Monday, December 31, 2012


Hi everyone!

I am back to share some of the holiday makeup looks I did on my channel! Take your pick, and look your best as you welcome the coming year!

1. Tagalog NYE Makeup Look - Especially for all my Pinay beauties out there! Who said you can’t look amazing using local makeup?


2. New Year’s Eve Makeup Look – one of my favorite looks, all the sparkle and shine just screams “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”


3. Classic Holiday Makeup Look – the look that never goes out of style. Classic. Timeless.


4. Quick Holiday Makeup Look – in a rush? Try out this quick holiday makeup look!


5. Holiday Makeup Look –beautiful smoky eyes for the holidays!



Cheers to 2013! Cheers to more amazing opportunities!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let’s All Help Donnarence of MyLucidIntervals

I felt so bad when I read Donna’s blog post about the tragedy that her and her family went through on Christmas Day. My heart sank when I read her blog post.

Donna is honestly one of the BEST people I know. I love going to blog events with her. I do not understand why such tragedy would happen to super nice people, but all I know is that everything’s going to be okay for her and her family. No doubt about that.

Just like Martha of TheBeautyJunkee, I am writing this post to seek help from all my readers and subscribers. Let’s all help with whatever we can.

Bank Name: BPI N. Domingo Branch

Account Name: Donnarence M. Masilungan

Account Number: 3889 1200 52

Contact Donna at 09151281232

Stay strong Donna!

We’re always here for you!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Perfect Holiday Gift | Chelsy Makeup Brush Set


More and more dupes of Sigma Beauty brushes are popping out everywhere! I am here to talk about the Chelsy Makeup Brush set from Beauty Cosmetics.

The Chelsy Makeup Brush Set contains all the brushes a makeup artist needs:


-Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Essential Kit dupe

-Synthetic brushes

-No scratchy feeling

-Soft bristles

-Sturdy handles

-No fallouts

-Comes with a sturdy brush holder—perfect to contain the brushes during gigs!

-Affordable at 1,500.00 (Philippine Peso)

The Chelsy Makeup Brush set reminds me of the Sigma Mr. Bunny Essential Kit that I have in my collection. Sigma’s Mr. Bunny Set retails for $109 (PHP 4,475.44 in Philippine Peso) The Chelsy Brush Set retails for PHP 1,500.00 ($36.6 in American Dollars)

Ang mahal ng Sigma! (Sigma is so expensive!)” I know, you might be saying this right now, but Sigma Beauty is an established, international brand. You always pay for the brand and the quality.

Beauty Cosmetics is one of the leading players in the industry (offering quality makeup brushes) in the country. It is definitely the online store that makeup enthusiasts/start-up makeup artists go to for affordable makeup brush sets.

It really depends on the consumer if he/she would purchase the original set for a premium price, or go for the dupe which offers the same function, has almost the same quality, for a very affordable price.

This would make a very good holiday gift! Any makeup enthusiast would love to have this.

Order here.

The owner of Beauty Cosmetics heard your wishes! She’s going to hold a giveaway very soon. Stay tuned for announcements!

4U2 Face Value BB Cream | Review


Throughout all the years of being a makeup enthusiast, I’ve only fallen in love with three BB cream products—the Pinkie Swear BB Cream Foundation, the Tony Moly BB Foundation, and the latest, the 4U2 Face Value BB Cream!

I regret to inform everyone that I have to buy a new tube to be able to post a new video about this product because as I am typing this review, what’s left inside my 4U2 Face Value BB Cream is air. Yes, I finished it all.

4U2 Cosmetics Philippines sent me a stash of their latest products and this was the very first one that I tried out and later on, loved to use!

The 4U2 Face Value BB Cream contains SPF25, acts as a makeup base, a moisturizer, and a foundation for the face. 20g of content inside a squeezable, convenient tube.

