Friday, March 18, 2016

How I Evened Out My Weird Tan Line (SNOW SKIN WHITENING LOTION)

Hi guys!
If you watch my vlogs, you'd know how I developed a weird tan line from a beach trip about a month ago. I didn't think it would bother me that much, but it did--especially when I had to go out and wear, say for example, an off shoulder top/low neckline top.
I knew I needed to even out my skin tone, because it wasn't flattering at all.

I've always stayed away from whitening products, but when this happened, I found myself giving them a try. You guys know how companies send over stuff for reviewing, so then I gave this brand a try-- SNOW SKIN.
They sent over (2) products and the main one I tested out for my uneven skin tone is the Snow Skin Whitening Lotion. PHP799.00

  • First impression: it smells so good! 
  • Lotion feels light on the skin and not sticky at all
  • A little goes a long way - I use about 2 pumps each time on my chest area
  • Unlike other expensive skin whitening creams and lotions​, only​ Snow has 7 Active ingredients that are all Clinically Proven to Whiten Skin that's also effective in Anti Ageing
  1. IBRTCLC (Tomato Colorless Carotenoids
  2. IBR-Snowflake
  3. 7 Plant Extracts from the Swiss Alps
  4. Bearberry Extract
  5. Alpha Arbutin
  6. Beta Glucan
  7. Phenylethyl Resorcinol
And according to them, the:
Snow Whitening Cream and Lotion contains ​a ​High % of concentration of all these​ active​ ingredients. This is crucial because manufacturers only use a very small % of  Whitening Actives​.​ ​Usually ​they only ​use ​one​ main​ expensive active then they mixed it with cheaper actives like papaine or Kojic Acid. Most manufacturers only use 0.01% of Alpha Arbutin to gain higher profit margins. But because Snow Skin Whitening aims to provide quick and effective results, they use 2% which is the recommended % for faster whitening effect.
I tried using the lotion, and believe me not, in about only 8 days, my uneven tan LIGHTENED and now you can barely see it!

It's a bonggang product for me, and I can say that it worked on me!
It also comes in a CREAM form (Snow Skin Whitening Cream - Php 1,499.00) that you can use on your face for dark spots, old acne marks, uneven skin tone...etc. I haven't tried it on my face just yet, but will let you guys know how it works!

Don't forget to watch my video on this:

Enjoy watching! :)

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Making of Asia’s Next Top Model with Maybelline

Hi everyone!
Here's something SO EXCITING to share--the fourth season of the top billing fashion reality TV show America's Next Top Model greets new aspiring top models and its viewers anew with a global makeup partnership with MAYBELLINE NEW YORK!
Maybelline New York brings its on-trend expertise and New York City edge to create the most daring and boldest beauty looks for the top models this cycle!
“Maybelline has been showcasing its creativity and expertise on the runways, collaborating with fashion designers to develop next season’s makeup trends. We have been the official makeup sponsor of 13 fashion weeks worldwide, including the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in our hometown of New York City. This 2016, we bring this expertise to Asia through the partnership with Asia’s Next Top Model,” shared Maia Ang, Senior Product Manager of Maybelline New York Philippines. “We are, indeed, very proud to be the official partner of Asia’s Next Top Model not only to help each contender make it happen with Maybelline, but to inspire all viewers across Asia with runway-ready looks which they can easily recreate with our products.”
The fourth cycle of ANTM started airing MARCH 9 in Philippines. Fashion and beauty enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting season as the show's 5th episode, dubbed as "The Maybelline Episode" brings on-board Nigel Stansilaus--well acclaimed makeup director and Maybelline's resident makeup guru both in Australia and Singapore, to lead the Maybelline-inspired photoshoot challenge!
For the rest of the show, ANTM Cycle 4 pulls together a team of powerhouse guests to mentor--from fashion visionary Patricia Fields, 'Garry Pepper Girl' proponent Nicole Warne, 15 y/o Thai designer and model Madeaw, up to former show host and MNY PH ambassador, Georgina Wilson.

For more information about Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4, please visit www.asias-next-top-model.comFor how-to catwalk to sidewalk makeup looks, visit

I'll definitely be watching!!! Maybelline is one of my favorite brands everrr and I can't wait to see the makeup looks they come up during the show. :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

I Was Part of the Youtube Panel + UPDATES

Hi everyone! I've been in bed for the past 4 days nursing a really bad flu. I am feeling a lot better but that was one of the worst--the headaches and joint pain were unbelievable. Kalurks! But I am out of bed now and doing work little by little. Hence a new post for you guys! 

YOUTUBE DAY happened last March 1! And I am extremely honored to be part of the panel who spoke in front of the country's top ad agencies alongside Erwan Heussaff and Jako de Leon. It was really fun doing the panel! I am definitely excited with the thought of having more and more brands work with YouTubers like myself who are 100% dedicated and passionate with creating content online. 5 years ago, I would've never imagined being part of a YouTube panel--ever. My deepest thanks to Google PH for the opportunity! 

Watch the vlog here if you haven't seen it yet:

The event was held at Shooting Gallery Studios in Makati. Here I am inside the cozy dressing room! Bongga the lights, and of course, I had to take a selfie! Camera I am using is the CANON G7X from Lazada Philippines.

Thanking God for giving me a job I love so much. Never stop chasing your dreams!

With vlogger Wil Dasovich, Jako de Leon, Nikka Arcilla (host), Erwan Heussaff, and vlogger/photographer Bea Barretto.

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