on this so I had to buy another bottle. This removes waterproof mascara easily!
  • Safe for the eyes. I get the product in my eye all the time. (Quick tip: Your contacts will get blurry so take them out beforehand.)
  • Causes no irritations in my case.
  • Easy to use. I just use a cotton swab to remove makeup on my waterline or the lash line, cotton balls for the lids and the lips. You may also use cotton pads (available everywhere, I recommend The Body Shop's cotton pads)

Why I like this product:
  • It's black. (So you can not really see how dirty it is compared to the white one)
  • It doesn't tug on the lashes too harshly
  • I bought these mainly to change the old ones I currently have in my lash curlers. You must change them at least once every 2-3 months. (Tip: I clean them with alcohol. I just soak 'em and try to take out all the dirty stuff caught in between. You may get eye infection especially when you share lash curlers with other people, so be sure to clean them every now and then)
  • Costs P75.00, you get three lash pads in one box

Why I like this product:
  • I bought this for makeup-gig purposes.
  • Gives a matte finish
  • Comes in a variety of shades, I opted to buy these two colors and I'll be buying the rest of the shades soon
  • Costs only P80.00 per cake

Why I like this product:
  • I bought this mainly for the application of the beauty cakes (on a wet sponge)
What I dislike about this product:
  • Feels a bit rough on the skin!
*I'll go try the sponge from Revlon which costs P45.00 and I'll let you know the differences as soon as possible.

I hope this haul + short reviews were helpful to you in any way!
I'll be making more reviews in the next days. Actually, I'll be filming some tomorrow. I'm taking a breather from tutorials, but I'll be filming again the day after tomorrow. I received a Wednesday Addams request, so you probably know what to expect already. :)
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