Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All About My Hair

I often get a lot of questions about my hair. The cut, the color, treatments, and the likes. I decided to do a video on the matter (see the video by the end of this post)HPIM2809

Fact #1 : I DO NOT HAVE REBONDED HAIR—my hair is naturally straight, I have never undergone any straightening treatments, whatsoever.

Fact #2: I have undergone (2) permanent treatments (perm) before. All done professionally in the salon.

Face #3: I have undergone hair coloring treatments TWICE before, all done professionally in the salon. (Cost me about 2,000.00) until I discovered…

  • CURRENT HAIR COLOR: ETUDE HOUSE BUBBLE HAIR COLORING—I have a blog tutorial on how to apply this hair color here. It was my very first time to color my hair by myself, and I can really say that Etude House’s Bubble Hair Coloring made it super easy for me. (All the info about this product is in here.)
  • COMBS I USE: Paddle brush from Watsons, 3-Row Comb from Denman (for teasing and backcombing PHP 195.00 from Beauty Bar)
  • HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY: Monea CPR Heat Protectant Spray PHP 109.00 from Watsons
  • SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: Victoria’s Secret So Sexy Hair and Conditioner for Fine Hair (from abroad)
  • HAIRSPRAY: Etude House Sweet Style Hairspray PHP 198.00 from Etude House SM City Manila & Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hairspray PHP 178.00 from Tony Moly SM City Manila
  • HEAT TOOLS: JML ProCeramicStraightener & BabyLiss iPRO200 Sol Gel Titanium Iron 22mm Barrel

I hope this answers all your questions! Enjoy the video:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

KKCenterHK A166 Lashes: Review

Remember this post? Well, this is my official blog review on the A166 KKCenterHK Lashes. I really like the packaging of the lashes. They’re carefully stuck to plastic plates, housed with a sturdy, black cardboard box. A box contains 10 pairs of lashes. This particular design (A166) may look quite weird when you look at it, but it’s without a doubt the most natural looking lashes ever! Continue reading and see a photo of myself wearing them.DSC06034DSC06030The lashes are not plastic-y at all. They’re very flexible making it easier to maneuver it along the lashline. DSC06032DSC06033

A box costs $12.50. (PHP 531.59)

Go to to order & for more products!

Here is a photo of myself wearing the A166 lashes on.IMG_4073

Enjoy my video review on the lashes:

SkinSonic SkinCare System

DSC05941Jennifer Ungson contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted me to try out and review one of the most popular and affordable brushes in the U.S. She sent me the SkinSonic Skin Care System ( When I received the package, I literally laughed at myself since I was expectin’ a makeup brush. Little did I know that it was a skincare brush. I was totally excited when I saw it! It looked very much like the Clarisonic System. DSC05943“The SkinSonic SkinCare System by Sirius utilizes the power of sonic technology to provide gentle cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and toning in order to reveal fresh and radiant skin. The comprehensive system helps achieve professional results at home. The SkinSonic leaves skin feeling renewed, restored, and rejuvenated without the expense or inconvenience of a spa treatment. Effective and affordable alternative to costly and abrasive chemical or laser procedures.”DSC05946“SkinSonic cleansing brushes are two times more effective than manual cleansing, and remove 6 times more makeup than traditional cleansing. The system includes brushes for normal as well as sensitive skin, and is even safe for skin affected by conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and acne.”

“Gently buff and polish away excess debris and dead skin cells to reveal younger and glowing skin beneath with the exfoliation applicator which provides 8 times more exfoliation than manual scrubbing.”

“Experience full benefits of serums and moisturizers with a 50% greater absorption of nutrients with SkinSonic hydration applicators.”

“Lift, sculpt and tone facial muscles with SkinSonic toning applicator to rejuvenate sagging skin.”DSC05950

Here are some unboxing photos. The box contains the following:

  1. SkinSonic Handle
  2. Brush for Normal Skin (white + black bristles)
  3. Brush for Sensitive Skin (white + blue bristles)
  4. Hydration/Exfoliation Applicator
  5. Massage Applicator
  6. Storage Cradle

DSC05951DSC05952DSC05953DSC05956Brush for sensitive skin:DSC05958Hydration/Exfoliation Applicator:DSC05960Massage applicator:DSC05962Brush for normal skin:DSC05963DSC05965DSC05969Stay tuned for my video review on this amazing SkinCare Brush System!IMG_4075

Introductory price of only P2,799.00!

Order from:

3-Tone Violet CM905 Geo Lenses from AigooShoppe

DSC05980Valerie of contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me if I could sponsor a contact lens review for Aigoo Shoppe. We met at UST (since we’re both Thomasians) and I am also happy to announce that I went into partnership with Aigoo Shoppe.

