Sunday, February 28, 2010

░ Makeup Haul: Elianto, Beauty Bar, Maybelline, Myra E, Nivea, E.l.f. ░

So, my boyfriend took me makeup shopping after having dinner together tonight.  I'm not going to beat around the bush and get started with it already.
First store we entered was Elianto. Gosh, Elianto. I fell in love with their makeup brushes. I am definitely coming back for them. What I bought from here is this pack of MakeUp Cleansing Tissue in Rose Extract for P169.00. I'm going to give it a try! I have a difficult time removing makeup, especially waterproof mascara. I guess this product will help me! Although I think Elianto's eye makeup remover would be the perfect one for that job. Nevertheless, I'm giving this baby a try.
Second store we entered was Beauty Bar. I finally found what I've been meaning to buy ever since I started makeup video-filming. Here's the Victoria Vogue Contour and Foundation Sponges.

Third & last place we went visited was Watson's. It was in this place where I bought the most stuff. Let's start with Maybelline. I bought my usual foundation Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in True Beige 24 and my compact powder Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder in Sand Beige 05. Next to that I grabbed a stick of Maybelline's Moisture Extreme 877 Lipcolor in Windsor Rose. 

Next would be my favorite moisturizer! It already changed its look. More prettier now. The same amazing moisturizer for my skin. It leaves my face supple! I kid you not. Myra E Daily Sun Protect Facial Moisturizer SPF15 Double Sunscreen vs UVA/UVB and is Vitamin Enriched.

Not only is it a moisturizer but also a sunblock! 
I love this product verrry much. I've used other moisturizers before, but I've stuck to this one. I just love Myra E! 
Its new look is more professional looking, don't you think? For only P99.00.
Next we have Nichido products: I just had to buy a new lash curler because my old one is already old (duh) and I believe it was already time to replace it. So I did! For only P75.00, you could own this Nichido Lash Curler baby. I love this lash curler because it really curls those lashes out w/o ruining them. Next to that would be their Eye Contour Pencils in 01 Blackest Black and 04 Nice Gal under Girl's Night Out. They have smudge tips at the end. Both priced P80.00. I forgot to buy a sharpener. Crap.
I didn't find any Carmex Lipbalm available so I bought this instead, Nivea Lip Care Star Fruits in Strawberry. For P84.00.
Lastly, I bought something from E.l.f., the WetGloss Lash and Brow Clear Mascara 2201 in Crystal for P129.75.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

░ Update: Upcoming Look "The Corpse Bride" ░

I was supposed to work on the Mad Hatter Inspired Look today, but I got so tired I didn't even have the strength to pick up a single brush. Y'see, I was in school till 2 and got home at around 3. Traffic was awful. It sucked out all my energy...
So in this entry, I am showing you the next look I'll be featuring after the Mad Hatter.
The Corpse Bride. (Why would I pick such a thing?) Why not? I think it's great to be different from everyone else. This is what I do, and I know a lot of people out there do this, too. (I mean the makeup addiction, videos, blogs and all.) So I got into thinking, why not spruce up my regular blogs/videos with my own personal signature style? I definitely think it's a great idea.
So the Corpse Bride looks deathly. But I'm not going to make myself look deathly. Remember, this is only an inspired look. It doesn't mean you always have to remake the exact copy. I personally think inspired looks are looks which are just slightly different versions of the originals. People can always remake. One slight addition or change of the hue of the shades will make a totally different look. 
My personal view on the Corpse Bride's look is that it's totally sleek and simple. You see how the simple contours show on her face (well, I think that's a given because she is a corpse but then again...) and the simple lip color in purple. Her lashes are spread wide out and the bluish shade create depth in her eyes.
This look will be very simple to recreate. 

I hope you stay tuned and watch out for my upcoming video tutorials. 

I might just make my first videoblog/VLOG soon. I'm not saying when, though.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

░ Update: IQQU by Michelle Phan ░

Click on the link above and visit IQQU!

 I'm thinking of ordering the Jasmine Rice Scrub, the Acne Serum and the Advance Sunscreen!

They are quite affordable for only 1000++ in Philippine peso.

I've seen reviews about IQQU products and most of them say that they work! I'd like to try them myself, too.

Not only is it new to my eyes, but also, it is my biggest makeup inspiration, Michelle Phan's skin care line!

