Saturday, December 31, 2011

Highlights of Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero in 2011

We’re on the last few hours of the last day of the year! Time to look back and be thankful for all the wonderful things that happened…



  • Met YouTube Guru ItsJudyTime and BenjiManTV in person
  • Upgraded to HD videos for my YouTube channel

MARCH 2011

  • Received my first ever advertorial for Myra through NuffNang PH

MAY 2011

  • Blogged for Etude House, Nail It! Salon and Neutrogena Philippines

JUNE 2011

  • Accidental feature on The Haul (StyleHaul) as Michelle Phan
  • Became The LuLu Makeup Ambassadress

JULY 2011

  • Blogged for iWhite, Lip Ice and Sunplay


  • Officially linked to STYLEHAUL
  • Became a YouTube partner
  • Blogged for Johnson’s and Johnson’s, Tiny Pink Bow, AigooShoppe, SkinSonic Philippines
  • International sponsorship KKCenterHK Lashes


  • Blogged for Revlon for Less, R&K Manila, Red Jhelli Shop, Flawless Philippines
  • Sponsored by the famous Luminess AirBrush (International)


  • Partnered with Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione
  • Blogged for Epic Clicks
  • Being the first makeup guru from the Philippines to be featured in The Haul October 12, 2011 Episode


  • Blogged for PictureBooks,, Aigoo Shoppe, KKCenterHK, Goody Philippines, Neutrogena Philippines
  • International Sponsorship from Sigma Beauty
  • Became a Sigma Affiliate
  • International Sponsorship from Dolly Eye HK
  • Met YouTube Friend Krysha Mallari in person
  • First bazaar (Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero False Lashes) Trinket Town Bazaar


  • Blogged for Megaga Professional, Make Up For Ever Philippines, Lorys Hair Cream, Flawless, Krave, Revlon for Less, Dull to Doll
  • Partnered with Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals
  • Started Tagalog Makeup Tutorials
  • Earned first commission in Sigma Beauty
  • Bought my own domain

Now with 3, 156 likes on my Facebook Page, 589 followers in my beauty blog, over 270,000 hits in my blog, 5,673 subscribers in YouTube and 546,206 video views…I am bidding 2011 farewell.

My deepest gratitude to everyone who made this possible. I thank God for my family, friends, clients, readers and subscribers for the overwhelming support.

Cheers to 2012!!!

Thanks to all the companies I've worked with/for in 2011: Artistry, NuffNang PH, Myra E, Etude House, Nail It! Neutrogena Philippines, LuLu Makeup, Lip Ice & SunPlay, iWhite, Johnson’s and Johnson’s, StyleHaul, Tiny Pink Bow, KKCenterHK, Aigoo Shoppe, Red Jhelli Shop, SkinSonic Philippines, Revlon for Less, R&K Manila, Luminess Air Brush, Flawless, Epic Clicks, Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione, Goody Philippines, Picturebooks, Sigma Beauty, Dolly Eye International, Make Up For Ever, Lorys Hair Cream, Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals.

Holiday Present from Flawless (Forever Collection)


If you remember, I first attended a Flawless event last September and met awesome bloggers and of course people from the Flawless Team. I’ve been following these ladies on Twitter and it’s really nice to have established a friendship with them. We actually planned for a coffee day out together but for some reason I wasn’t able to make it. I learned from Achi Char that Isa of the Flawless Team handed out holiday gifts to everyone. It is definitely very touching to receive a Christmas gift from Flawless.

The package included a 4,000 worth of gift certificate for Flawless treatments!



I was greeted by the Flawless Forever Collection inside.


The Forever Collection contains:

1. Forever Flawless Sheer Powder


2. Forever Flawless Lightening Soap


3. Forever Flawless Lightening Lotion


4. Forever Scent for Her


5. Forever Flawless deCrease


Due to the busy holidays, I haven’t tried out these products yet but I will be making individual reviews on each of them soon.

Thank you, Flawless Philippines for a wonderful holiday present!

You can purchase the entire collection for 1,500.

Visit for more details.