Price: PHP 294.00

I love a lot of things about this BB Cream. Let me share why…

  1. Perfect shade for me--I ’m not entirely sure if they have other shades, but the one I used blended thoroughly with my skin! It does not come in the usual grayish/whitish bb cream formula that we know of.
  2. The smell is amazing—it has a light scent to it.
  3. Feels very light on the face—no greasy feeling! (coming from a person with dry skin type)
  4. Gives light-medium coverage—this bb cream is able to cover dark spots and small acne marks on my face
  5. Easy to apply—I use either  my fingers, or my Sigma kabuki brush to apply this bb cream on my skin! Either way works well!
  6. Leaves a moisturizing feel on the skin—my face feels moisturized even after the end of the day
  7. Doesn’t trigger oiliness throughout the day—again, coming from a person with dry skin type. I think this factor also varies; depends on what kind of setting powder you use. I use my Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder to set this bb cream with and the combination is amazing!

Things you might not like

  1. Upon applying the bb cream, it might feel very watery—a good setting powder will solve this problem for you, if it is a problem, that is. That perfect dewy skin finish can be achieved using this product!
  2. 20g tube only lasted for 3 weeks. I used it everyday ever since I fell in love with it! I hope it comes in a bigger tube!
  3. 294.00 for a 20g tube? An okay price for me! But other people might find it a bit expensive.
  4. Concealing is still needed—for spots that are really dark/red

You can also use the 4U2 Lovelight BB Powder to set this bb cream with! Another combination I really like!

Here’s a sample photo of myself with the 4U2 Face Value BB Cream on (with concealing & setting powder/Banana Luxury Powder from Ben Nye)


Over-all, I am head over heels in love with this BB cream from 4U2 Cosmetics. I am definitely going to repurchase and repurchase and repurchase even more. This is one of the most perfect bb cream for everyday use.

Stay tuned for the video!

Sponsored by 4U2 Cosmetics Philippines, albeit all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Holiday Makeup Giveaway | WINNER!

After over 8,000 views on YouTube and 427 giveaway entries, it’s time to announce the winner of the Holiday Makeup Look giveaway sponsored by!

Congratulations, Jamie Ross Pakingan (! You just won the Wet N Wild "Spoiled Brat" 336 Trio Palette


f you haven’t watched this makeup tutorial, here it is!

Jamie, please wait for a confirmation text from me containing the details about claiming your prize.

Thank you for yet another wonderful holiday giveaway!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder | An Ultimate Favorite


An ultimate favorite. Three words to describe this amazing product. If there is one person on YouTube (and in real life) who inspires me greatly, it would be Judy of ItsJudyTime! She raved about this product and I just couldn’t wait to try it out myself! That time, I only had the Ben Nye Colorless Face Powder. Imagine my excitement when I learned that The Style Quarter is also selling the famous Banana Luxury Powder! I ordered it right away!

Ritchelle of The Style Quarter gave me the privilege to use my Ruby Membership (Premium) for this purchase! I only paid PHP 501.50 for a 1.5oz/42gm Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder!

The Style Quarter’s Membership Program entitles members to discounts on all brands carried by The Style Quarter. This was designed for resellers, makeup artists, and generally, people who buy a lot of makeup! Choose your preferred type of membership here to save money!

Let us move on to the review proper.

The Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder:

Ultra-neutral powders provide superior matte and subtle finishing. Often compared to French powders with silky-fine textures. Visage Poudres are translucent with just a hint of color.

1.5oz/42gm shaker bottles. Expect 35-100 applications per ounce.

The shade I ordered is “Banana”. It is probably the best shade that fits Asian skintone! It might look a tad too yellow but trust me, it blends very well with the skin!

Considering the shaker bottle that the Banana Ben Nye Luxury Powder comes with, it might be a little difficult to bring this around while traveling. I purchased a powder container from Beabi (it only cost me PHP80+) and used it to contain the powder!DSC_0133

That worked really well for me! I highly recommend everyone (who owns the same product, and those who’re planning to buy one this season) to get a powder container for convenience!

I use a powder brush to buff the product on my face after applying my favorite bb cream foundation/ liquid/cream foundation. The Banana Luxury Powder gives an extra excellent mattifying effect, leaving the skin perfectly flawless. I stare at my skin with amazement every time I finish using this product!

The yellowish shade of the powder completely blends through.

Probably the best thing about this product is that it is long-lasting. I can use this product in the morning, and still have the same flawless look at the end of the day! With minimal touch-ups, even!

I’ve been using this face powder for the last 2 months, and believe me I’ve put it to the test (which is quite frankly why this review is up so late)

I highly, highly recommend this loose face powder. Ben Nye is no doubt a trusted brand. Amazing products. Amazing results.

I would definitely re-purchase. I might just get the bigger container(PHP990.00) I’ll I won’t forget to use my Ruby Membership Premium and get an awesome discount!

Here is a photo of myself having the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder on my face:


I hope you enjoyed this review! I am and will always be deeply in love with the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder!

To order, click here.

Blog post not entirely sponsored. I bought the product with my own money. Ruby Membership sponsored by The Style Quarter

New Brushes | Beauty Cosmetics Face Perfection Brushes

It’s time to share the newest set of brushes I received from Beauty Cosmetics during the SuperSale Bazaar! Rosenn, the owner of BC, gave me a generous stash when I visited her booth! You can watch this vlog to see her booth during the SuperSale Bazaar! Her online store definitely improved a whole lot! I worked with Rosenn before but never met her. Meeting her for the first time was indeed very pleasant. (Thanks for being so accommodating & generous, Rosenn!) BC released a lot of new brushes this season! And just by the looks of it, they all remind me of Sigma!

Introducing, three brushes from the Face Perfection Brush Set (Black) | PHP 250.00 for each brush, PHP 900.00 if you buy the whole set *includes 4 brushes, see here*


“Wow, these look like Sigma’s Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set!” ($56.00)—this was my initial reaction upon seeing the brushes. Don’t they look gorgeous? I fell in love when I saw them! I had to feel the bristles myself to test out how soft they were.


Look how dense the brushes are! No doubt that the brushes are made of quality synthetic bristles. They all feel very, very soft. No scratchy feeling!


This is the Face Perfect Kabuki Brush—looks exactly like the Sigma F80 brush (which I love to death; except for the color of the brush) This would make a perfect brush to apply foundation with! I use this kind of brush to apply my bb cream foundation/cream foundation/liquid foundation. The brush is able to pick up just the right amount of product and enables you to buff it on the face, blending everything through and leaving no harsh lines!


Similar to the Sigma F84 brush, the Face Perfection Angled Kabuki Brush is perfect to apply blush/contour powder with! Considering how dense this brush is, you may also apply cream blush with it. Blending will be a breeze using this brush! Because of its angular form, getting into the hollows of the cheeks will also be a piece of cake. This kind of brush is actually in my must-have list for applying blush/contour powder!


The Face Perfection Round Kabuki Brush is similar to Sigma’s F82 brush. This kind of brush is used to blend mineral products into the skin. Mineral makeup is tricky to apply considering the fallouts and stuff like that. This brush will help blend, and seal everything into the skin.


*not featured: Face Perfection Tapered Kabuki Brush

Sigma’s Synthetic Kabuki Brush costs $56.00 (exclusive of shipping fee), that’s about 2,292.87 in Philippine Pesos (as per tonight’s exchange rate)

Beauty Cosmetic’s Face Perfection Brush Set is PHP 900.00 (about $22.00)

In my personal opinion, this kabuki set would make a perfect gift to a makeup enthusiast. It’s below PHP1,000.00, the quality is sturdy (ferrule is connected quite well to the handle), bristles are very soft and there is no shedding at all.

The set comes in two colors, black and pink.

I can’t wait to feature these brushes in an upcoming makeup video on my channel. Stay tuned!

For orders, click here.

If you have further questions, leave them in the comment box and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Visit Beauty Cosmetics’ Facebook Page:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

End of the Year Holiday Giveaway |

This giveaway is probably the grandest among all the giveaways I’ve been sharing the past days! GETITMAKEOVER.COM is launching its end of the year holiday giveaway!

You may have heard of this online store from my Korean Makeup Haul about two months ago. I am very happy to share that their website is finally up and running! It is really beautiful! The layout is very neat.  Clear images of the products are shown, prices displayed, and all the information you need is there! Shopping online will be a breeze—just create an account and fill in your shopping cart! Hop on over to to see for yourself!


