Friday, August 25, 2017

UNBOXING | Underarm Products!

Let's talk about underarms! If you watched this video on my channel, you'd already know what this is all about. If there is one brand I trust when it comes to underarm products, it has to be DOVE. I think that their products are really, really gentle on the skin. (We'll talk more about the products later!)

There are numerous ways of getting rid of underarm hair, and we don't always notice how these methods affect our skin. Personally I went through the following hair removal encounters:

1. Shaving - what I do when I am rushing. I totally don't recommend this since hair feels coarser when it grows back, and you actually also scrape off skin from your underarms - ouch! This can lead to irritation!
2. Plucking - old school way. Gets the root of the hair! Almost perfect, but totally time consuming and may cause chicken skin - BUMPS on the skin. 
3. WAXING - one of my favorite methods until I discovered MORE PERMANENT hair removal methods like:
4. IPL/DIODE - these are taken per session and hair almost never grows back (multiple sessions needed)

All of these have a common denominator--you still need to CARE for your underarm skin! DOVE sent over these products for me to enjoy: (take note - all of these DON'T CONTAIN ALCOHOL!!!)

For care and protection, Dove Original deodorant is front and center. It contains Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream to deliver gentle care, and to repair your underarm skin. Enriched with Vitamins E and F, it is specially formulated to take care of skin that’s constantly exposed to shaving, and waxing, giving you lighter, smoother underarms. *This is my personal fave! 

Stubborn dark spots? Dove Ultimate White is the ultimate solution. Made with face care serum ingredients like Omega 6 and hydrating glycerol, Dove Ultimate White lightens underarm skin from within, for ultimately beautiful underarms.

Armpit skin sensitivity is a common issue among women. To combat skin irritation, Dove introduces its new variant, Dove Sensitive. Created especially for sensitive skin, this hypoallergenic and fragrance-free product is also made with Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream, and has no alcohol or colorants. It’s paraben-free, fragrance-free, and is made to nourish and calm the skin. *MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!!! As gentle as it gets! 

Give these products a try, guys! Let me know how you like them. :)