Sunday, August 28, 2011

3-Tone Violet CM905 Geo Lenses from AigooShoppe

DSC05980Valerie of contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me if I could sponsor a contact lens review for Aigoo Shoppe. We met at UST (since we’re both Thomasians) and I am also happy to announce that I went into partnership with Aigoo Shoppe.

This is the first pair that Val sent me. This is the 3-Tone Violet CM905. I have poor eyesight, and I couldn’t possibly review lenses with 0 grades. Val was thoughtful enough and sent me graded ones! My right eye has a 4.00 grade and my left, 3.75 (I know, I’m going blind).DSC05977Now, I’ll be showing you how I opened the lens containers and how the lenses actually look like. The set contains this lovely white and pink contact lens case which I very much love.DSC05986Opening the cases took me about 30 minutes. I was too afraid to slice my finger. I used a 1 peso coin to pry the cap open. You will see an arrow on the white cap, and that’s where you lift the cap up. Use a coin! Or a spoon or something. From there, you can lift the cap, and eventually break a piece off the aluminum (?) seal.DSC05987DSC05990DSC05991After successfully opening the caps, and not slicing my fingers off, I transferred the lenses to the plastic case. And voila!!!DSC06011Beautiful, isn’t it?DSC05995DSC06012

Again, this is the 3-Tone Violet CM905.

Watch the video review here:

To order, contact Valerie Deoferio at 09153438416.

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