Friday, October 8, 2010

░ Update: DollFace Cosmetics @ the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar ░
Hello everyone! I'm back again to update you guys about something which makes me really excited! My final examinations in school are far from over. Actually they're just about to start. I'm just about to go into battle! The end of the battle is what I'm really excited for. Examinations end on Friday, the 15th. And I am going to the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar on Saturday, the 16th. What made me want to go? Why, Dollface, of course! I finally got the perfect timing to visit a bazaar where DollFace Cosmetics is part of. I am really excited for this. I'm contemplating on the things I will be purchasing. Dollface recently came out with three new products! Are you aware of them?
1. 44 Piece Palette
2. Pearl Gel Liner
3. 21 Piece Brush Set
Aren't they just gorgeous? You can avail of these products at the bazaar! Be sure to get yours as soon as possible! I heard that stocks are limited!
Anyway, I think I'll be buying the 7 Piece Travel Brush Set for myself. I'm really on the look for good quality travel brush sets and I think this may be it.
This set costs P450.00. According to the DollFace Cosmetics site--Contains: Blush brush, Blending brush, Shading/Concealer brush (synthetic), Eyebrow comb and brush, Mascara brush, Angled eyeliner brush (synthetic), Precise eyeliner brush (synthetic)
I am also planning on buying the Brush Guard! I remember how much I wanted to own a set because Michelle Phan used them in her Brush Cleaning Tutorial. Remember that video? Anyway, DollFace carries them, and I think it would a good time to get myself one of these.
According to the site-- 
Variety Pack
Price: PHP 225
* 1 Shadow/Liner (extra small)
* 2 Blush (small)
* 2 Foundation (medium)
* 1 Powder/Kabuki (large)

So far, these are the only things I am very much motivated to buy! I don't want to splurge too much because I still have to buy props for my upcoming Halloween tutorials, which by the way, will be awesome!!!
So, will you be going to the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar? I might just see you there! 


  1. i would if i lived in manila, unfortunately im from negros.huhuhu hope the new products would be available online after the bazaar, i love to get my hands on the new brush set :) good luck on ur exams and have fun at the bazaar!! cant wait for ur halloween video :)

  2. Hi Serendipity! I'm 100% sure they'll be available online! Thank you!!! Thank you so much! ♥

  3. Hi say, thanks for following me at blogger. I can't wait for your next vid. :)

  4. are those the only 3 thing you can purchase at the bazaar?

  5. Kukay, no. A lot of their other products will be available, too. ☺