Friday, September 30, 2011

FLAWLESS Blogger’s Night @ Borough, Podium

IMG_4883I was contacted by Isa Fabregas of the FLAWLESS Team about a few weeks ago to the bloggers event that was scheduled to push through by late September. Luckily, Pedring has left and Quiel hasn’t wreaked havoc yet (and hopefully won’t) and the event pushed through tonight. I got out of school at 6:45PM and reached home at exactly 7:00PM. Dress code was smart-casual, so I donned my Reborn skinny jeans, a gray tank top, a flowy cover-up, and Parisian’s 5-inch pumps (thanks to my sister Iza). I left home at 7:30 and luckily arrived at around 8:20. Traffic was horrible!DSC06780DSC06785DSC06772DSC06774DSC06782Janica and I met at Podium’s lobby before heading to the venue. Borough looked really cozy! The only thing that scared me was going up the stairs (and going down, as well) My legs shook for some reason. Upon arriving, I saw Shen of right away! It was great to meet her in person. Her voice is really cute! Matining, according to her, but it was adorable! Achi Char was there—it was another night of bonding with the LuLu Girls. The other bloggers looked really familiar, Regina of made me wonder where I saw her before! She’s an awesome blogger. I am subscribed to the other bloggers as well! Isa of was definitely very accommodating and friendly—she made everyone feel welcomed!DSC06741DSC06762DSC06777DSC06783DSC06745

DSC06758DSC06766DSC06770DSC06754Dinner was absolutely grand. I might have to link you to my personal blog for all that food photos and stuff, but basically, Borough serves really good food!

We were handed press kits, gift cheques, and products to try out from FLAWLESS. I am excited to try them out, including the services FLAWLESS offers. Luckily, they have a branch at SM City Manila.DSC06750DSC06751Stay tuned for my review/thoughts about the products and services of FLAWLESS! Oh, and watch out, because I might giveaway something, too! DSC06763



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  1. You are UGLY! no wonder you wear so much makeup. and without foundation, you have permanent damage from pimples. Yuck! and what the hell is wrong with your bottom lip? gross!

  2. Thanks Hollie!!! :)

    Anonymous, God bless you. :)

  3. janica is charming...

    anonymous is so scared to hide in a darl closet!

    we are all BYUTIPUL except ANONYMOUS :(