Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let’s All Help Donnarence of MyLucidIntervals

I felt so bad when I read Donna’s blog post about the tragedy that her and her family went through on Christmas Day. My heart sank when I read her blog post.

Donna is honestly one of the BEST people I know. I love going to blog events with her. I do not understand why such tragedy would happen to super nice people, but all I know is that everything’s going to be okay for her and her family. No doubt about that.

Just like Martha of TheBeautyJunkee, I am writing this post to seek help from all my readers and subscribers. Let’s all help with whatever we can.

Bank Name: BPI N. Domingo Branch

Account Name: Donnarence M. Masilungan

Account Number: 3889 1200 52

Contact Donna at 09151281232

Stay strong Donna!

We’re always here for you!


  1. Miss say you didnt say what happened to her tough.

    1. I did. Read the post again, it's linked on the words "her blog post" 1st paragraph

  2. If it was only me, I'd help her as much as I can, but only my prayers and moral support are the only things I can give her. I am praying for her and I'd try to share the post on my blog as much as I can.

  3. Thank you for this, Say. God bless you always. :)