Monday, November 6, 2017


Finally, I get to share with you guys what product transformed my skin in 28 days!!! A few months ago, I started a really crazy experiment—applying a product I didn’t know anything about ON ONE SIDE OF MY FACE. Yes, you read that right. Only one side!

Not everyone is gifted with perfect skin, and I am definitely one of those. I suffer from big pores, rough patches, occasional acne, and of course, dark spots. “It wouldn’t hurt to try this.”—I thought to myself.

So then I journeyed on to the entire 28 days and though it felt really weird to be only pampering ONE side of my face, the experiment TOTALLY showed how much my skin transformed.

#1 thing I noticed is how supple my skin (treated side) became. I’m not kidding when I say SUPPLE, I mean I wake up with plump skin. Everyone’s skin dream, right? I was most impressed by this!

#2 My dark spots were visibly lightened. Dark spots are always so stubborn because you don’t really
know when they’ll go away. You resort to spot treating, but to no avail. The treated side of my face
definitely showed much improvement in this area.

#3 SKIN TEXTURE. Remember the rough patches I told you earlier? The treated side of my face totally felt SMOOTH all over just after 28 days of continuous use of the product. Yay to no rough patches!!! (You know how annoying those are especially when you apply makeup!)
Finally after the experiment, it was revealed to us what brand we used for 28 days. Olay.

Surprising, yes, because I thought I was using a luxury brand given the packaging, the texture, and even the results that this product gave! I am just excited to share this with you guys!
Check out the video I did with Olay! 

Experience how it is to #MakeYourOwnLuck and discover the secret to younger-looking skin with the newly reformulated Olay White Radiance Light Perfecting Essence, Olay Total Effects Day Moisturizer SPF 15, and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream available at Php1,299 SRP, Php789 SRP, and Php1,899 SRP respectively.

Friday, August 25, 2017

UNBOXING | Underarm Products!

Let's talk about underarms! If you watched this video on my channel, you'd already know what this is all about. If there is one brand I trust when it comes to underarm products, it has to be DOVE. I think that their products are really, really gentle on the skin. (We'll talk more about the products later!)

There are numerous ways of getting rid of underarm hair, and we don't always notice how these methods affect our skin. Personally I went through the following hair removal encounters:

1. Shaving - what I do when I am rushing. I totally don't recommend this since hair feels coarser when it grows back, and you actually also scrape off skin from your underarms - ouch! This can lead to irritation!
2. Plucking - old school way. Gets the root of the hair! Almost perfect, but totally time consuming and may cause chicken skin - BUMPS on the skin. 
3. WAXING - one of my favorite methods until I discovered MORE PERMANENT hair removal methods like:
4. IPL/DIODE - these are taken per session and hair almost never grows back (multiple sessions needed)

All of these have a common denominator--you still need to CARE for your underarm skin! DOVE sent over these products for me to enjoy: (take note - all of these DON'T CONTAIN ALCOHOL!!!)

For care and protection, Dove Original deodorant is front and center. It contains Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream to deliver gentle care, and to repair your underarm skin. Enriched with Vitamins E and F, it is specially formulated to take care of skin that’s constantly exposed to shaving, and waxing, giving you lighter, smoother underarms. *This is my personal fave! 

Stubborn dark spots? Dove Ultimate White is the ultimate solution. Made with face care serum ingredients like Omega 6 and hydrating glycerol, Dove Ultimate White lightens underarm skin from within, for ultimately beautiful underarms.

Armpit skin sensitivity is a common issue among women. To combat skin irritation, Dove introduces its new variant, Dove Sensitive. Created especially for sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic and fragrance-free product is also made with Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream, and has no alcohol or colorants. It’s paraben-free, fragrance-free, and is made to nourish and calm the skin. *MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!!! As gentle as it gets! 

Give these products a try, guys! Let me know how you like them. :)

WHAT KIND OF TRAVELER ARE YOU? (Find out my result!)

