Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I love experimenting with hair colors. I get them professionally done by my favorite salon Pink Cuts Salon (located at St. Francis Square, Ground Floor) Over the last 2 years, I’ve tried 4 different hair colors from them, the fourth one being the latest (Honey Chestnut color) I actually just got this color today! The blog post about that will follow right after this.

So, one hair color after another, intense heat styling from photoshoots, Youtube tutorials, videos etcetera… The main question I get is:


I’m going to share ONE of my many tress secrets!

231052_563230543702947_6210662_n (1)

HAIR POTION. (Oooohhh… sounds like something a witch would use! I love the creativity of the name of this product!)

This is the Hair Potion Precious Oil Elixir Serum from Absynthe Bath and Beauty. PHP749.00 50ml (Click HERE for more photos)


“Something good is happening again with Absynthe. As we transform your dull, damaged hair to its crown and glory.”

Premium Hair and Scalp Nourishment


  1. absolutely no silicone
  2. Argan Oil, the “liquid gold” from Morocco—cold processed, beautanical miracle oil that remarkably restores shine to hair, effectively repairs damaged hair and helps reduce hair fall
  3. Maracuja Oil—highly recommended for scalp and hair to encourage hair growth and hair vitality. A powerful hair elixir for dry, damaged, brittle hair
  4. Meadowfoam Oil—has been tested to show penetrationand structural repair of hair, has powerful anti-oxidant known as MBTU, which is covered by US Patents
  5. Avocado Oil—a natural source of Amino Acid proteins, potassium, Vitamins A, D, E. Restores hair’s natural moisture
  6. aromatic pure essential oil for hair repair

Argan oil is one of the best and most popular oils in the market right now. Knowing that this ingredient is in this product alone gives me the guarantee that it will do wonders for my hair.

Contained in a pump bottle, dispensing the product on the palm of your hand will be easy. I love the simple packaging with the gold ribbon attached *with the ingredients and how to use note. Sleek black label on the front part, and most importantly, a seal!

I use this oil for deep treatment/conditioning. I apply it all over my hair & scalp at night and sleep on it overnight. I make sure I apply the oil from the roots to the ends! Upon waking up in the morning, I go wash my hair in the shower with my usual shampoo (skipping conditioner) and my hair feels as good as new!!! That’s all I do!

I also use this as heat protectant oil before heat-styling! It gives my hair a coat of protection before the tools damage my hair.


“IS IT OILY?” Well, of course it is. It’s a hair serum! Use it sparingly and in moderation to avoid extreme oiliness! :) It doesn’t feel too heavy on the head so no need to worry about that!

This serum smells ABSOLUTELY AMAZING as well. One of my favorite features!

Here are more ways to use this serum:

1. hot oil intensive treatment
2. tame frizzy hair
3. hair protection before blow dry
4. treats stubborn dandruff (apply directly to scalp, leave on for 1 to 2 hours)
5. nourish dry itchy scalp

There you go. One of my many secrets for my hair! I’ll be revealing more soon!

Watch out for a giveaway of this hair serum this week! I’m giving you a head's up! :)

Absynthe Bath and Beauty has a Facebook Page with over 19,000 likes. Here’s a little information about Absynthe:

Absynthe "Honest to Goodness" Beauty Skincare products are formulated with natural and organic certified ingredients with 100% natural essential oils and active plant extracts.

Our Emu oil is SAFE TO USE on your baby's skin.

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives..”

“Let the beauty we love become the good we do.” -Abs Yap owner of Absynthe Bath and Beauty Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

Given all that information, you now know that Absynthe’s products contains NOTHING BUT THE BEST ingredients.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Giveaway Winners + Heatwave Bazaar Tix UP FOR GRABS!

Announcing the winners of the recent giveaways:



Heatwave Summer Bazaar Tickets (winners of 2 tickets each)





Attention to all the winners: Please email me ASAP at


Fill out this form!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Look Beauty Prime Perfect Primer Review (best one yet!)


Face primer has got to be one of the most important products anybody should have in their makeup stash! Why?  Well, it makes makeup application easier by creating a smooth surface, and it makes your makeup last much longer compared to when applied without any primer beforehand.