    Love and kisses, 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

░ Beauty Tutorial: Remake of Michelle Phan's Barbie Transformation ░

Holy moly I forgot all about this! 

These are the photos that I took after I failed filming the video counterpart. It's a remake of Michelle Phan's Barbie Transformation look. Again, not the exact look but quite similar. 

Like the bow on my neck? Barbie's all about pink and I just grabbed whatever I had in the closet and started pink-ifying myself up. 

Alright, so for this look I opted to follow the closest shades which Michelle used in her Coastal Scents 88 palette.  In my case, I used my DollFace 96-color palette and was lucky enough to find close matches to the shades which she used. 

So I used Maybelline products for this look. The Volum'Express Cat Eyes Mascara, the Watershine Lip Color in P24, the Gel Foundation in 24 True Beige, and the Powder Foundation in Sand Beige. 

Priming the eyes or using the wet on wet technique is recommended with the DollFace eyeshadow. They don't last that long, so you really have to prep the eyes before applying.

Know what I do when I make remakes?

I get a card and list down everything while watching the original video. I'm all, okay, step one, apply this, step two, apply that. And from watching the video, the finished look is actually retained in my memory and that makes it easier for me to achieve the closest look to that of the original. Remakes are not supposed to be the exact version. Adding a personal touch to it will never hurt.

I hope you liked my version of the Barbie Transformation!

░ Beauty Tutorial: My Version of Michelle Phan's Double Lines Look ░

Hey guys! Click on the link above to watch Michelle Phan's Double Lines video. I watched this video tutorial just this morning and instantly decided to wear this look to school. Now, my version isn't an exact copy of Michelle's since I opted to have the lines drawn with a curve-up cat-eye style instead of the parallel lines.

For this look I used Nichido's Liquid Liner in Black. Michelle Phan used Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeline. I'm pretty sure it's available in the country so I wrote its name down on my makeup shopping list and I'm going to find and buy one on Saturday and make a video & a review about it.

For the lips I used Maybelline's Watershine Lip Color in P24 shade. It has this vibrant, pink color which brightens up the face. I'm going to try Maybelline's Extreme Moisture Lipstick. Have I mentioned? I love the Ruby Red and the Coral Pink shade. I actually love ALL the shades. Except the browns. I don't think I'm ready for those kinds of shades. But then again, makeup gurus have to be versatile. It's just that youth screams red, pink, violet...loud colors! Don't you agree?

Summer is fast approaching. And I smile whenever I think about all the available time I will have for makeup videos and reviews. In addition to that, I will be sharing my makeup drafts. I will create looks which are suitable for summer. Vibrant, cool looks. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

░ Update for The Week ░

Hey everyone! I haven't updated this beauty blog for quite some time and I figured, I'm going to make one today. So what up with everything? Today's Sunday and a film day for me. I've decided to film another remake. Yes, another one from Michelle Phan. She's my biggest inspiration! I'm going to create a remake of her Barbie Transformation Tutorial. Exciting! I'm actually going to workout after this and then jump into the shower and film the video. This look is all about pink! Isn't it obvious? Michelle Phan did such an excellent job with this look. 

Anyway, I've been browsing through a lot of sites and tried to grasp different looks to recreate for my upcoming videos. I've seen so many inspired looks which took my breath away. They are created perfectly. Flawlessly. It's amazing how makeup can transform anything to something more beautiful. More alive. More colorful. 

I've recently bough a sketchpad and I'm actually going to make drafts of looks I'll be coming up with. I know remakes are okay, but original ones reflect better character on the part of the makeup video maker. Wait till summer and I'll be able to really focus on all of this. 
I honestly want to become a makeup connoisseur. Well, someday, things will happen. For now I'm going to stick with simple videos, beauty blog entries and all that. I have yet to make an impression. 

Yesterday I was at the Maybelline counter and I tried on a couple of lipsticks. My heart beat for their Moisture Extreme Lip Colors! The Ruby Red shade was to die for. It was such a perfect red shade. And not to mention the pink shades. They have it all. From nude, to coral, to watermelon. I'm planning to buy those shades soon enough. 

The DollFace 96-color palette has been with me for almost a week now and an only  flaw with it is that you have to use primer beforehand because the colors don't last until 4 hours. You might also want to try Michelle Phan's wet on wet trick (did I get that right). 