GETITMAKEOVER is an online shop/store offering different brands of Korean makeup products and selling them at a much lower price compared to physical stores in malls.

"The advantage of online shops is that it saves you money. Retailers do not always offer the same deals in stores as they do at online stores. The reason for this is the costs of running an establishment is considerably greater than an online store. Factors such as rent, electricity, payroll, fixtures, shrinkage loss, all contribute to the gross margin and overhead of doing business in a shop. As you can see from the website, the same products are much affordable at our website compared to the Korean makeup shops in the Philippines." –

Jiminy of Getitmakeover sent me a generous stash from their online store and I highly, highly recommend the Clio Kill Black Eyeliner!! It’s one of the best eyeliners I’ve ever tried! I still have a lot of reviews and videos to share about the rest of the products she sent me, so keep an eye out for those!

Now what is this end of the year giveaway all about?

Everything you need to know is down here! Follow instructions to get the chance to be one of the three (2) super lucky winners! Why do I say super lucky? Well, scroll down to see the prizes! (click to enlarge)


Instructions are very clear. If in case you want to clarify something, comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Getitmakeover will be choosing the winners at the end of the month! Make sure you follow all the mechanics! The prizes are amazing, right? (I think I wanna join myself!!!)

That’s it, baby darlings. Good luck, and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

NOTE: GETITMAKEOVER is offering free shipping for purchase of PHP 2000 or above NATIONAWIDE! Only this month and all purchases with freebies!

A Christmas Giveaway | ELF Everyday 100 Eyeshadow Palette (CLOSED)

December 19, 2012

Announcing the winner of the ELF Everyday 100 E/S Palette!

Congratulations, Blesilda R. Besin! :)

Please wait for my confirmation text. Thanks for joining, everyone!

Love, Say

DSC_0085 (2)

Yup, you guessed it! This is yet another holiday giveaway! I know I’ve been bombarding everyone with giveaway posts, but we just can’t help it. It’s the season of giving! And I think I’ll get no argument from that!

In this giveaway, we have (1) beautiful set of eyeshadows from ELF (Everyday Eyeshadow—100PC Eyeshadow Set) I personally own ELF makeup palettes, and I can pretty much say that palettes from ELF are great for beginners. There are a lot of shades to experiment with in this 100PC Eyeshadow Palette, and I bet anyone would love to receive this for Christmas.

My generous sponsor for this giveaway is Bea, the owner of!

Mechanics are pretty simple baby girls and boys!


2. POST on Vanity Zone’s wall saying “I want to win the ELF Everyday 100PC Eyeshadow Palette giveaway from Say because ____________________!”

3. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON (don’t spam the wall, please!)

4. Answer this form

Good luck!

Giveaway ends on December 19, 2012 (winner will be notified via text/email; official announcement of winner will be made on my Facebook Page)

Favorites | What I Ordered from Neutrogena

Hi everyone!

Remember my post about the launching of Neutrogena’s Facebook Store? I promised I’d blog about the products I ordered, most of which are my ultimate favorites!

DSC_0019 (2)L-R: Neutrogena Body Oil (Light Sesame Formula), Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser, Neutrogena Hydroboost Mousse Cleanser, Neutrogena Hydroboost Watergel

1. Neutrogena Body Oil (Light Sesame Formula) 250ml

“Experience Neutrogena Body Oil. It’s light sesame formula glides on easily to moisturize dry skin. It’s so sheer it vanishes into shower-damp skin leaving it soft and silky, with a radiant, healthy glow. No moisturizer can touch this experience.”

DSC_0019 (2)

I first tried out this product when Neutrogena Philippines sent me a package a few months back. At first look I thought I wouldn’t like it at all because one, I saw the word “sesame”, and two, I saw the word “oil”. I’m not really into oily stuff for the body. Lotion, I can take, but the greasiness of oil, no way. The only thing that made me try out this product is the smell. Oh wow. The amazing smell that sent me to heaven. You really have to smell this baby. After my first use, this has become my first and only favorite body oil.

