Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Present from Flawless (Forever Collection)


If you remember, I first attended a Flawless event last September and met awesome bloggers and of course people from the Flawless Team. I’ve been following these ladies on Twitter and it’s really nice to have established a friendship with them. We actually planned for a coffee day out together but for some reason I wasn’t able to make it. I learned from Achi Char that Isa of the Flawless Team handed out holiday gifts to everyone. It is definitely very touching to receive a Christmas gift from Flawless.

The package included a 4,000 worth of gift certificate for Flawless treatments!



I was greeted by the Flawless Forever Collection inside.


The Forever Collection contains:

1. Forever Flawless Sheer Powder


2. Forever Flawless Lightening Soap


3. Forever Flawless Lightening Lotion


4. Forever Scent for Her


5. Forever Flawless deCrease


Due to the busy holidays, I haven’t tried out these products yet but I will be making individual reviews on each of them soon.

Thank you, Flawless Philippines for a wonderful holiday present!

You can purchase the entire collection for 1,500.

Visit for more details.

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