Friday, February 26, 2010

░ Update: Upcoming Look "The Corpse Bride" ░

I was supposed to work on the Mad Hatter Inspired Look today, but I got so tired I didn't even have the strength to pick up a single brush. Y'see, I was in school till 2 and got home at around 3. Traffic was awful. It sucked out all my energy...
So in this entry, I am showing you the next look I'll be featuring after the Mad Hatter.
The Corpse Bride. (Why would I pick such a thing?) Why not? I think it's great to be different from everyone else. This is what I do, and I know a lot of people out there do this, too. (I mean the makeup addiction, videos, blogs and all.) So I got into thinking, why not spruce up my regular blogs/videos with my own personal signature style? I definitely think it's a great idea.
So the Corpse Bride looks deathly. But I'm not going to make myself look deathly. Remember, this is only an inspired look. It doesn't mean you always have to remake the exact copy. I personally think inspired looks are looks which are just slightly different versions of the originals. People can always remake. One slight addition or change of the hue of the shades will make a totally different look. 
My personal view on the Corpse Bride's look is that it's totally sleek and simple. You see how the simple contours show on her face (well, I think that's a given because she is a corpse but then again...) and the simple lip color in purple. Her lashes are spread wide out and the bluish shade create depth in her eyes.
This look will be very simple to recreate. 

I hope you stay tuned and watch out for my upcoming video tutorials. 

I might just make my first videoblog/VLOG soon. I'm not saying when, though.

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