Sunflower Gray from the Flower Series: Circle lens from Dull to Doll


My good friend and owner of AigooShoppe now Dull to Doll, Valerie, sent me a new pair of contact lenses to try out. These are the Sunflower Gray from the Flower Series. It is 14mm in diameter; perfect for ladies who want a little bit of enlargement of the irises but not overly large compared to the 15mm diameter lenses. I love how the Sunflower Gray lenses give the eyes a doll-like effect. The flower design is extremely gorgeous to look at, not to mention. In terms of comfort, these lenses get a 4/5 from me. I have this habit of putting on lenses on tired eyes which explains my tweets before on how my eyes have become super sensitive to lighting. Using these lenses on well-rested eyes works so much better. It just so happens that I have to push through with work (i.e. filming and blogging) no matter how tired I am sometimes. Overall, the Sunflower Gray lenses from the Flower Series is one of my most favorite contact lenses.


Here’s a closer look on the Sunflower Gray lenses:


I used the lenses in one of my recent tutorials (Sultry Glowing Makeup Look) and it really complemented my eye makeup well. If you wanna watch the video, click here.


Thank you, Dull to Doll for sending this wonderful pair of contact lenses over!

Wanna get your own pair of Sunflower Gray lenses? Head on over to where you can check out other designs too!

Make Up For Ever Professional Goodies


Attending the Make Up For Ever Event last December 15th was definitely a great experience because not only was I able to meet Marie Digby in person, but MUFE also gave the bloggers goody bags.

MUFE is definitely one of the most high-end makeup brands in the country and I really am happy to be able to get to try out some of their products. I have honestly never tried any MUFE products before, and when I did—I was blown away.

First product in the bag: MUFE HD (High Definition Blush) A teeny tiny dot surprisingly covers both cheeks! The color pay-off is absolutely to die for. It’s in cream form, but not overly creamy; very easy to blend through! I use my Sigma F80 Brush to apply this on my cheeks with. This product will definitely give you that beautiful rosy looking cheeks.


If you wanna see me using this blush, watch this video and skip to 3:47 onwards for the blush part:

Second product in the bag: MUFE Aqua Liner (Waterproof) I absolutely fell in love with this liner the first time I tried it. It’s not jet black in color but more of a grayish glittery one. I love how smoothly I can line my eyes with this! It gives the most precise eye line wing ever. I never really used liquid liners before until I met the MUFE Aqua Liner. I am definitely getting a black one! If you wanna see me use this liner, you can watch the video (Sultry Glowing Makeup Look) or head on to my two other new videos.


Thank you so much Make Up For Ever Philippines for inviting me to the event! These products are definitely one of the bests I received this 2011.

Visit Make Up For Ever Studio at:

B8 Bonifacio High Street, BGC or Level 3 Shangri-la Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong City.

For makeup classes:

Contact 515-5232, 856-5243, 569-5235 (Monday to Friday 1:00PM-10:00PM)

Side Pinned with Soft Curls Hair Tutorial

After a few weeks of mourning over the loss of 5 inches of my hair, I finally came around and started doing hair tutorials again. This is a really simple hairstyle that you can wear during any occasion. You can actually pair it with the NYE Makeup Look that I posted a day ago! You will definitely look smashing as the new year happens! And you know what they say, “How you start off the year is how the rest of your year is going to be.” (mighty superstitious)


What you’re going to need:

  1. Hair dryer (VS Compact Hair Dryer) *if you’re starting off with damp hair
  2. Curling Iron (BabyLiss 25mm Sol Gel Titanium Iron) *available at SM Department Store
  3. Heat protectant cream/spray (FX Blow Out) *available at Watsons, Mall of Asia for 299.00
  4. Finishing Spray (FX Curl Booster) *available at Watsons, Mall of Asia for 299.00
  5. Teasing Comb/Rat tail comb/three-row comb (DenMan 3-Row Comb) *available at Beauty Bar
  6. Hair Brush (Goody Ouchless Comb)
  7. Bobby pins


  1. Apply heat protectant all over your hair
  2. Dry hair completely
  3. Part your hair as you wish
  4. Detangle hair
  5. Start creating soft curls
  6. Tease curls to add volume
  7. Spray finishing spray
  8. Pin to the side creating an “X” shaped clip with 2 bobby pins

And there you have it, a simple hairstyle that is perfect for any occasion!

