Monday, September 10, 2012

Surprise Giveaway: Matching Your Scent with Your Makeup Look

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Edited September 28, 2012

Hello everyone! ONE LAST DAY TO GO! I made revisions in the mechanics particularly the deadline (which will be tomorrow, Saturday). Please read the highlighted parts (bold and in red) Have a great weekend!

Love, Say

Hello everyone!

It is time for another Surprise Giveaway!

In the next days, I will be uploading 4 videos featuring 8 different looks (2 looks in each video) and 8 different scents from the newest eau de toilette line of Zen Zest!

Tagalog translation: Sa susunod na mga araw, ako ay mag-uupload ng apat na video tampok ang walong iba’t ibang makeup look (dalawang makeup look sa iisang video) at walong iba’t ibang pabango galing sa Zen Zest.


Here are the mechanics:

  1. You are to choose (1) makeup look + perfume tandem that suits your personality best | Pumili ka ng isang pares ng makeup look+ pabango na swak na swak sa iyong personalidad (CHOOSE FROM THE 8 LOOKS IN THE 4 VIDEOS THAT I’LL BE UPLOADING | Pumili sa walong looks sa apat na video na aking i-uupload)
  2. First video will be up in my channel in the next hours, please wait for further announcements!
  3. You will need to purchase (1) bottle of the perfume PHP200.00 from any Zen Zest outlet and take a photo of yourself wearing the makeup look & posing with your chosen bottle of cologne. | Bumili ka ng isang bote ng paborito mong pabango mula sa mga pabangong ipinakita at kunan mo ng litrato and sarili mo suot ang makeup look at hawak ang bote ng pabangong napili mo

    Sample photo entry:

    DSC_00012 (8)

  4. The makeup look and the colognes will come in pairs so you have to recreate the look corresponding to the scent you chose | Pares ang makeup look at ang pabangong ipapakita ko sa videos kaya dapat yung makeup look na gagayahin niyo ay kapares ng pabangong napili nyo
  5. If you are a male, you may choose to select any cologne from the men’s line (Bullet, Celadon or Periwinkle) and create YOUR OWN look | Kung ikaw ay lalaki, maaaring pumili sa Bullet, Celadon, o Periwinkle at gumawa ng sariling makeup look
  6. EMAIL YOUR PHOTO to stating your NAME, CONTACT NUMBER and why you love the makeup look and the scent from Zen Zest *important/importante*
  7. You will be posting your photo on the wall of and adding this as a caption: “I LOVE THE (insert name of cologne chosen) Look of @makeupbysaytiocoartillero *tag my page* because (insert your reason) And I love the scent (insert name of scent chosen) because (insert your reason).”  Example: “I love the Thistle Look of MakeupbySayTiocoArtillero because it’s very fresh and fun! And I love the scent Thistle because it smells absolutely amaaaazing!” | I-post and litrato sa page ng ZenZest at ilagay ito sa caption: “I LOVE THE (insert name of cologne chosen) Look of @makeupbysaytiocoartillero *tag my page* because (insert your reason) And I love the scent (insert name of scent chosen) because (insert your reason).” If you are a guy, follow the same procedure!!! It’s understood already. “I like ____ from ZenZest because it smells ______ @makeupbysaytiocoartillero” Don’t forget to tag my page!
  8. Giveaway open locally, I would love to open it internationally, but you have to be able to get hold of the colognes from Zen Zest :(
  9. Lastly, ALL MECHANICS MUST BE FOLLOWED, failure to do so will automatically disqualify your entry
  10. DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES SEPTEMBER 29, 2012  SATURDAY 11:59PM (times upon submission of email entry will be checked)
  12. THERE WILL BE TWO WINNERS! :) Each will get a 12 piece Hope Series Brush Set by Makeup by Toni!

What’s at stake:

(2) full sets of the high quality brushes from Makeup by Toni! (SIGMA DUPES!) Read my review about these brushes here!



Good luck everyone!! :)


  1. hi ms.say.. after po ba maiupload lhat ng videos.. ska lang pwde mag pass ng entry?.. tama po?.. or pag nag upload na ng kahit 1 video.. pwde na mag pass ng entry?.. thanks ms. say..

    1. Ikaw bahala, kapag nagustuhan mo na ung unang iuupload ko, you can pass your entry na. Pwede mo rin hintayin yung iba. :)

    2. ok nasagot na tanong ko ms. say..hehehe..

    3. so hinda na paunahan toh ms. say db...hope mpost mo rin ung how will you choose the winner..

  2. saka,ok lng ba ms.say na hindi same brand ng make up mo ang gmitin?. khit ka shade lang?..

    1. Kahit anong makeup pwede :) Basta similar sa look na gagawin ko

  3. Nhilo ko sa challenging ms.say..

  4. when is d deadline of entries? need to buy na fr zenzest! :)

  5. hmm..question lng...kelangan bang tpusin namin this week na maupload ang lht ng videos before submitting our entry? tama ba ms. say?

  6. aawww!!gusto ko sumali!=) share ko to sa mga friends ko!=)

  7. Ms, say, hindi naman ba siya paramihan ng likes? just wondering

  8. One person, one entry lang ba Miss Say?

  9. ate say pwede po bang kahit yung pambabaeng cologne yung bilihin ko?
    kasi dpo ako mahilig sa mga matatapang na pang lalakeng pabango.

    kahit pam babaeng makeup gagawin ko ok lang sakin ^_^

  10. Hello po.. Pede po ba sumali sa kahit na anong video kung sakali? Or isa lang dapat?

  11. wow! ang saya naman ng premyo, Ms.Say, sana 2winners nalang, para mas masaya! 1set each :D

  12. wow!ang shala naman ng premyo! sana 2winners na lang. :>

  13. Glad you changed the due date! :) I've been so busy with school this week. Thanks Say! <3

  14. Hello! :) Will there be two winners or 2 sets ang makukuha ng isang winner? I'm so gonna join this one. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS, Say! <3

  15. Ms. Say pinapatanong lang ng friend ko.. HE wants to join kasi.. for male, what they need to post? I mean for girls kasi diba it should be like this.. "I LOVE THE (insert name of cologne chosen) Look of @makeupbysaytiocoartillero *tag my page* because (insert your reason)" .. How about for boys?.. Thank you..

  16. Ms. Say.. I have a question.. My friend wants to join .. HE's asking what he needs to post.. like for girls, it should be like this.. "I LOVE THE (insert name of cologne chosen) Look of @makeupbysaytiocoartillero *tag my page* because (insert your reason)" .. how about for boys?? thank you.

  17. say! will you reply to our email once you have received our entry? :)