Monday, September 17, 2012

BROWS! Ben Nye Brow Pencil (Demo & Review)

Hi everyone!

I am here to review (and share a demo video, as usual) a product that I’ve been using regularly for the past few days!


This is the Ben Nye Brow Pencil (Taupe)

Eyebrow Pencil quickly enhance brow contours.

Moist, yet firm texture holds a precise point when sharpened.

7" Length, .05oz/1.4gm. Expect 50-200 applications

I was initially happy upon seeing how loooooong it is. Usually brow pencils are short diba? Well, the usual ones I use, that is. But this one from Ben Nye is 7” in length and can be expected to last up to 200 applications!


The pencil itself is nothing fancy. It’s a regular eye pencil, physically. All you need is a sharpener!

Brows will always be my weakest point. And I believe using the right brow tools enable me to create a decent looking pair when I need them. I tried using the Ben Nye Brow Pencil in the shade of Taupe to draw on and fill in my brows. I really liked how subtle the color is. Not too strong/dark, nor too soft/light. Taupe fits my hair color the best.


I used a flat liner brush to feather out the inner part of my brows to make them look more natural and not overly drawn. Using the Ben Nye Brow Pencil won’t even allow you to do that [over draw your brows].

I road-tested the brow pencil and wore it to school for over 5 hours. I got back home, looked in the mirror and saw the same, intact brows I saw before I left the house.

I am happy with this brow pencil. And I can totally see myself using this everyday (I already am, actually!!!)

Priced at PHP 420.00, you really get your money’s worth.

Available at The Style Quarter. Click here to order.

Watch my demo and review video here:

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