How I use the Neutrogena Body Oil:

After showering while my body is still damp I apply the light oil all over. You’ll be surprised to know that it doesn’t feel oily at all. It glides down all over the body and the smell fills the entire bathroom. My skin feels very, very moisturized after each bath. After that, I pat dry with a towel!


PHP 585.00 (if you find that this product is out of stock everywhere, order online!) “585.00 for a body oil?! Man, that is so expensive!” I can hear you! But once you try out the Neutrogena Body Oil, you’ll want to consume one bottle after the other. Just try!

2. Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser

A refreshing facial cleanser that thoroughly removes dirt, oil, and dead skin cells while providing long-lasting oil control to improve the look and feel of the skin. This clinically proven formula lathers to a rich, creamy foam, which removes the skin’s impurities which can build up in pores such as dirt and makeup, even stuff you don’t even know is there. Oil control formula helps reduce surface oil while retaining the skin’s natural moisture balance to keep skin clear, fresh, and healthy looking!”

*Oil free, dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic*

DSC_0019 (2)

It is quite obvious that this product was made for people with oily skin-type, nonetheless it works for my skin (dry skin-type)! I don’t experience an over-drying feeling when using this product. I’ve actually tried this a few years ago; this is the only time that I tried using it again. No breakouts, no allergies. My skin feels super clean after each wash. I use this alternately with my Pond’s Pure White Facial Wash with Activated Carbon.


PHP 192.50 quite affordable, and it works! No arguments, there!

3. Neutrogena Hydroboost Mousse Cleanser

Definitely not my first time trying out this product. Here’s an excerpt from my past post about this baby:

“Neutrogena Hydroboost Mousse Cleanserthe rich lather foams away impurities while a special hydrating agent restores skin’s natural moisture balance”—this product actually melt away my remaining makeup (i.e. foundation, concealer…) It’s amazing how it makes my face so smooth after rinsing! This product comes in a pump bottle, and as you can see in the photos below, I’m almost running out; that is how much I love this cleanser.” (read more here)

DSC_0019 (2)


PHP 445.50—I would definitely buy another bottle because it’s worth it.

4. Neutrogena Hydroboost Watergel

“Armed with its science-based skincare expertise and vision to provide consumers real results, NEUTROGENA®, the #1 dermatologist-recommended skin care brand, developed the HYDRO BOOST Water Gel, an effective water-based moisturizer that boosts dry skin with 200% moisture yet feels so light.

With NEUTROGENA® HYDRO BOOST Water Gel, women no longer need to compromise. The innovative formula combines the moisturizing properties of Hyaluronic Acid and Olive Extract, which boosts the skin’s natural ability to hold moisture. It also acts like a virtual skin reservoir that progressively releases moisture to dry cells for up to 12 hours, keeping skin softer and suppler with a healthy glow all day.

Aside from moisturizing superiority, NEUTROGENA® HYDRO BOOST Water Gel also sets itself apart from other moisturizers with its superior aesthetics that delight consumers. As a water-based formula, it is light and non-greasy on the face and allows for quicker absorption that leaves the skin feeling refreshed and nourished.”

Read more about the amazingness of this product here.

DSC_0019 (2)

Oh, mama, there is no need to explain how much I love this product. This is made by the skin-angels. It is hands down, THE best moisturizer I’ve ever used. Again, an excerpt from a past post:

“Hydroboost Water GelPurified Hyaluronic Acid and Olive Extract continuously release moisture to the skin’s surface while boosting skin cell’s ability to retain water.”—of all the moisturizers that I have tried, this one is my #1. I cannot put into words how great this product is! It is contained in a jar, so I don’t recommend sharing as it is very unhygienic. Use spatulas, if you may. The active ingredients stated above are the culprit to the amazing hydration that this product gives to the skin. Moisturization like no other.”

If you have extremely dry skin, you have to give this baby a try. Trust me on this one.


PHP 830.00 Indeed very pricey, but always remember—you get what you pay for!!!

That pretty much sums it all up! Smooth online transaction, thank to Neutrogena Philippines!