I want to share my thoughts on the Look Beauty Primer Perfect Primer from Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione.

Meet your makeup’s BFF. A thin skin-perfection layer before you start will see your look last much longer!

Can be worn alone or under foundation.

Designed, tested and worn by the beauty brains at Look Magazine

I think they meant “a thin skin-perfection layer before you start [applying makeup] will make your look last much longer”. I also couldn’t understand why they’d put “can be worn alone”—can primers be worn alone? Time to Google!

Nevertheless, we get the point. This product is a primer. You use it before makeup application to ensure longevity! Just what every girl needs whether it be for a full day’s work, or even a long night out partying!



  • The packaging is neat and simple. It comes in a squeezable tube (my favorite kind) Sleek black labelling.
  • 35ml of product will last you for months (it all depends on how much and how frequent you use it)
  • No weird/pungent scent
  • More affordable at PHP 750.00 compared to other primers [that I’ve personally tried, which are at the 900++ range]
  • available for ordering online
  • makes makeup last all throughout the day *given the humid Philippine weather, too!


  • Price (may be a bit pricey for other people)
  • not available in malls/department stores

This primer has a clear, lotion-like consistency. When applied on the face, you’ll instantly feel the smoothing effect giving you a very silky finish. Applying foundation is easier, as the product is able to glide on smoothly onto the primer, adhering to it as well. I tested applying my foundation w/o the primer and the surface felt more rough and I needed more effort to blend everything in; but with the primer, applying and blending is a breeze.


Out of all the primers that I’ve used, I think that this is the best one yet. Given the price of PHP 750.00 I totally see myself buying this over and over again.

Have you tried this primer? What do you think about it?

Click here to be directed to the ORDER FORM to purchase this product!

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots | Mir & Ryvi Banana Soap Review


Hi everyone!

Brown spots/acne scars have been one of my top skin problems since forever. I am in a continuous search for products that can help reduce or even totally eliminate them. When Mir and Ryvi introduced their skincare line to me, I was really intrigued so I gave them a “yes”.

A little background about Mir and Ryvi just for your information:

mir_and_ryvi_1 copymir_and_ryvi_5, v2

What struck me most about this company is how they help out of school youth and unemployed mommies! Talk about CSR!

The highlight of this post would be the first product I’ve tried from their line and this is the Spot Lightening Banana Soap.

 mir_and_ryvi_4 copy

I am very careful when it comes to reviewing skin care products because it takes a certain amount of time for me to really test out the product and see if it really works. For this particular soap, it took me about 1 month to road test.

Mir and Ryvi Banana Soap PHP250.00 (Beauty Bar)

As mentioned above, this soap is made of a lot of great ingredients that aid in treating skin discoloration, lightening the skin, restoring skin elasticity, and a lot more! Vitamin C is really good for the skin and this soap has Acerola extract that is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C!

I actually started using this for 4 weeks straight and have seen improvement on the areas of my face where brown spots/acne marks appear. This would be so much better with a photo as proof right? I shall follow up on that! I’ll give you a video clip as proof as well!

Going out without a trace of makeup has been easier ever since I started using Mir and Ryvi’s Banana Soap. With continuous, consistent use, you’ll get the results you want.

“Would you repurchase?” Oh, I definitely would. For the price of 250.00, it’s definitely worth it.


This is how the soap looks like, unopened. Tightly sealed with a protective plastic covering.


Have you tried using this Banana Soap from Mir and Ryvi? What are your thoughts? I hope this soap works well on you as it did on me!

Mir and Ryvi products are available online through Beauty Bar! You can shop online if you wanted to! Just click on this link.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

FLASH GIVEAWAY: Makeup by Toni Flat Top Kabuki Brush!

Hi everyone!

kabuki gveaway1

I sure hope you’re still up! (11:15PM on my clock) A lot of people have been asking for a flat top kabuki brush giveaway, and here it is!

This flat top kabuki brush is from Makeup by Toni. Indeed, a dupe for Sigma Beauty’s F80. I, personally, am so obsessed with flat top kabuki brushes! They are the most perfect foundation brushes ever. I can easily buff my foundation (crème, liquid, gel type) on my face using this brush. It’s slightly less dense compared to the Sigma F80 but functions just as well. It picks up enough product through its synthetic bristles.

