Friday, December 14, 2012

New Brushes | Beauty Cosmetics Face Perfection Brushes

It’s time to share the newest set of brushes I received from Beauty Cosmetics during the SuperSale Bazaar! Rosenn, the owner of BC, gave me a generous stash when I visited her booth! You can watch this vlog to see her booth during the SuperSale Bazaar! Her online store definitely improved a whole lot! I worked with Rosenn before but never met her. Meeting her for the first time was indeed very pleasant. (Thanks for being so accommodating & generous, Rosenn!) BC released a lot of new brushes this season! And just by the looks of it, they all remind me of Sigma!

Introducing, three brushes from the Face Perfection Brush Set (Black) | PHP 250.00 for each brush, PHP 900.00 if you buy the whole set *includes 4 brushes, see here*


“Wow, these look like Sigma’s Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set!” ($56.00)—this was my initial reaction upon seeing the brushes. Don’t they look gorgeous? I fell in love when I saw them! I had to feel the bristles myself to test out how soft they were.


Look how dense the brushes are! No doubt that the brushes are made of quality synthetic bristles. They all feel very, very soft. No scratchy feeling!


This is the Face Perfect Kabuki Brush—looks exactly like the Sigma F80 brush (which I love to death; except for the color of the brush) This would make a perfect brush to apply foundation with! I use this kind of brush to apply my bb cream foundation/cream foundation/liquid foundation. The brush is able to pick up just the right amount of product and enables you to buff it on the face, blending everything through and leaving no harsh lines!


Similar to the Sigma F84 brush, the Face Perfection Angled Kabuki Brush is perfect to apply blush/contour powder with! Considering how dense this brush is, you may also apply cream blush with it. Blending will be a breeze using this brush! Because of its angular form, getting into the hollows of the cheeks will also be a piece of cake. This kind of brush is actually in my must-have list for applying blush/contour powder!


The Face Perfection Round Kabuki Brush is similar to Sigma’s F82 brush. This kind of brush is used to blend mineral products into the skin. Mineral makeup is tricky to apply considering the fallouts and stuff like that. This brush will help blend, and seal everything into the skin.


*not featured: Face Perfection Tapered Kabuki Brush

Sigma’s Synthetic Kabuki Brush costs $56.00 (exclusive of shipping fee), that’s about 2,292.87 in Philippine Pesos (as per tonight’s exchange rate)

Beauty Cosmetic’s Face Perfection Brush Set is PHP 900.00 (about $22.00)

In my personal opinion, this kabuki set would make a perfect gift to a makeup enthusiast. It’s below PHP1,000.00, the quality is sturdy (ferrule is connected quite well to the handle), bristles are very soft and there is no shedding at all.

The set comes in two colors, black and pink.

I can’t wait to feature these brushes in an upcoming makeup video on my channel. Stay tuned!

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If you have further questions, leave them in the comment box and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Looks very good! I will buy them soon.. maybe the pink one :)

  2. They look quite similar to Sigma brushes!!
    I want to get these brushes :D
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Been waiting for your takeout on these brushes. They indeed look promising! :)

    Say which one is much better
    5pc.kabuki set by chiccosmetic or face perfection...?hope to hear from you:)thanks

  5. which one is better 5pc kabuki set by chic cosmetics or face perfection?thx:)

    Say which one is much better
    5pc.kabuki set by chiccosmetic or face perfection...?hope to hear from you:)thanks