Sunday, October 31, 2010

░ Makeup Haul: Ever Bilena, E.l.f., Beauty Treats ░

I dropped by the mall today and I couldn't resist the urge to buy makeup (yet again...) Paulo wasn't with me that time so there was no one to stop my compulsive shopping! I picked up a couple of lipsticks and an eye primer (at last). I knew I'd be filming the Wednesday Addams look this afternoon so I purchased red lipsticks and a nude one from Ever Bilena. EB's Matte Lipsticks will always be #1 to me! I just love them so much. I have around 6 EB Matte Lipsticks at the moment (I am considering doing a makeup collection video soon...) 
I searched for reds, and came across "SCARLET" (which is a bright kind of red, almost orange--if you look closely, but still close to the family of red). Remembering what I read from the internet (that Wednesday wears a rose red color) I picked up another shade called "LOVE THAT RED" (I could say this is the perfect red shade.) I picked up "SKIN" as well, since I thought it would be a great addition to my collection (what I always say as an excuse for spending money...) I bought all these @ Watsons, paid P125.00 for each. 

I went to the department store (makeup section) and there I was again picking up things w/o any control. I finally bought an Eye Primer from E.l.f. This is a pretty special product since on one end, it has the eye primer (natural shade) and the other end it has a liner sealer. The Liner Sealer basically turns eyeshadow into eye liner! You just have to mix both and apply it as such. Terrific right? I have yet to try this for myself. This cost me P249.75. Not the usual P129.75 you'll see from E.l.f since this product is from their Studio Line. 

Lastly, I finally bought this amazing lipstick+lipgloss from Beauty Treats! I was eying on Beauty Treats products for such a long time now, and this was the only time that I got to decide which one to buy. This is the Rose 2-in-1 Lipstick/Lipgloss. The packaging is really lovely. The cap of the lipstick is designed in a rose shape, and at the bottom end, you'll find your lip gloss! I chose the shade of "465 PROMISE". It's a very pretty carnation pink color with shimmer in it. I can't wait to use it!

I hope you enjoyed this haul! 


  1. im inlove with nude lippies right now :) pag girl stuffs talaga no one can stop us :)

  2. i also have love that red and skin :P i love love that red! haha that was weird to say.

    the beauty treats lipstick is really cute! by the way, if you happen to drop by Farmer's market in Cubao, a store there sells Beauty treats products for lesser the price. i got a lipstick there for a hundred bucks i think.:P they also have the mineral blushes

  3. Hi Nadine! I agree w/ you! No one talaga can stop us girls. :))

  4. Hi Joice! I so love it too! :)) Oh thanks for the suggestion! :) This Rose one wasn't on sale kaya I had to pay 205 for it. :)) Anyway, it was worth it. :) Thanks so much for suggesting! I'll keep that in mind when I go there sometime. :)

  5. Wow ngayon ko lang nakita na lipstick pala ung mismong rose another product added to my wishlist Ms. Say e2 din h,hehe,love and sana same p din prices hehe

  6. Joan, please just email to me the final list of your orders. Hahaha :)