Another plus is the beautiful holographic print on the brush handle! Isn’t it cute?


A flat top kabuki brush is definitely one of the best brushes you can ever have.

(1) winner is going to be the proud owner of a MBT Flat Top Kabuki Brush on April 13, 2013!

All you need to do is:

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3. Comment on this blog post saying what you like best about my Youtube Channel ( and why you want to win the flat top brush.

4. WINNER will be chosen on April 13, 2013 at 6:00PM via Twitter and Facebook (

5. Open to Philippine subbies/readers only


Good luck!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shopping Spree Giveaway! (3,000 Php CASH PRIZE)

Hi everyone!

I won't even ask if anybody's feeling the heat of the summer because I am 100% sure all of us do. *dying* Well, another thing is about to be burning hot this season!

The Heatwave Summer Bazaar is happening on April 19-21 2013 at the World Trade Center!


The event offers a sizzling collection of the hottest summer essentials, from up and coming entrepreneurs featuring their hip and trendy summer items for those planning a summer getaway.

Products include swimwear, bandeaus and cover ups, summer tops and bottoms, summer accessories, flipflops, sandals, footwear, eyewear, headpieces, perfumeries, cosmetics, skincare necessities, novelty items, home accents, food treats and refreshments, and summer getaway destinations.

Here's what makes everything MORE exciting!

The organizers of the bazaar are generously sponsoring PHP3,000.00 worth of shopping money to one of you guys!

All you need to do is:
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*ONE (1) lucky winner will be notified via TWITTER on April 10, so make sure you follow the instructions! Further claiming instructions will be given.


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That's pretty much it, everyone!
Have fun, and good luck!

Meet & Greet: Cosmetologie 2013


Cosmetologie’s happening next week!

I would love to meet everybody, so I’m doing a quick Meet and Greet on April 9, 2013 (it’s a holiday, so I hope you can come!)

DATE: April 9, 2013


PLACE: World Trade Center, Pasay City (inside the Cosmetologie venue)

Let’s take pictures together!

Read more about Cosmetologie 2013 here:

*You may text me at 09156218309 to reach me on that day! See you!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to Apply Individual Lashes + GIVEAWAY!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been obsessed with individual lashes ever since I discovered affordable ones from Landmark, Makati! I love how these individual lashes give my eyes a very natural yet glamorous look!

eyelash giveaway

I first saw individual lashes from the famous brand Ardell and I felt quite hesitant to purchase it as I thought it wasn’t practical to buy a set of individual lashes priced at 500-600 pesos. Luckily, when I was browsing through brushes at Landmark, Makati, I saw this set of individual lashes from the brand “Cala” and was surprised that it was only priced at PHP150.00! (WOW!!!) Of course, I had to buy myself a set! And went back shortly after to buy 2 more sets.

I use these individual lashes on myself and on my clients (and it works perfectly on my Chinese clients’ eyes!! It opens them up very well!) Regarding the lash adhesive/glue, I use my favorite LashGrip from Beauty Bar which dries dark. However, I have tried using the lashes with an adhesive that dries clear and it works just as well!

In this beauty tutorial, I will teach you how to appy the individual lashes! It’s not as difficult as you may think it is! You just need tweezers (in my case, I use my fingers) and a steady hand!

Watch the video embedded below for the full tutorial and I hope you enjoy!

As a bonus, I am giving away (1) set of Cala Eyelash Individual Lashes to (1) one lucky winner! Mechanics are as follows:

1. Watch the video  and leave a comment [in the video] saying what you think about individual lashes!

2. Like the video!

3. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel:

4. Leave a comment in THIS BLOG ENTRY saying “Hi Say! I’m (insert your name) with the username (insert your Youtube username) on Youtube and I entered this giveaway!” EX. “Hi Say! I’m Laura with the username cutiepink1234 on Youtube and I entered this giveaway!” ***important step***

5. Giveaway open only to Philippine-based subscribers/blog readers.

6. Winner will be announced in 2 weeks (April 24, 2013)