Friday, July 27, 2012

Fresh & Radiant Makeup Look

Hi everyone!

This is going to be a tutorial on an easy but super gorgeous makeup look that would make any girl look absolutely radiant in any occasion. I am totally in love with this look and I can wear it all day everyday!

I concentrated on my lashes and my lips. Everything else was minimal.

Hope you enjoy watching the video tutorial embedded at the end of this post!

Here are the photos:


Products Used:

Lenses: Princess Bambi Mimi Sesame Gray WMM305
Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion -available at
Sigma Flare Palette (Publicize)
Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV Midnight Cowgirl -available at
MeMeMe Dew Pots in Moonlight Mist from
Elf Lash Curler ₱129.75 Elf Counters
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara $16.00 for a Pack of 2, Duty Free
Tony Moly Lash Adhesive ₱178.00 Tony Moly Stores
Tony Moly Lashes D/M ₱88.00
Fuller lashes cut in half (demi lashes)
Wet N Wild 901B "THINK PINK" ₱299.00 Wet N Wild Counter SM Department Store
MeMeMe Boho Balm Cheek and Lip Tint in Pink Rouge (₱450.00) from
H&M Berry Marmalade Lip Gloss from
Brushes Used (in order):
Sigma E60 Eye Shader (inside the Flare Palette)
Sigma E55 Eye Shader Brush (Mr. Bunny)
Sigjma E05 Eyeliner Brush (Mr. Bunny)
Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush (Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit)

Watch the video here:

Clubbing Makeup Look

Hi everyone!

Here’s a requested makeup look that I filmed a few days back! I think this is perfect for night outs with girlfriends!

Who ever said you can’t pair dark lips with a dark eye shadow combo? ;)

Enjoy the video tutorial embedded at the end of this post!


Lenses worn in the video:
Princess Bambi Mimi Sesame Gray WMM305 from

Products used:
Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation
Ben Nye Conceal All Wheel NK1
4U2 Lovelight BB Powder #2
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV:
-Skimp, Crystal, Bust, Gravity, Hi Jack, Midnight Cowgirl
Ever Bilena HD Black Eye Pencil PHP 50.00 Watsons
Models Own Hi Definer Pro Eyeliner PHP 450.00 from
ELF Lash Curler PHP 129.75 Elf Counters
The Falsies by Maybelline $16.00 Duty Free for a Pack of 2
Shawill Lashes PHP59.00 Watsons
Mememe Boho Balm in Pink Rouge from
ELF Bronzing Powder PHP 249.75 ELF Counters
MAC Rebel 1,000 MAC Counter Rustan's Shangri-la
Skindinavia Makeup Setting Spray

Brushes used in order:
Mr. Bunny Essential Kit
-F70 Concealer
-E65 Small Angled Brush
-E60 Large Eye Shader Brush
-E55 Eye Shading Brush
-E40 Tapered Blending Brush
-E70 Medium Angled Shading Brush
-E30 Pencil Brush
-E65 Eye Shading Brush
-E65 Small Angled Brush

Synthetic Kabuki Kit
-F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush
-F82 Round Kabuki Brush
-F84 Angled Kabuki Brush
-F86 Tapered Kabuki Brush

Watch the tutorial here:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cleaning Brushes with the James Cooper Makeup Brush Cleaner

HPIM0151James Cooper Makeup Brush Cleaner (150ml) PHP 399.00, Watsons | Sigma Make Me Blush Travel Kit Container $59.00, order here | Variety of brushes shown in the photo

I finally bought myself a makeup brush cleaner! I have always struggled with endless hours of cleaning all my brushes with water & a special concoction of whatever shampoo mixture that would totally clean out all the dirtiness of my brushes (I know I’m not the only one, though) A few days back, I was at Watsons and decided to give in and just give the James Cooper Makeup Brush Cleaner a try. It was quite affordable compared to the other brush cleaners! At 399.00, definitely much cheaper compared to the one from MAC 600++ and Beauty Bar 450. Albeit I’m still gonna try out those brands just to compare.

Okay, you have a dirty brush. What do you do?

I just need 3 things now. A white lint-free towel (whatever color would be okay, obviously), the James Cooper Brush Cleaner, and my dirty brushes!

The instructions on the back of the box says:

"Spray cleaner directly on tissue 3 times, gently stroke brush back and forth over tissue to clean. Repeat if necessary.”

I didn’t follow that, though! What I do is spray the spray directly on the brush (5x) and stroke it back and forth on the towel. With my Sigma F80 (super dense brush) I had to repeat this procedure 5 times to get all the makeup residue out. You would see how the color blots on the towel gets fainter and fainter in the video. With the much less denser brushes however, the brush cleaner gets all the residue out in one cleaning.

Overall, it varies how many times you have to repeat cleaning according to the density of the brush.

Let’s make this a 2 in 1 blog entry and give a review on the James Cooper Makeup Brush Cleaner:

  • 399.00—not bad for a price since it’s considerably cheaper than the other makeup brush cleaners
  • it works—it gets all the makeup residue out 100% and brushes are left all clean
  • 50ml spray bottle—this bottle with last you depending on how frequently you clean your brushes/number of your brushes
  • fresh, clean scent—brushes are left smelling “fresh” and really “clean” (if you know that “clean” smell)
  • available at Watsons—with James Cooper counters, that is

Overall, I highly recommend this brush cleaner to all my fellow makeup artists/enthusiasts. I will be grabbing a bottle of the MAC one as well as the one from Beauty Bar to do comparisons.