Just go to her YouTube channel and browse through her videos. Better yet, watch all of her videos. She has inspired millions of women around the globe. I really love MP!

I'm actually going to be out later this afternoon and I'm going to wear the Barbie look. I just hope the sun won't shine so harshly. It's been really really hot here in the Philippines. You'll really need the AC to cool down. 
So I guess my update ends here. 
Watch out for the remake video of MP's Barbie Transformation. 
Have a great day everyone!
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

░ Update: The Palette's Here! ░

The 96 color palette from DollFace. This cost me P950.00.   

Sunday, February 14, 2010

░ How-to: Make Makeup Brush Holders ░

 You'll need:
1. Pebbles

2. Glasses

I bought Yalan Pebbles from SM Homeworld, at a very affordable price. (P57.00 per container) 
I wanted my fill to be a mixture of pink and red pebbles (the pink pebbles are much finer than the red ones). The glasses cost around P52-54.00 each.  

1. Fill in the glasses with the pebbles however you want them to look like. 
Layering is good, but so is mixing everything up! 

2. Stick your makeup brushes in! 
I had to make 2 holders because I don't want my 
brushes to crowd in just one container.
3. Voila! 

Friday, February 12, 2010

░ Update: Makeup Brush Holders ░

One way to store your makeup brushes! The photo above is just an example. I have yet to make my own personalized makeup brush holder. Actually I'm going to buy the glass and the scented kisses (not the chocolate) to fill the glass up with. 
Makeup brush holders for sale at
(Owned by Elle and Blair, makeup gurus on YouTube)
Watch out for my own version of my makeup brush holder! 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

░ Update: DollFace Make-up Heaven ░

I was searching for online information regarding the selling of Coastal Scents Palettes in the country and I stumbled upon I was really glad to see all of DF's products. They have the brushes, the gel liners, the palettes (which are very similar to that of Coastal Scents') and many more! All I could ever ask for is already there. So like a giddy high school girl, I told Paulo all about it. I made a reservation on the 96-color Eyeshadow Palette already and by next week I'll have it. (@ P900, it's very affordable.)
I'd probably be buying the other palettes, too! They are really attractive. I just hope they work well & don't cause any rash or whatever. Oh, DollFace also carries gel liners! Michelle Phan uses gel liners, too. I've watched all her tutorials already, actually. Why am I such an addict? Annnyyyway. 
Now the one above is the 66-Lipcolor Palette. Think of the wild looks you can create with these!(@ P650)

Now here is the 10-piece Blush Palette (@ P850)
There are actually a lot more! Visit
So, I'll be paying for the palette on Saturday. And I'll hopefully get in on Tuesday or Monday. It'll be coming all the way from Cebu! I think I have found my make-up heaven. 
Good night,Say

Thursday, February 4, 2010

░Beauty Tutorial: The Red Queen Look ░

So what do you think? I made my own version of the Red Queen's look. Michelle Phan looked absolutely great on hers! I think I'm going to start buying wigs. In white, brown, black, curly, wavy, etc. I love how this turned out! I did this look as soon as I got home, and this was all about the aqua eyeshadow. Although the original Red Queen's eyeshadow was more of in a bluish shade. So, I totally loved this. Oooh lala.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

░Beauty Tutorial: The Geisha Look ░

The Geisha Look
Inspired by the tutorial Michelle Phan did. Sans the orchids. I used my faux flower headband, instead. For the eyeshadow I used MAC 4x Palette. All the pinks in there. False lashes for definition. I actually am so bad at putting them on. You can still see visible errors in the photos. The glue just won't stick. But anyways... I'll do better next time! So I hope everyone enjoyed this look I worked on today. 

More tomorrow!

Monday, February 1, 2010

░ Product Review: E.l.f. Products ░

Hey everyone! So today I got to use the E.l.f. foundation brush and the E.l.f. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder. And here's what I think, the foundation brush is really thin and as I was blending away my Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation in True Beige, everything went well. I actually like the brush. I used upward strokes for a great, flawless finish. A 7.5 rating for this brush!

As for the Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder, I fell in love with it. Great shade, warm tan. Great for contours, and filling in hollows of the cheeks. I give it a 10!