“Travel as often as you can.”
This is one thing I always, always tell myself. Countless times I’ve shared on my vlogs how enriching traveling is. You get to learn SO much about a whole new city; people you’ve never met before; and most of all yourself.

The #1 question my viewers ask me during my travels is, “Aren’t you afraid traveling by yourself?” Of course, I’m afraid! But that feeling is overshadowed by the adventurer in me. The feeling of excitement totally swallows all my fear. You learn so much when you’re alone. You grow so much when you figure things out yourself.

I see to it that even if I go on work trips with groups, I find my own alone and quiet time to explore. It is always a must for me to do this.
This is not a surprise at all because I took this travel-related quiz and I got “ADVENTURER” as a result!! Totally me! Nakakaloka how accurate this is! 

I remember the time I visited Singapore a few months back! Ahh, all the memories! You can watch my vlogs from SG here. I fell in love with the Gardens by the Bay—everything just looked magical!

And who would forget about Marina Bay Sands? It’s one of the grandest hotels in Singapore! You shouldn’t miss it! We also visited the Merlion and of course, took the usual tourist-y shots, haha! I am also totally going back for all the food at Chinatown!!!

Before I go to trips, I make sure I search for MUST-SEES and MUST DO’s on the internet! I also enjoy “whatever happens” time—this is when I intentionally GET LOST in a city and allow myself to discover little nooks and crannies! These are the best times! The giddy feeling I always get when traveling and the scenes, the views, the people I talk to—all of these will forever stay with me. It doesn’t matter if I wasn’t able to capture a photo or vlog about it—because it sticks to your memory. That is incredibly priceless!

What kind of traveler are you? Take the quiz here and find out!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How Healthy Is Your Hair? | Pantene Hair Care 101

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I blogged - and this being my first post for the year, I am humbled to share that I am officially one of Pantene's Ambassadors for the Philippines for 2017! It is such an honor working for such a prestigious brand like Pantene.

Our topic for today is...HOW HEALTHY IS YOUR HAIR?

I was invited to the Pantene Hair Care 101 session where we met P&G's Senior Scientist, Saint Anthony Tiu, and learned SO MANY THINGS about hair and the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle.

Through a lot of experiments (which we got to do ourselves) we learned how to determine whether the hair is strong or needing of a lot of care.

First is using the hair analyzer - in this vlog (click to watch), you'll see how surprised I was when Saint told me my hair is healthy after using the hair analyzer, considering I just colored my hair 2 days prior to the event! Now, you want to see the ridges, and not smooth surfaces to determine if your hair is healthy or not! Watch the video to see it in action!

Second, the "Who's Thirsty?" experiment. We dropped few droplets of water on healthy hair samples, and another one on a sample of treated hair (colored, bleached...etc) The droplets of water on the healthy, untreated hair were slowly absorbed; whilst the ones on the treated hair were absorbed QUICKLY since the treated hair is "thirstier" that the untreated hair. You can see this part in the vlog, so make sure to watch!

Next we put the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle conditioner to the test VS. Brand X. We did the exciting experiment part where we see if, even if exposed to "time bombs", which conditioner would protect the hair. In the vlog you'll see that with just the hard water + time bombs, water turns purple (not a good sign), in the second test tube we added Brand X, and still, the water turned purple; but with the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle added, even with the time bombs, the water didn't turn purple.

3 SHADES OF RED Experiment | We also did an experiment to see if a colored hair sample coated with the Pantene Color and Perm Shampoo + 3 Minute Miracle would bleed out too much. You'll be surprised with the results (in the video!)

SINK OR FLOAT? | Lastly, we took 3 different samples of hair and checked which would SINK faster. Apparently, the hair that is THIRSTIER will sink faster than the ones which are healthier.

I totally enjoyed all the experiments we did for today and couldn't be more excited to share the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle to more and more people!

Purchase Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Total Damage Care in 180ml for PHP159 and PHP259 for 340ml at

All of us can experience #HairWithoutLimits with Pantene! And as always, #StrongIsBeautiful! Stay tuned for more updates!