As for drying the brushes, my old school way was actually just laying my brushes down on the table on a towel!


Since spot-cleaning doesn’t involve water, I let my brushes dry upright with the brush guards on. I think this is perfectly alright as no water would seep through the ferrule in the first place. The Brush Guards allow perfect ventilation, letting the leftover moisture [from the brush cleaner] evaporate after a few hours while still maintaining the shape of the brush! You can get Brush Guards from Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione! :) (10 pcs 250.00 only)

Now for something more advanced and revolutionary…we have Sigma’s DRY’N SHAPE!


If you’ve never heard of the Dry N Shape before…

The revolutionary Dry’n Shape system was specially designed to completely dry and shape your most dense brushes within 4-6 hours, guaranteed!


  • Applied pressure to the bristles to remove water from each fiber
  • Utilizes a special fabric to allow water evaporation during the drying process
  • Dries and shapes your brushes in as little as 4-6 hours!


Using the Dry’n Shape is my newest FAVORITE way of drying my brushes! Totally amaaaazing!

You can order the Sigma Dry’n Shape here!

I hope you’ll enjoy the video as much as you enjoyed this post!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Saw this fun tag video from Judy of ItsJudyTime! (Watch her video here!) It’s a challenge on YouTube wherein you film yourself while doing your makeup without using a mirror!


Here’s my version:

Hope you had fun watching! And the bottom line will always be: A mirror is a necessity!

Makeup Haul (Soap & Glory, MeMeMe, Lime Crime, Models Own)

A quick haul on the products that I received from Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione:


Lime Crime Lipstick in Countessa Flourescent (₱710)
Soap & Glory Flake Away (10.1 oz ₱890)
MeMeMe Cream Foundation in Beige Blush #2 (₱899.00)
MeMeMe Boho Balm Cheek and Lip Tint in Pink Rouge (₱450.00)
Models Own Makeup Blending Sponges (₱420.00 for 1 pack containing 2 sponges)
MeMeMe Flawless Loose Powder in Translucent

All products from

***Stay tuned for reviews on each product soon!***

Thursday, July 19, 2012

SuperSale Bazaar (Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione)

How exciting it is to be at yet another bazaar for Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione! I was at the SuperSale Bazaar on July 15, 2012. I wanted to be present in all three days of the event, but my classes in school didn’t make that possible. Nevertheless, I had so much fun on the last day! I met wonderful people, my amazing readers, and even fellow YouTubers!

Makeup of the Day:


Here I am with Dana and Mommy Edna! :)


The STAR of the Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione booth, Sophie! (Sarah’s 3-month-old shih tzu)


With Kuya Richard! Sarah’s brother :)


With Kuya Mark (Sarah and Kuya Rich’s friend)


While at the booth I did swatches on these amazzzzingly pigmented Lime Crime Uniliners! (PHP 650.00 each) and lipsticks (PHP 710.00 each)



With the beautiful Maria of MissPinayBeauty and gorgeous Kath of KathPictures (Youtubers)


With the gorgeous owner of Make up Hub by NC, Sarah! :)


With Nikki! :)


It was definitely a great day! Thanks to all the beautiful people who came by and said hi and vlogged with me!!!

Watch this video to know more about what happened during this beautiful event:

Bought home a loot from Sarah! Stay tuned for the video!


LuLu Makeup Workshop

The first official makeup workshop of LuLu Makeup (in celebration if its 1st Year Anniversary) was held at Studio SnR last July 14, 2012. I was really glad to see the room full of beautiful ladies who signed up!

Charlene Tan of and I were the instructors for the day. It was so much fun to teach the day time makeup look—I loved watching all the students learn! Teaching makeup for the second time around is really fun. (My first time was during the LEAP program at De La Salle University) I am in no way a professional makeup artist, but I love sharing the tips and tricks I learned throughout my journey in YouTube as a makeup guru as well as a beauty blogger.


Look at everyone doing their own thing!


Up front with my model Justine Lu with her daytime makeup look on


Photos with my sweet darlings:


Finally met Joanne Abraham, fellow LuLu Makeup ambassadress!


With Ann, fellow LuLu Makeup ambassadress!


With Achi Char!


The LuLu Makeup Team! I am more than happy to be part of this family. :) Missing Janica Buhain!!!


With all the beautiful ladies who attended the workshop:


It was indeed a super fun workshop! Such a fulfilling feeling to impart knowledge about beauty and makeup. Till the next workshop ladies!

P.S. You may grab the photos that are posted in my Facebook Page

Watch this video to know more about what happened during this beautiful event:

How to Put on Lashes (Tagalog Tutorial)

It is always too much fun to film makeup tutorial in the vernacular. In this new video, I gave tips on how to put on false lashes!


Watch the video here:

Products used in the video:

Tony Moly Lashes D/M (natural looking) + free lash glue PHP 88.00
Tony Moly Lashes XL (criss cross) + free lash glue PHP 88.00
Tony Moly Lash/Double Eyelid Glue with Fork PHP 178.00 (can be used as an eyelash glue and/or a double lid glue)
Etude House Baby Volume Lashes with Clear Lash Bands + free lash glue PHP 128.00
#340 Shawill Lashes (straight lashes) PHP 59.00
#330 Shawill Lashes (criss-cross) PHP 59.00