Friday, August 25, 2017

WHAT KIND OF TRAVELER ARE YOU? (Find out my result!)

“Travel as often as you can.”
This is one thing I always, always tell myself. Countless times I’ve shared on my vlogs how enriching traveling is. You get to learn SO much about a whole new city; people you’ve never met before; and most of all yourself.

The #1 question my viewers ask me during my travels is, “Aren’t you afraid traveling by yourself?” Of course, I’m afraid! But that feeling is overshadowed by the adventurer in me. The feeling of excitement totally swallows all my fear. You learn so much when you’re alone. You grow so much when you figure things out yourself.

I see to it that even if I go on work trips with groups, I find my own alone and quiet time to explore. It is always a must for me to do this.
This is not a surprise at all because I took this travel-related quiz and I got “ADVENTURER” as a result!! Totally me! Nakakaloka how accurate this is! 

I remember the time I visited Singapore a few months back! Ahh, all the memories! You can watch my vlogs from SG here. I fell in love with the Gardens by the Bay—everything just looked magical!

And who would forget about Marina Bay Sands? It’s one of the grandest hotels in Singapore! You shouldn’t miss it! We also visited the Merlion and of course, took the usual tourist-y shots, haha! I am also totally going back for all the food at Chinatown!!!

Before I go to trips, I make sure I search for MUST-SEES and MUST DO’s on the internet! I also enjoy “whatever happens” time—this is when I intentionally GET LOST in a city and allow myself to discover little nooks and crannies! These are the best times! The giddy feeling I always get when traveling and the scenes, the views, the people I talk to—all of these will forever stay with me. It doesn’t matter if I wasn’t able to capture a photo or vlog about it—because it sticks to your memory. That is incredibly priceless!

What kind of traveler are you? Take the quiz here and find out!!!


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