Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cheers to Better Skin! What’s the Secret?

Hi everyone!

A few months back, I was contacted by a special YouTube agency that manages sponsorships and I was informed that 3 companies wanted to work with me. One of them is PMD. I was given the chance to try out their PMD device and share my experience with my readers and YouTube subscribers. I was able to use it for a couple of weeks, and now I am ready to give my thoughts about it. Let me take you to an in depth review on the Personal Microderm (PMD).


What is PMD?

The idea behind microdermabrasion is that if you break apart and remove the dead skin cells on the stratum corneum skin layer, the body will interpret this as a mild injury and rush to replace the lost cells with healthy new ones.

This process benefits the skin in numerous ways. When the stratum corneum is removed, the skin’s surface tone and texture are visibly improved. The new cells generated during the haling process look and feel smoother. Many of the skin’s visible imperfections—such as sun damagem blemishes, fine lines, and dark spots—improve as well.

Without the stratum corneum acting as a barrier, skin care products can be fully absorbed and the greater penetration helps maximize the product benefits. Skin care products are up to 20 times more effective when combined with microdermabrasion.”

Inside the box:

PMD device, 7 exfoliating discs (2 green, 4 blue, 1 white training disc), 1 electrical cord, 2 caps (1 large, 1 small), 1 reusable filter, instructional DVD, instructional pamphlet

Read on and find out how the PMD worked for me…

More in depth information about the PMD http://www.personalmicroderm.com

August 7, 2012—the day I first used my PMD device.

  • Watched the DVD that came with the device *very important—since this device is related to skin treatment, I wouldn’t risk not watching the manual before using
  • Cleansed my face thoroughly using my Neutrogena Deep Clean Revitalizing Pink Grapefruit Ultra Foam Cleanser
  • Patted my face dry with a clean towel
  • Skin was completely dry before moving on to the procedure
  • Used the PMD with the training disc on my hands to get familiarized with how it works (suction)
  • Attached the BLUE disc (for sensitive skin) and started the procedure
  • All throughout my first treatment I kept this in mind: “NEVER GO THROUGH THE SAME SPOT MORE THAN TWO TIMES, NEVER HOVER OVER ONE AREA FOR A LONG TIME”—scabbing and skin injury may happen if not used correctly
  • Pulled my skin (so that the device would glide smoothly) and started using the device in an upward motion
  • Very first thing I noticed: forming of slight white scrapes (similar to the kind wherein you run your finger through your dry skin surface)—this means the disc is at work, scrubbing off the outermost layer (stratum corneum) of the skin
  • I worked on my face, avoiding the area around the eyes
  • I felt slight tingling all around my face albeit tolerable
  • After the treatment, I proceeded to moisturizing. (you can tone and then moisturize too) I used my Neutrogena Hydroboost WaterGel (PHP, Watsons) and then layered my Lancome Absolue L’Extrait (regenerating elixir PHP20,000, Lancome counters)
  • I felt instant rejuvenation. The products are 20% more absorbed by the skin now that the stratum corneum has been scrubbed off

August 14—after 7 days (1week)

Hello, guys! I am literally typing this down today August 15, 2:42AM (technically it’s still August 14 for me because I sleep late!) I am back to fill up more spaces for my review! So, it has been 1 week since my last PMD session (my first, rather) and I’ve noticed that my skin has been looking more radiant the past few days. I still have dark, acne scars left here and there, but generally, my skin has been looking really radiant. I have no photos to show you as proof, but I hope you trust my word on this. I still have a couple of weeks left to test this PMD device out (4 weeks left) and we’ll see if it can really get rid of my acne scars!

  • Second trial was pretty easy! I got the hang of using the device, and everything went smooooothly! Same thing to remember: never hover on one spot too long, and never pass more than 2 times in one area. Everything went great during my second trial! More white residue came off, compared to the first trial. By white residue, I mean the skin layer that is gently scraped off by the PMD device.
  • After using the PMD, I lathered my face with the Lancome Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Hydrating Emulsion (now before you get all “Ohhh that’s the reason why she’s so white—she’s using whitening products!) Let me tell you, I’m naturally fair!!! Skintone wise. This Lancome emulsion gets rid of dark spots on the face. And I’m testing it out together with the PMD so I can finally review it as well. Thank you Lancome Philippines!  It feels totally hydrating on the skin! And yes, the PMD makes my skin absorb MORE of the product than compared to just applying it over newly washed face.
  • So, this is the end of my second check-up update, I’ll see you in another week!

More dates I used the PMD: August 21, August 28, September 6th

Today is September 11, 2012.


As I go on with one PMD session to another, my skin is appearing more and more radiant and healthier! I have to see to it that I get adequate amount of sleep, though! And load up on veggies and fruits to maximize results [from within, as well]

Overall, I LOVE my PMD. It is the best thing that has ever happened to my skin.

And remember, patience is a virtue! If you don’t see results after your first session, just keep going! I didn’t see results till my second session! You just have to keep going.

Here’s my video review:

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FTC Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video, although all thoughts and opinions are my own, honest and unbiased


  1. Love the last photo! You look so beautiful! :)
    And I def have to try this out! Have u tried Clarisonic? Is it the same more or less?

    Thanks Say!

    The Misty Mom

  2. Oh please, Is there any PMD supplier in Cebu, Philippines? I want to buy personally not online. I want to see also the demo and somebody answered my queries. Thank you..

  3. I got on the band wagon of home permanent hair removal a few years go but now I am looking at these devices for at home. Thanks for this, I am going to purchase right now and can't wait to receive it to start using (playing) with it :)
    Ruby Coleman