Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunday Haul (August 21, 2011)

1. KARA NINA ORGANIZER PHP 599.75 (SM DEPARTMENT STORE)—I bought this mainly because I wanted to have an organizer where I put all my stuff in (i.e. hair tools, accessories, and the likes) and ditch the habit of dragging huge bags with me whenever I go on gigs. This organizer has multiple pockets which you can fill in with all kinds of stuff making it perfect for makeup artists and even stylists. Kara Nina offers a wide variety of brush holders, brush bags, cosmetics kits, and pouches of all kinds. IMG_4064IMG_4063

2. WATSONS MOISTURIZING BABY LOTION WIPES PHP 79.00 (SM DEPARTMENT STORE/WATSONS)—Wet wipes always come in handy whenever. I’m a neat freak, and that means I need constant disinfecting/cleansing of hands or things around me. This huge pack will last me a month (or less, depending on my frequency of use)DSC059093. RED INDEX CARD HOLDER PHP 107.00 (Office Warehouse)I needed to gather all my lipsticks together and put them in just one container. I decided to ditch my two small black index card holders and replace them with this huge red one. Who said index card holders were only for index cards?DSC05910DSC059134. CORONA MEMO HOLDER PHP 110.00 (Office Warehouse)—At this point you may say I was just impulse-buying. And you’re right. Although, I do love having memos at my reach anytime. Being the OC person that I am, not writing down the things that I need to remember makes me go crazy.DSC05914DSC059165. MAYBELLINE CLEAR SMOOTH ALL IN ONE SHINE FREE FOUNDATION REFILL IN HONEY PHP 149.00 (Maybelline Counter, SM Dept. Store)—"Just had to buy it.” Although, I do have the compact version of this—in Sand Beige, which I use for contouring.DSC059186. PUMA SOCKS PHP 199.75/3 pairs (SM Dept. Store)—Mainly bought this for my intense workouts. I thick ‘em thick to cushion my feet from all the jumps and lunges and brutal routines.DSC05922DSC05923DSC05924DSC059257. MONEA CPR HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY PHP 109.00 (WATSONS)—I ran out, and I needed a new bottle! The price was weird. I am 100% sure this only costs 99.00.DSC059328. COVERGIRL LIPPERFECT LIPSTICK IN HOT PASSION 305 PHP 395.00 (COVERGIRL, SM DEPT. STORE)—My favorite purchase today!!! This is the perfect red lip color! More swatches in the next blog entry! Stay tuned for the review. DSC05934



  1. The Index Card Holder is a great idea! Thanks Say!

  2. Hi Morbidfrank! Thanks for watching and reading! :)

  3. Hi Say! :D I have to get that CPR to protect my hair whenever I straighten my hair :P Thanks for posting this! ♥

  4. hi say...saw one of your videos that you are looking for a lipstick holder..check this out .They sell an affordable cosmetic organizers.=)