Friday, March 18, 2016

How I Evened Out My Weird Tan Line (SNOW SKIN WHITENING LOTION)

Hi guys!
If you watch my vlogs, you'd know how I developed a weird tan line from a beach trip about a month ago. I didn't think it would bother me that much, but it did--especially when I had to go out and wear, say for example, an off shoulder top/low neckline top.
I knew I needed to even out my skin tone, because it wasn't flattering at all.

I've always stayed away from whitening products, but when this happened, I found myself giving them a try. You guys know how companies send over stuff for reviewing, so then I gave this brand a try-- SNOW SKIN.
They sent over (2) products and the main one I tested out for my uneven skin tone is the Snow Skin Whitening Lotion. PHP799.00

  • First impression: it smells so good! 
  • Lotion feels light on the skin and not sticky at all
  • A little goes a long way - I use about 2 pumps each time on my chest area
  • Unlike other expensive skin whitening creams and lotions​, only​ Snow has 7 Active ingredients that are all Clinically Proven to Whiten Skin that's also effective in Anti Ageing
  1. IBRTCLC (Tomato Colorless Carotenoids
  2. IBR-Snowflake
  3. 7 Plant Extracts from the Swiss Alps
  4. Bearberry Extract
  5. Alpha Arbutin
  6. Beta Glucan
  7. Phenylethyl Resorcinol
And according to them, the:
Snow Whitening Cream and Lotion contains ​a ​High % of concentration of all these​ active​ ingredients. This is crucial because manufacturers only use a very small % of  Whitening Actives​.​ ​Usually ​they only ​use ​one​ main​ expensive active then they mixed it with cheaper actives like papaine or Kojic Acid. Most manufacturers only use 0.01% of Alpha Arbutin to gain higher profit margins. But because Snow Skin Whitening aims to provide quick and effective results, they use 2% which is the recommended % for faster whitening effect.
I tried using the lotion, and believe me not, in about only 8 days, my uneven tan LIGHTENED and now you can barely see it!

It's a bonggang product for me, and I can say that it worked on me!
It also comes in a CREAM form (Snow Skin Whitening Cream - Php 1,499.00) that you can use on your face for dark spots, old acne marks, uneven skin tone...etc. I haven't tried it on my face just yet, but will let you guys know how it works!

Don't forget to watch my video on this:

Enjoy watching! :)


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  2. Hi! The Snow products look effective. Hope I could try the cream to remove ung mga naiwan na spots sa face ko. Thanks po for Sharing!