Watch the video here:

Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 New Year’s Eve Makeup Look


Hi everyone!

2012 is right around the corner. Aren’t you excited? Whether you’re staying home for media noche or going out to watch the ball drop (in NYC), you can always rock a beautiful makeup look! What better way to welcome the new year but with a happy, gorgeous, glowing face, right? I filmed this tutorial today, December 29, 2011. I honestly did not have any idea what look to do when I sat in front of my HP V5560U; but I did know that I wanted to do a NYE look for all the ladies out there. I incorporated various techniques that I learned and of course my absolute favorite cat-eye line design. It sexifies any eye look, believe me. So darlings, everything is provided for you in this blog post, the video, the steps, all the products I used and where to get them. I hope you enjoy, and rock that NYE look!

Love, Say

Here’s the video tutorial in case you prefer watching over reading:

Products used:

1. Dolly Eye Soft Contact Lens in Hazel from
2. Revlon ColorStay Foundation 200 Nude from
3. James Cooper Cream Foundation 02 (PHP 550.00, Watsons)
4. Krave Minerale Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator (Primer & Finishing Veil)
5. Etude House Easy Brow Pencil Dark Brown (PHP128.00, Etude House)
6. MAC Shroom E/S
7. Silver E/S from The LuLu Makeup Manhattan Palette
8. Abyss (Blue E/S) from Sleek Make Up Bad Girl Palette
9. Twilight (Purple E/S) from Sleek Make Up Bad Girl Palette
10. Brown E/S from The LuLu Makeup Manhattan Palette
11. Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
12. Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner
13. Demi lashes (half lashes)
14. Lash Grip *glue* (PHP195.00 Beauty Bar)
15. Mememe Shimmer Stack in Bronze
16. Mememe Blush Me! in Coral
17. Sigma F80 Brush from
18. Sleek Make Up True Color Lipstick (Matte) in Bare All
19. Mememe Beat Blues in Moon Beam

And here’s the blog tutorial:

  1. As always, do your concealing, foundation, and brow routine
  2. Start off by highlighting your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes with any shimmering white eye shadow
  3. Take a silver eye shadow and apply this on the center of the lids
  4. Take 2 strips of tape and apply it on the side of each eye. Wing it out, use the tip of the brow as end point
  5. Take a blue eye shadow and apply this only on the outermost corners of the eyes, pack the color on
  6. Take a purple eye shadow and apply it on the outer V; the tape will create the shape for you, blend subtly towards the center lids but keep the area with the silver shadow untouched
  7. Take a black eye pencil and tightline your eyes. Line your waterline as well, and go further to the inner corners of the eyes.
  8. Take a liquid eye liner and line your eyes, wing it out subtly as we want the colors to stand out
  9. While lining, go further from the inner corners of your eyes, this will create a sexy cat-eye effect that will accentuate your eye shape even more
  10. Take the purple eye shadow and line your lower lashline
  11. Using a silver eye shadow, line the inner part of your lower lashline
  12. Curl your lashes and apply generous amounts of mascara
  13. Cut a full false lash in half, and apply each on each eye, with the fuller side on the outermost part of the lash line. This will make your eyes look even more dramatic and sexy; using demi lashes gives an illusion of longer lashes
  14. Contour your face
  15. Apply blush
  16. Apply nude/soft coral lip color

And there you have it. The perfect NYE look.

More photos from the tutorial:


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ask Say Week 12: “Would you rather ___ or ___?”

Hi everyone!


Welcome to our 12th Episode of Ask Say! This might be the last for 2011, but stay tuned for more Ask Say segments in the new year!

Watch the video and find of if I’d rather ______ or ______!

Love, Say

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kim Kardashian Christmas Card Look


Hi everyone!

Here’s a new makeup tutorial inspired by Kim Kardashian’s look in their family’s 2011 Christmas card. I loved this look when I saw it on Dulce Candy and I was really excited to do my own version of it (by ‘own version’ I mean based on the products that I’ll be using) I filmed this look today, December 28, 2011, and I love how I am able to post it on the same day! I am really loving my new filming area because the lighting is equally distributed. I hope you like the look! You can wear this on New year’s Eve! (Stay tuned for my New Year’s Eve look coming soon!) Continue reading for the blog tutorial, and scroll down for the embedded video at the end of this post.

