Sunday, August 28, 2011

KKCenterHK A166 Lashes: Review

Remember this post? Well, this is my official blog review on the A166 KKCenterHK Lashes. I really like the packaging of the lashes. They’re carefully stuck to plastic plates, housed with a sturdy, black cardboard box. A box contains 10 pairs of lashes. This particular design (A166) may look quite weird when you look at it, but it’s without a doubt the most natural looking lashes ever! Continue reading and see a photo of myself wearing them.DSC06034DSC06030The lashes are not plastic-y at all. They’re very flexible making it easier to maneuver it along the lashline. DSC06032DSC06033

A box costs $12.50. (PHP 531.59)

Go to to order & for more products!

Here is a photo of myself wearing the A166 lashes on.IMG_4073

Enjoy my video review on the lashes:


  1. hi say! what eyelash adhesive do you recommend? and can you do video on how to apply false eyelash.. thanks much! :D

  2. Hi Carmi! I have a video on that :) BTW I'm using Aido's Lash Adhesive at the moment. It's only 140.00. Here's the video: