Sunday, September 30, 2012

WINNERS: Zen Zest Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look

Hi everyone!

I have spent the past few hours going over all the entries and now it’s finally time to announce the (2) two lucky winners of our Zen Zest Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look Contest/Giveaway!

Congratulations to the following people:

entry for say

Beverly Jane Reginaldo

“I love the Thistle makeup look of Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero because as a nurse, who loves and appreciate makeup, I think the look is really simple yet when captured in photographs will surely shows timeless beauty and radiance, making people still see the beauty from within. And I love the scent Thistle fromZen Zest because of its simple fresh and even smell like you just came out of the shower. It has a fragrance that wont over do your smell, which is a plus, because I am the type of person who wants to wear the perfume and not the other way around. This makeup look and scent does that job! ♥”


JoyIan Yee-Hernandez

“I LOVE the TANGERINE Look of Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero because it reminds me so much of Summer. Summer Fun, Summer Breeze and Summer Tan under the Sun! The colors look so bright and refreshing, the warm burst of coral and yellow hue can definitely cheer me up especially during rainy season. And I absolutely love the scent TANGERINE because the sweet citrus-y fragrance in it is like "HAPPINESS" in a bottle. It's amazing how a single spritz from this magical bottle takes you off to your very own perfect summer getaway.”

Congratulations, girls! :)

Please wait for the confirmation email to be sent tomorrow.

The winners will both receive a 12-Piece Hope Series Brush Set from Makeup by Toni!

Thank you so much everyone for joining and for giving Zen Zest scents a try! I hope you continue matching your makeup looks with your scents! And as always, if you did not win, do not fret! I have TONS of giveaways to announce. ;)

Deepest gratitude to Zen Zest Asia and Makeup by Toni

Friday, September 28, 2012

PART 4: Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look + Giveaway

Hi everyone!

We’re back with the LAST video for the series Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look! This makeup look is very special to me because I USED SUPER AFFORDABLE MAKEUP PRODUCTS!!! :)


Highlighted is the MULBERRY scent for women. This scent smells just as amazing as the other scents. It makes me think about soft purple eye shadow on the lids combined with subtle highlights!


Products used:
Ever Bilena "AMETHYST" Cream Eyeshadow
Ever Bilena Advance Glitter Eyeshadow Luscious Pink
Fashion 21 Eyeshadow Liner in Pearl
4U2 Liquid Liner
Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil "ONYX" PHP 138.00
Pinkie Swear Mascara
Aido Lipstick "B" PHP 50.00
ELF "SHY" Blush


Did you know that ZenZest also has scents for men? Two of my adorable friends helped me out in introducing these scents in the finale video! They are none other than Gabby and Aga! If you watched our pageant vlogs, you would already have seen them! :) Thanks Aga and Gabby!! Watch their short skit in the video embedded below!

My favorite among all the men’s scents has got to be BULLET! It is AWESOME.

DSC_0001d (14)

MECHANICS OF THE GIVEAWAY (Philippines Residents) Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look

Friday, September 21, 2012

PART 3: Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look + Giveaway

Hi everyone!

We are almost done! Here is Video #3 featuring the 5th and 6th look:


Are you aware of the giveaway? Read the mechanics:

Let us start of with the “SCARLET” Makeup Look:

The scent Scarlet reminds me of the movie “The Mistress” for some reason. I personally think this scent smells very seductive with a hint of sophistication (oh gosh, I suck at describing scents) It’s definitely great to use during the evening as it has a semi-strong alluring scent.

DSC_0001b (2)DSC_0001b (20)DSC_0001b (8)

The makeup look we have for the Scarlet Look is basically a combination of brown and gold on the lids and soft, coral-y pink lip color on the lips. Add lashes for that extra oomph!

Products used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion available at
MBT Eye Shading Brush
Naked Palette (Virgin, Naked, Buck, Half Baked)
Sigma Blending Brush Eye Shading Brush
MissChief Flat Liner Brush
Beauty Cosmetics Angled Brush (from the Basic Brush Set)
Stila Kajal Eyeliner
Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash PHP 625.00
MBT Angled Contour Brush
NYX Blush Natural
Revlon Matte Lipstick PINK ABOUT IT

Up next is the “Coral” Look!

I think this scent would fit any girl out there. It’s the perfect light scent for everyday! Almost the same as Thistle but with a more unique scent to it. This is one of my personal favorites.

DSC_0001c (1)DSC_0001c (15)DSC_0001c (29)

We went for an almost no-makeup-look for this scent. It’s SUPER EASY TO REPLICATE! All you need is a white and brown eye shadow! Plus, a nude lip color and pink blush on!

Products used:

Naked Palette (VIRGIN) *any shimmering white would do*
Naked Palette (BUCK) *any brown eyeshadow
Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash PHP 625.00
ELF "SHY" PHP199.00
NYX Lip Cream in LONDON

There you have it, everyone! Stay tuned for the FINALE video coming this Sunday!


Check out the first video here, and the second video here.

Create a Bouffant WITHOUT Teasing!

Hi everyone!


I am a fan of super volumized hair—especially when I put my hair up in a pony tail. Having naturally straight and “bagsak” hair has its disadvantages, too! My hair tends to look so flat on the top which I really don’t like! I always resort to teasing, teasing, teasing, to create that oomph volume I need!

Teasing has its ups and downs. I only like teasing because you can achieve the most unimaginable hairstyle with it! I don’t like it because it ruins my hair!!! At the end of the day, I really FORCE myself to use a lot of conditioner just to get all the tangles out. Oh, and it’s time consuming! What if I only had 5 minutes to do my hair?

When Liz Lanuzo sent me this product from Pink Box, I was like “YAAAAY!!!!” (no joke, not even a biased opinion) Given all the instances I stated earlier, I fell in love with this product the first time I saw it. Believe me I used it everyday in school the day after that.

These are called HAIR PUFFS. Cute name, huh? Makes me think of Cheez Curls for some reason.

A hair puff is basically a poufy thingamajig with velcro skin, making it easier to stick in your hair and not slip out (remember Bump It?)

I love the whole idea of the velcroed skin since we don’t really need to use THAT much bobby pins to secure it anymore! I only used one clip.

The Pink Box Hair Puff comes in 2 sizes, small and large. ONLY FOR PHP 99.00

I introduced this hair puff to my hairdresser during the college pageant I joined and she told me she was finding something like this forever!!! I’m so happy she now knows where to get them! Especially considering her craft (hairstyling)

I made a little tutorial for everyone! This is how you use a PINK BOX HAIR PUFF!



Monday, September 17, 2012

BROWS! Ben Nye Brow Pencil (Demo & Review)

Hi everyone!

I am here to review (and share a demo video, as usual) a product that I’ve been using regularly for the past few days!


This is the Ben Nye Brow Pencil (Taupe)

Eyebrow Pencil quickly enhance brow contours.

Moist, yet firm texture holds a precise point when sharpened.

7" Length, .05oz/1.4gm. Expect 50-200 applications

I was initially happy upon seeing how loooooong it is. Usually brow pencils are short diba? Well, the usual ones I use, that is. But this one from Ben Nye is 7” in length and can be expected to last up to 200 applications!


The pencil itself is nothing fancy. It’s a regular eye pencil, physically. All you need is a sharpener!

Brows will always be my weakest point. And I believe using the right brow tools enable me to create a decent looking pair when I need them. I tried using the Ben Nye Brow Pencil in the shade of Taupe to draw on and fill in my brows. I really liked how subtle the color is. Not too strong/dark, nor too soft/light. Taupe fits my hair color the best.


I used a flat liner brush to feather out the inner part of my brows to make them look more natural and not overly drawn. Using the Ben Nye Brow Pencil won’t even allow you to do that [over draw your brows].

I road-tested the brow pencil and wore it to school for over 5 hours. I got back home, looked in the mirror and saw the same, intact brows I saw before I left the house.

I am happy with this brow pencil. And I can totally see myself using this everyday (I already am, actually!!!)

Priced at PHP 420.00, you really get your money’s worth.

Available at The Style Quarter. Click here to order.

