Saturday, October 16, 2010

░ Update: Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar ░

Friday morning was pretty much a hectic one for me. I hardly had any energy left but was really excited to go to the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar that afternoon. Since it was a Friday, there was traffic everywhere! It was 10x difficult to hail a cab compared to normal days. Some demanded for a 50Php addition, but I declined, thinking it doesn't have to cost so much going to Rockwell from here. After declining the offer of the first cab driver, around 20 cabs passed us by. It started to rain...and by God's grace we were able to get a cab. The driver demanded a 20Php additional payment, we got in anyway since it's pretty reasonable. In about an hour and 30 minutes, we arrived at Rockwell. 

Rockwell's Moonlit Bazaar Power Plant Mall
We went ahead to the registration booth to get the tickets to the bazaar. We had to fill up raffle forms, also. So we spent like 5-5 minutes for registration. Once we entered the venue, there was DollFace Cosmetics' booth right in front. I got really excited to the brushes on display! I couldn't spot Pearl, so I just took photos of the booth for a while and then I suddenly heard, "Say!" We finally met! Pearl looked gorgeous in her dress. I asked my boyfriend to take pictures of us! I wish we could've take more. After all that, I asked Pearl if the 12-piece Brush Set in Pink was available. My friend, Kathy's mum, also wanted a set, so I went ahead and bought two sets. I fell in love the moment I saw the set. Not forgetting the Brush Guard, I asked for the Variety Pack! I was supposed to get a 5% discount for everything (the whole single purchase), but it was so nice of Pearl to give me more discount than I should. I think I saved around 70Php+ all in all! 
The tickets for the bazaar (rightmost side)
It was so funny of Paulo to ask me the uses of the brushes! He was like "Para san yan?" ("What's this for?") every time I got hold of a brush! I told him he wouldn't understand! Hahaha. ☺
It wasn't difficult to spot the booth of Dollface since it was right in front of the entrance! 
The Dollface Booth Sign

A compiled brochure of their products is displayed out front so you'll be able to select the palettes, brushes, gel liner, and other products you want to purchase. Very convenient! The prices are also posted in the album already. If you were able to tag yourselves in the photo for the discount, you'd be able to get the products with a 5% discount!

The 28-piece Brush Set displayed out front!
We went around the place to look around. I came across Beauty and Minerals' booth. I got really interested in their Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush! It was sold for only 600Php. I wanted to get it but I resisted the urge! If I didn't, I might have bought all the makeup I saw! They also had this 100Php sale for the mineral eyeshadows. Their kabuki brush is no doubt a cute piece too! Looks really gorgeous ('cause it's pink). I have my eye on these products! You guys will be for Christmas! 
With Pearl Sarcauga, sole proprietor of DollFace Cosmetics at the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar October 15, 2010
The main reason why I went to this bazaar is to purchase the brush set and the brush guard (note: on a discounted price and no shipping fee!) and to finally meet Pearl! Everything went absolutely great. I only wish I could've bought more Brush Guards, since I'll be needing more for my other brushes! Anyway, I could always order online! I promised a fellow makeup guru of mine I'd buy her a set, too. They are priced very affordably for 225Php! You an choose which pack you want. 
Paulo and I spent the rest of the night at Powerplant. It was so nice to walk around without annoying people loitering around. I just had to make a stop at all makeup stores I saw. There was, Shu Uemura, The Face Shop...etc. We stopped by Pepper Lunch to have dinner and feasted on hot plates of Beef Pepper Rice; coffee and doughnuts at Dunkin' Donuts by the end of the day.

A very short clip during dinner...

Fatness overload!
I got home at around 8 in the evening. It was one heck of a day, but it was really worth it! Before retiring and calling it a day, I took quick photos of my purchases from DF Cosmetics. Reviews about these products will follow soon!
DollFace 12-piece Brush Set in Pink
Brush Guard-Variety Pack
♥ Say


  1. if only we had bazaars like that here in Cebu. ohh well! :)

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