Have you tried their online store?

Sedona Lace | 4-Piece Midnight Lace Face Brush Set


I honestly have more than enough makeup brushes that I couldn’t really ask for any more; but it wouldn’t hurt to add more, right? When Sedona Lace offered me the 4-Piece Midnight Lace Face Brush Set, I couldn’t say no! Just after a few days of waiting, look what came in the mail!

DSC_0009 (2)

Aren’t they lovely?! I haven’t seen pink-dark purple ombré bristles before!

-The Midnight Lace Set features superiorly developed, synthetic brushes for advanced makeup application.

-The amazingly soft, synthetic bristles allow for less shedding and less wasted product.

-The bristles will absorb just the right amount of makeup on the surface of the brush for you to achieve an airbrushed finish to your makeup application.

-The shorter brush handles also offer more control and precision.

-You'll notice that the gorgeous pink bristles with dark purple tips not only look beautiful but they also show less makeup staining.

-This four piece complete set will give you the tools you need for perfect and effortless makeup application.

This set includes: Round Top Powder Brush, Flat Top Powder Brush, Angle Top Powder Brush, Kabuki Brush - Midnight Lace with black handle.

Retails at $49.95 (Currently OUT OF STOCK - EXPECTED ARRIVAL 1/21/2013) Pre-order now! Click here.


I can’t wait to try out these brushes! Will definitely follow up a review + a makeup tutorial on how to use these brushes!

Sponsored by Sedona Lace

(CLOSED) A Christmas Giveaway | Acrylic Organizers for Makeup!

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m here to announce the 3 winners of this giveaway!

Congratulations to:

Gizzele Alfonso (Philippines)

Ellinor Granstrom (Philippines)

Maria Aludia De Jesus (Indonesia)

Congratulations, ladies! Expect an email from me as soon as possible.

Thanks for joining everyone! More giveaways coming!

Love, Say

If there is one thing I would suggest to give as a gift to a makeup enthusiast this season, it would be acrylic organizers.

Using acrylic organizers is a great way to neatly organize makeup on your desk/bathroom/vanity. There are a lot of styles and sizes of these acrylic organizers making you able to fit the makeup products you particularly use on a daily basis. I’ve seen RissRose’s (Marissa on YouTube) acrylic organizers about a year ago and I can still remember the feeling of really wanting the same thing.

A few months ago I saw acrylic organizers at National Bookstore. Of all places to find acrylic makeup organizers. Haha! I bought my very first one for about 100+ (you can watch the haul video where I included the organizer here) If there’s one thing I hate about acrylic organizers, it would have to be having to dust each product one by one! That’s just it!

Anyway, if you follow my Facebook Page, I posted a photo earlier featuring three (3) beautiful acrylic organizers for makeup from Remember this vlog? The online store’s owner, Zerni Lim, came to the SuperSale Bazaar to personally meet me and give me 3 organizers to try out. Zerni even told me she’s willing to giveaway one of each acrylic organizer to three (3) subscribers of my YouTube channel/readers of my blog! 

Let’s look at each style one by one:


Style 1—this style lets you put in different makeup products in any compartment! You can put in brushes, lip glosses, compact powders, blush…etc! It also has the protective cover which prevents dust from coming in in the second layer.

DSC_0054 (2)DSC_0057 (2)DSC_0058 (3)

Style 2—makeup brush/lip gloss holder + 2 slots for compact makeup products *This reminds me of test tube holders back in high school!

DSC_0064 (3)

Style 3—24-slot lipstick organizer

DSC_0071 (3)

Now, weren’t those all gorgeous?!

I was really supposed to post the video for this giveaway, but since my mouth is still healing from a disastrous encounter with the wire of my braces, I am compensating with this blog entry!

For the first part of the mechanics you have to do the following:

1. Like on Facebook

2. Post on their wall saying, “I’d like to win one of the three acrylic makeup organizers from Say’s giveaway because ___________________!”

3. Stay tuned for my video featuring the 3 acrylic organizers—the last step of the mechanics will be included there! I’ll be linking the video here once the video goes live within this week!