Watch my demo and review video here:

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ben Nye Cake Liner & LiquiSet (Demo & Review)


If you ask me “What is one makeup product you are absolutely obsessed with?” it would have to be EYELINERS!!!

I recently tested out this new product that I received from The Style Quarter and made a demonstration+review video about it. I thought most of you would find this as interesting as I did!

Let’s start off with the Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner (PHP 595.00)


I tried lining my left eye using this product alone and it wasn’t as pigmented as I thought it would be, however, it is very buildable; and is perfect to create that subtle cat eye wing.

Now, let me introduce the Ben Nye Liquiset (PHP 690 for a 59ml bottle)

Water-base LiquiSet easily mixes with MagiCake Aqua Paints, Liquid Paints, Lumiere Colours, Color Cake and Cake Eye Liner for a smudgeproof and water-resistant finish. Mix with Lumiere Luxe Powders to create a beautiful, luminescent air brush paint.

*Colors applied with LiquiSet will not blend.
*Expect 10-40 applications per ounce.


I was totally amazed by this product (you’ll catch my initial reaction in the video embedded below)! What I did was dip my liner brush into this product and picked up the pigments from the Ben Nye Cake Liner. The liner looked SO much more pigmented when I lined my right eye. It totally transformed the cake liner into somewhat of a liquid liner’s consistency! What’s so much greater is that it makes the liner absolutely smudge-free and water-resistant! I did the rub test in the video embedded below!


Overall, I rate both products 5/5. I am absolutely in love with the tandem. Imagine all the eyeliner styles I can do with these products!


Here’s how the liner looked like after 5 hours:

DSC_0001 B (17)

You can watch my demo and review video here:

Both products are available at The Style Quarter.

Click here to order the cake liner and here to order the LiquiSet.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pinkie Swear Foundation Demo & Review

Hi everyone!

Have you ever heard of Pinkie Swear?

DSC_0001 A (1)

My blockmate Kheem introduced this brand to me and told me that it is a sister-company of James Cooper. I’ve never seen it around my local mall but I was really interested in trying it out (particularly the cream foundation which Kheem uses) One fateful day, I went to the mall and finally found Pinkie Swear’s shelf! The saleslady was no help at all, unfortunately. She looked like she wasn’t thrilled that I was asking too much questions about the products (well, it’s expected of customers to ask!) I ended up buying (1) cream foundation. I’ll go back for the other products next time. Would you believe I only spent PHP 249.00 for the foundation?!?! CRAZY! Pinkie Swear is CRAZY inexpensive, I tell you (well, compared to James Cooper, that is)

I really like the packaging, not tacky in any way. I also find the brand name adorable! (18g)



This cream foundation comes in 3 shades CCF01-02-03. CCF-03 matched me the closest. The other two were a bit too dark for me already.


I love how this cream foundation is contained in a compact-like packaging! It is in no way flimsy!


The experiment begins…

What I applied on my face prior to foundation application: Lancome’s Hydrating Emulsion & Tony Moly Expert Smoothing Primer

I did not apply any concealer as I wanted to test out how good the coverage of this foundation is.

Here’s how my face looked like after applying the Pinkie Swear CCF-03 Cream Foundation and set together with the 4U2 Loose Powder (PHP 194.00):


I LOVE how it was able to conceal all the blemishes and redness going on in my face!!! Look at that! The shade matched my skin tone as well! This cream foundation is definitely similar to the James Cooper Cream Foundation, albeit they could improve the smell of this one! I can’t describe the scent that I smelled in the product while I was applying it on my face. Thank goodness it’s not a super bothering smell, so I guess I can live with it!

DSC_0001 A (5)

After 5 hours (after-class hours) I took a photo of my face. I did not retouch at all. It was a semi-hot day. I perspired. I dabbed my face using my handkerchief. I did not retouch at all. And this is how I looked like!

DSC_0001 B (8)

I have dry skin, and we can obviously see a slight oil build-up on my nose area. Nothing to be bothered about (in my opinion) Environmental factors (i.e. the weather) play a HUGE role in determining how much a foundation can work for you.

