Wednesday, October 20, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Beautiful Fairy Look ░

I am back with another tutorial! I'm totally done doing scary tutorials! 
I still have to sharpen my skills when it comes to scary looks. 
Today I filmed a Beautiful Halloween Fairy Look perfect for parties! You must take note that I am only doing a tutorial on how to do the makeup, not anything else (hair, costume...) I tried to incorporate fairy-like colors and if you watch the video, you'll notice how I keep on using shimmery shades. This is primarily because fairies are all about magic dusts!!! 
Think, Tinkerbell! 
So before actually starting with the tutorial, you'll see a short segment on using the Magic Towels I've been meaning to tell you guys about. When you're out traveling and you need wipes, you can always pop these babies into your purse, soak them in water or alcohol, see them grow before your very eyes, and have instant wipes on the go! They are towel sheets dehydrated by compressing, rolling, sterilization, and folding. These are made from 100% pulp and biodegradable products, free from carcinogen, antiseptics and preservative substances, making it 100% environment-friendly! I bought these from a recent trip to a bazaar here in Manila. 

Before applying foundation we should apply moisturizer first. This will help make our skin supple
and ready for the makeup. I hate applying makeup on a dry face! It makes blending so much harder to do. I used Myra E’s Daily Sun Protect Moisturizer for this part.
For foundation I’m going to use Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation in the shade of True Beige. I used my Marionnaud N°33 Foundation Brush for application. 

If you want more coverage, you can use any foundation stick and apply it all over the face. I used Nichido’s Foundation Stick in Beige. Remember to blend very well.
Now it’s time to set everything in. I used my DollFace Cosmetics Powder Brush and Maybelline’s Shine Free Face Powder in Honey.

In redefining the brows, I used Fanny Serrano’s #7 Eyeliner Brush and a dark brown shade from my DollFace 88 Earth Tone Palette.
Moving on to the eyes, I used my DollFace Large Eyeshadow Brush and selected a light and shimmery green color from my DollFace 96-Color Palette. Apply this color all over the lids. 
Selecting a darker shade of shimmery green, apply this on the outer V creating a rounder edge, this will soften the look. Blend the two colors together. 
Select a shimmery lavender color and apply this on the center of the lids. You can find this shade in DollFace Cosmetics' 96 Color Palette
NOTE: You may use any of these shimmery purples, including the one I showed in the video.
Apply a shimmery blue shade on the lower lashline. You can find this shade in DollFace Cosmetics' 96 Color PaletteThese colors will create the perfect fairy eyes!
Line your eyes. I used Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in 01 BlackCreate a cat eye for that beautiful effect. I used my Fanny Serrano Eyeliner Brush #7 for application.
Curl your lashes. I used my Nichido Lash Curler to curl my lashes. Apply your favorite mascara afterwards. I used Maybelline’s Volum’Express 3-in-1 Hypercurl Mascara in Brown shade. 

I have these wonderful lashes, Secret Long Lashes from Etude House, and applied them using LashGrip Adhesive Glue.

While waiting for the glue to dry in the video, I cleaned up using the Magic Towel! (foundation stains on the back of your hand, eyeshadow stains...etc)
Applying blush is the next step. I got this amazing blush from the Body Shop a few days ago, if you've read my past entries. Roseflower Blush in 02 Shade. It has this shimmery texture which gives you that dewy glow.
See how dewy my skin looks?
 If you get the chance, smell this blush, and you’d smell roses! I'm not kidding.

Now last would be applying lipcolor. I used Maybelline’s Watershine Lipstick in P24. This beautiful pink shade will complete the whole look.
Now smile for the camera, get those wings out and head out to be the most beautuful fairy in your Halloween party! 

I really hope this tutorial was helpful to you guys in any way!
Stay tuned for more!
Watch the tutorial here:
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