4. Comment in this post! Share your thoughts about acrylic organizers!

Giveaway will run from December 12 – December 24. 3 winners. 3 prizes.

Good luck everyone!

Visit to see more acrylic organizers and shoes!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NEW HAIR COLOR | Going Red with Pink Cuts Salon!

I was almost hesitant to get a hair color change since I really loved the previous one that the wonderful team of Pink Cuts Salon gave me. I knew I wanted to get a fresh new color though, since about 1 inch of my roots have already grown, and overall, I was just really excited to try something new!
I received another invitation from my good friend, and owner of the beautiful Pink Cuts Salon, Marie Imperial, for a treatment! She was so sweet to invite Mark as well! Marie is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I don’t personally know her, but she watches my vlogs! It’s amazing how she’s totally updated about my life! 
We booked as soon as we could, and come Sunday, Mark & I headed out for our appointment.
Pink Cuts Salon is now sporting a very Chrismas-y look! Everything was so pink (as usual) and gorgeous! There was this beautiful Christmas tree with all the pink ornaments, bows all over the place, and of course, the gorgeous giant teddy sitting prettily on the couch.
 Look at these adorable pink chairs!
Here is how my hair looked like before the new color! Note: my hair is still damp because I just washed it before coming to the salon.
 It’s also my first time to take my boyfriend to the salon! The last time, I took April with me! :)
DSC_0045 (2)DSC_0049 (2)
Sir Rene, Pink Cuts Salon’s creative director/stylist, recommended I get one of the trendiest color this season—RED! He didn’t want my color to look too red, though. He picked the color #745 (L’Oreal)
DSC_0095 (2)DSC_0075 (2)DSC_0098 (2)DSC_0108 (2)DSC_0109 (2)DSC_0091 (2)
As for Mark, Sir Rene suggested a subtle brown shade, slightly darker than Marie’s boyrfriend’s hair color. They used L’Oreal’s Intense Ash 8.11 (20% volume)
DSC_0070 (2)
Did you know?
OK! Magazine’s December 2012 Issue is the LAST ISSUE EVER. (I wanna cry!!!!) It got cancelled for some reason I don’t understand. I’m surely going to miss this. This is my #1 favorite magazine ever. (OK! Magazine fans, cry with me….)
The final issue is without a doubt, another amazing one. Shoutout to the magazine’s amazing editor, Frances Sales!  I met her during a blogger’s event for Myra E at Thai Pan last year. She is an amazing woman!!!
DSC_0082 (2)
My simple arm candy for the day: bracelet from SNS Accessories, Casio watch from Alboe Fashion. Red & gold = adorable combo! Forever favorite.
DSC_0083 (2)
After shampooing…
You can already kinda see the reds!
DSC_0113 (2)DSC_0118 (2)
Look at my handsome’s lovely color!
DSC_0126 (2)markhair
Styling made by the amazing Sir Rene!
DSC_0137 (2)
So happy with our new colors! Mark got his haircut by Sir Bryan, too! Everything looked so neat, I love it!
DSC_0144 (2)
Here comes self-portraits! If you’re wondering, I am using my NIKON D5100 :)
DSC_0160 (2)
Looks copper-ish in the photo, but it’s redder in person! Isn’t it super lovely!
DSC_0163 (2)DSC_0165 (2)DSC_0186 (2)
I had to take a shot with the purple sofa!
DSC_0195 (2)
Here’s a shot of me and Mark with our new colors!
I am totally inlove with my new color! Pink Cuts has done it again!
Pink Cuts Salon is offering 50% OFF ON THEIR HAIR COLOR PACKAGE! (hair color + highlights + treatment):
Short hair: before 4,100 now 2,050
Mid-length: before 5,300 now 2,650
Long hair: before 6,200 now 3,100
Extra long hair: before 7,100 now 3,550

Visit Pink Cuts Salon at located at G/F St. Francis Square, Doña Julia Vargas Avenue cor bank drive, Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City 1550 Metro Manila Philippines, 1550 Mandaluyong, Philippines Contact them at: 0915 720 8537