Overall, I would totally recommend this foundation. The #1 reason is because of its price. (The JC Cream Foundation costs me 399.00!!!) This is definitely a good alternative for that. #2, the coverage it gives is just amazing! No need for concealers!

Negative comments about the product: do something with the smell, perhaps. Albeit it’s not that disturbing, getting rid of it completely would be great.

I hope this review was helpful to you in any way! If by chance you try out this product, let me know how it works for you and how you like it!

  • SHADE CCF-03
  • PHP 249.00

Watch this review and demo video:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PART 2: Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look + Giveaway

Hi everyone!

Here’s Part 2 of 4 of “Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look + Giveaway”! The scents I featured in this video are Tangerine and Magenta.

zenzest video 2

First up is Tangerine.

zenzest 4

Tangerine smells very fruity/citrus-y! The first makeup look that popped in my head is something with coral lips!

Urban Decay Primer Potion available at
Sigma Eye Shading Brush
Naked Palette (Half Baked, Buck, Creep)
MBT Tapered Blending Brush Eye Shading Brush
MBT Eye Shading Brush Eye Shading Brush
Sigma E30 Brush
Lime Crime China Doll Palette (gold fish) Sigma Make Me Blush Pencil Brush
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara
MBT Angled Contour Brush
ELF Bronzing Powder PHP 249.75
Mrs. Bunny Powder Brush
Milani Illuminating Face Powder
Mememe Chara (Long Wear Lip Cream) PHP 585.00


Magenta, on the other hand, has got to be one of my favorites! It smells very simple. Something that would fit a very reserved, and soft-spoken lady. Of course, you won’t go wrong with pairing this scent with an almost no-makeup look/minimalistic look!

Sigma Eye Shading Brush
Naked Palette (Naked, Sin, Buck)
Beauty Cosmetics Angled Brush (from the Basic Brush Set)
Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash PHP625
Milani Illuminating Face Powder
Sigma Angled Contour Brush
Lancome Rouge in Love 132M Lipstick

We’re down to our last two videos!

Here’s the mechanics for the giveaway if you haven’t seen it yet:

WATCH Part 1: Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look + Giveaway

Sponsored by ZenZest:
Giveaway sponsored by MakeupbyToni:

Korean Makeup Haul!

DSC_00011 (7)Lipstick I'm Wearing Mememe "Chara" PHP 585.00

Hi everyone!

I met up with one of my future sponsors a few days ago and I just want to share the news that they will be bringing popular makeup brands from Korea to the Philippines very soon! These Korean makeup products are 100% authentic, straight from Korea! I did a haul video to give you a glimpse of what they’ll be having in store for everyone!

Their website is yet to launch towards the end of this month, rest assured, my readers will get first-hand information/update about it! Prices and instructions on how to purchase from the website will follow by then.

Let’s go through the haul!


VOV Wash Up AHA Cleansing Water Tissue


Imyss Waterful Rubicell Vibrating Puff


Imyss Beaming Vibration BB Cream


Clio Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black


VOV Glow Lip Tint (No. 2 Cherry Red)


Clio Art Shadow 415 Forte Blue Violet (Trio)


I am excited to try out these products and tell you guys about it! Individual reviews and tutorials will definitely follow!

Watch out for launching soon!

Watch my haul video here:


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cheers to Better Skin! What’s the Secret?

Hi everyone!

A few months back, I was contacted by a special YouTube agency that manages sponsorships and I was informed that 3 companies wanted to work with me. One of them is PMD. I was given the chance to try out their PMD device and share my experience with my readers and YouTube subscribers. I was able to use it for a couple of weeks, and now I am ready to give my thoughts about it. Let me take you to an in depth review on the Personal Microderm (PMD).


What is PMD?

The idea behind microdermabrasion is that if you break apart and remove the dead skin cells on the stratum corneum skin layer, the body will interpret this as a mild injury and rush to replace the lost cells with healthy new ones.

This process benefits the skin in numerous ways. When the stratum corneum is removed, the skin’s surface tone and texture are visibly improved. The new cells generated during the haling process look and feel smoother. Many of the skin’s visible imperfections—such as sun damagem blemishes, fine lines, and dark spots—improve as well.

