Tuesday, February 9, 2010

░ Update: DollFace Make-up Heaven ░

I was searching for online information regarding the selling of Coastal Scents Palettes in the country and I stumbled upon http://dollfacecosmetics.com.ph/ I was really glad to see all of DF's products. They have the brushes, the gel liners, the palettes (which are very similar to that of Coastal Scents') and many more! All I could ever ask for is already there. So like a giddy high school girl, I told Paulo all about it. I made a reservation on the 96-color Eyeshadow Palette already and by next week I'll have it. (@ P900, it's very affordable.)
I'd probably be buying the other palettes, too! They are really attractive. I just hope they work well & don't cause any rash or whatever. Oh, DollFace also carries gel liners! Michelle Phan uses gel liners, too. I've watched all her tutorials already, actually. Why am I such an addict? Annnyyyway. 
Now the one above is the 66-Lipcolor Palette. Think of the wild looks you can create with these!(@ P650)

Now here is the 10-piece Blush Palette (@ P850)
There are actually a lot more! Visit http://dollfacecosmetics.com.ph/
So, I'll be paying for the palette on Saturday. And I'll hopefully get in on Tuesday or Monday. It'll be coming all the way from Cebu! I think I have found my make-up heaven. 
Good night,Say

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