Products used in order:

  1. Revlon ColorStay Foundation 200 Nude (not shown in the video)
  2. James Cooper Cream Foundation 02 (not shown in the video)
  3. Krave Minerale Primer/Finishing Veil (not shown in the video) (Only PHP 280.00 for a 15 gram jar!)
  4. Etude House Easy Brow Pencil Dark Brown (not shown in the video)
  5. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
  6. Yellow Gold E/S from Elf Makeup Clutch (available at Elf Counters, PHP 899.75)
  7. Cream E/S from Elf Makeup Clutch (available at Elf Counters, PHP 899.75)
  8. Soft Brown E/S from Elf Makeup Clutch (available at Elf Counters, PHP 899.75)
  9. Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner
  10. Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
  11. Faux Lashes (text 09156218309 for orders; few boxes left!)
  12. Lash Grip *lash glue* (Dark) (Beauty Bar, PHP 195.00)
  13. Mememe Shimmer Stack in Bronze (YEAR END SALE from Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione! Enjoy 25% OFF until January 01 2012! Get MEMEME Shimmer Stack for only P487.50 (retail price: P650) Order here.
  14. Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in STORM

Brushes used:


  1. Do your foundation, concealing, and brow routine
  2. Take a yellow gold eye shadow and apply it on the inner thirds of the eye lids
  3. Take a white/cream eye shadow and highlight the brow bone
  4. Take a soft brown eye shadow and apply it on the outer V and crease area
  5. Line your eyes and create a dramatic wing meeting the tip of the end of your brow
  6. Use a black pencil liner and line your lashline
  7. Get hold of a small brush and smudge out the black on the lashline
  8. Towards the end of the lower lashline, create another wing and fade the color out
  9. Line your lower waterline with white/cream eye pencil
  10. Using a brush, fill in the are between the two wings with the white eye liner color
  11. Curl lashes and apply generous amounts of mascara
  12. Apply false lashes
  13. Contour your face
  14. Top off with a deep red lipstick

Hair: Pull your hair back into a sleek high pony, use hair gel to keep baby hairs down

There you have it! Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Card Look.

More photos from the look:


Watch the video here!

My Red Lipstick Collection


It’s not a secret how much I love wearing red lip colors! Over the past year, I’ve collected 14 different shades of red lipsticks and I just thought it would be great to share them through my beauty channel in YouTube! Filming this was tedious since I had to see to it that my lips don’t chap/get dry in between application of all 14 shades! My trusty EOS Lip Balm did the job. I used Maybelline’s Lip & Eye Makeup Remover and lotsa cotton balls to remove the lip colors. I hope you enjoy watching the video (see: above) All the links are provided for your convenience!

HPIM0090Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Windsor Rose (Maybelline Counters, Watsons, SM Dept. Stores)

HPIM0083Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice

(Revlon Counters, Watsons, SM Dept. Stores)

HPIM0084Wet N Wild Lipstick 519A

(Wet N Wild counters, SM Dept. Stores)

HPIM0086Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Love That Red

(Ever Bilena Counters, SM Dept. Stores)

HPIM0088Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Storm

(Ever Bilena Counters, SM Dept. Stores)

HPIM0093NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red

from Ysh’s Boutique

HPIM0096Lancome Color Fever Shine in Hot Nights

A gift from my friend April from Canada.

HPIM0100L'Oreal Infallible in Crimson

from Chedelyn’s

HPIM0102Revlon Lipstick in Crimson

from Revlon for Less

HPIM0106CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Hot Passion

(CoverGirl Counters, PHP395.00, SM Dept. Stores)

HPIM0109Sleek Makeup True Color Lipstick (Matte) in Stiletto

HPIM0112MAC Satin Lipstick in RED

A gift from Ashley, a client from Dubai :)

HPIM0114Mememe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Aphrodite
Get it for only P367.50 (retail price: P490) Year End SALE!

HPIM0119Sleek Makeup Pout Paint in Pin Up