Without the stratum corneum acting as a barrier, skin care products can be fully absorbed and the greater penetration helps maximize the product benefits. Skin care products are up to 20 times more effective when combined with microdermabrasion.”

Inside the box:

PMD device, 7 exfoliating discs (2 green, 4 blue, 1 white training disc), 1 electrical cord, 2 caps (1 large, 1 small), 1 reusable filter, instructional DVD, instructional pamphlet

Read on and find out how the PMD worked for me…

More in depth information about the PMD

August 7, 2012—the day I first used my PMD device.

  • Watched the DVD that came with the device *very important—since this device is related to skin treatment, I wouldn’t risk not watching the manual before using
  • Cleansed my face thoroughly using my Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser
  • Patted my face dry with a clean towel
  • Skin was completely dry before moving on to the procedure
  • Used the PMD with the training disc on my hands to get familiarized with how it works (suction)
  • Attached the BLUE disc (for sensitive skin) and started the procedure
  • All throughout my first treatment I kept this in mind: “NEVER GO THROUGH THE SAME SPOT MORE THAN TWO TIMES, NEVER HOVER OVER ONE AREA FOR A LONG TIME”—scabbing and skin injury may happen if not used correctly
  • Pulled my skin (so that the device would glide smoothly) and started using the device in an upward motion
  • Very first thing I noticed: forming of slight white scrapes (similar to the kind wherein you run your finger through your dry skin surface)—this means the disc is at work, scrubbing off the outermost layer (stratum corneum) of the skin
  • I worked on my face, avoiding the area around the eyes
  • I felt slight tingling all around my face albeit tolerable
  • After the treatment, I proceeded to moisturizing. (you can tone and then moisturize too) I used my Neutrogena Hydroboost WaterGel (PHP, Watsons) and then layered my Lancome Absolue L’Extrait (regenerating elixir PHP20,000, Lancome counters)
  • I felt instant rejuvenation. The products are 20% more absorbed by the skin now that the stratum corneum has been scrubbed off

August 14—after 7 days (1week)

Hello, guys! I am literally typing this down today August 15, 2:42AM (technically it’s still August 14 for me because I sleep late!) I am back to fill up more spaces for my review! So, it has been 1 week since my last PMD session (my first, rather) and I’ve noticed that my skin has been looking more radiant the past few days. I still have dark, acne scars left here and there, but generally, my skin has been looking really radiant. I have no photos to show you as proof, but I hope you trust my word on this. I still have a couple of weeks left to test this PMD device out (4 weeks left) and we’ll see if it can really get rid of my acne scars!

  • Second trial was pretty easy! I got the hang of using the device, and everything went smooooothly! Same thing to remember: never hover on one spot too long, and never pass more than 2 times in one area. Everything went great during my second trial! More white residue came off, compared to the first trial. By white residue, I mean the skin layer that is gently scraped off by the PMD device.
  • After using the PMD, I lathered my face with the Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion (now before you get all “Ohhh that’s the reason why she’s so white—she’s using whitening products!) Let me tell you, I’m naturally fair!!! Skintone wise. This Lancome emulsion gets rid of dark spots on the face. And I’m testing it out together with the PMD so I can finally review it as well. Thank you Lancome Philippines!  It feels totally hydrating on the skin! And yes, the PMD makes my skin absorb MORE of the product than compared to just applying it over newly washed face.
  • So, this is the end of my second check-up update, I’ll see you in another week!

More dates I used the PMD: August 21, August 28, September 6th

Today is September 11, 2012.


As I go on with one PMD session to another, my skin is appearing more and more radiant and healthier! I have to see to it that I get adequate amount of sleep, though! And load up on veggies and fruits to maximize results [from within, as well]

Overall, I LOVE my PMD. It is the best thing that has ever happened to my skin.

And remember, patience is a virtue! If you don’t see results after your first session, just keep going! I didn’t see results till my second session! You just have to keep going.

Here’s my video review:

Order your own Personal Microdermabrasion at

Get a discount by using coupon code "saytiocoartillero"

FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video, although all thoughts and opinions are my own, honest and unbiased