This is the first pair that Val sent me. This is the 3-Tone Violet CM905. I have poor eyesight, and I couldn’t possibly review lenses with 0 grades. Val was thoughtful enough and sent me graded ones! My right eye has a 4.00 grade and my left, 3.75 (I know, I’m going blind).DSC05977Now, I’ll be showing you how I opened the lens containers and how the lenses actually look like. The set contains this lovely white and pink contact lens case which I very much love.DSC05986Opening the cases took me about 30 minutes. I was too afraid to slice my finger. I used a 1 peso coin to pry the cap open. You will see an arrow on the white cap, and that’s where you lift the cap up. Use a coin! Or a spoon or something. From there, you can lift the cap, and eventually break a piece off the aluminum (?) seal.DSC05987DSC05990DSC05991After successfully opening the caps, and not slicing my fingers off, I transferred the lenses to the plastic case. And voila!!!DSC06011Beautiful, isn’t it?DSC05995DSC06012

Again, this is the 3-Tone Violet CM905.

Watch the video review here:

To order, contact Valerie Deoferio at 09153438416.

New Lipstick Line from CoverGirl: LipPerfection #305 Hot Passion

DSC06022It’s no secret how much I fancy red lipsticks—and this is the reason why I went gaga over CoverGirl’s newest lipstick line, “LipPerfection”. The shades are absolutely to die for! I can’t even express how much I fell in love with them! My very first [and definitely not my last] purchase from this line is the #305 Hot Passion. The perfect red lip color. IMG_4057

Brownie points for the CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipstick:

  • beautiful packaging
  • pleasant smell
  • pigmented color pay-off
  • non-drying
  • affordable at PHP 395.00

Available at any CoverGirl counter (SM Department Stores)DSC06018DSC06020Stay tuned for a vlog!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Videos Set to Private

Hi everyone!

I am doing some last minute ironing in my videos in line with my partnership with StyleHaul. Most of my videos have been set to private for a reason, if ever you wish to watch a certain video, please email me your YouTube username/email so that I can give you access for the mean time.

xoxo, Lindsay

Sunday Haul (August 21, 2011)

1. KARA NINA ORGANIZER PHP 599.75 (SM DEPARTMENT STORE)—I bought this mainly because I wanted to have an organizer where I put all my stuff in (i.e. hair tools, accessories, and the likes) and ditch the habit of dragging huge bags with me whenever I go on gigs. This organizer has multiple pockets which you can fill in with all kinds of stuff making it perfect for makeup artists and even stylists. Kara Nina offers a wide variety of brush holders, brush bags, cosmetics kits, and pouches of all kinds. IMG_4064IMG_4063

2. WATSONS MOISTURIZING BABY LOTION WIPES PHP 79.00 (SM DEPARTMENT STORE/WATSONS)—Wet wipes always come in handy whenever. I’m a neat freak, and that means I need constant disinfecting/cleansing of hands or things around me. This huge pack will last me a month (or less, depending on my frequency of use)DSC059093. RED INDEX CARD HOLDER PHP 107.00 (Office Warehouse)I needed to gather all my lipsticks together and put them in just one container. I decided to ditch my two small black index card holders and replace them with this huge red one. Who said index card holders were only for index cards?DSC05910DSC059134. CORONA MEMO HOLDER PHP 110.00 (Office Warehouse)—At this point you may say I was just impulse-buying. And you’re right. Although, I do love having memos at my reach anytime. Being the OC person that I am, not writing down the things that I need to remember makes me go crazy.DSC05914DSC059165. MAYBELLINE CLEAR SMOOTH ALL IN ONE SHINE FREE FOUNDATION REFILL IN HONEY PHP 149.00 (Maybelline Counter, SM Dept. Store)—"Just had to buy it.” Although, I do have the compact version of this—in Sand Beige, which I use for contouring.DSC059186. PUMA SOCKS PHP 199.75/3 pairs (SM Dept. Store)—Mainly bought this for my intense workouts. I thick ‘em thick to cushion my feet from all the jumps and lunges and brutal routines.DSC05922DSC05923DSC05924DSC059257. MONEA CPR HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY PHP 109.00 (WATSONS)—I ran out, and I needed a new bottle! The price was weird. I am 100% sure this only costs 99.00.DSC059328. COVERGIRL LIPPERFECT LIPSTICK IN HOT PASSION 305 PHP 395.00 (COVERGIRL, SM DEPT. STORE)—My favorite purchase today!!! This is the perfect red lip color! More swatches in the next blog entry! Stay tuned for the review. DSC05934


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Behind the Scenes: 3M8 Charmed Photoshoot

I had the privilege to doll up our class’ main actresses for our play for the TJMA General Assembly at UST. The looks I did on them particularly fit each role they played. I worked with a mix of ethereal colors, as well as browns and auburns to add depth and dimension. As always, James Cooper’s Cream Foundation perfected everything. I cannot stress how much that foundation gets the work done every time. My models were all blessed with beautiful skin, so concealing was done at a minimal. LuLu Makeup’s Concealer ( hides all the imperfections like dark circles, so my ladies looked bright and awake for the shoot.

Below are some of the photos from the shoot. All credits go to my blockmate, Aldrich Luke Sy.285867_256342117723135_100000420476260_957345_6677195_o286220_256328277724519_100000420476260_957286_4392456_o286560_256345657722781_100000420476260_957355_5071307_o287001_256325957724751_100000420476260_957271_6605077_o288624_256350541055626_100000420476260_957368_3863439_o286081_256343891056291_100000420476260_957351_1733114_o287336_256333691057311_100000420476260_957308_2499279_o175742_256361901054490_100000420476260_957406_2433776_oRead the whole story here. (More photos)