Wednesday, November 30, 2011

11/11/11 Aigoo Shoppe Giveaway WINNER!

Thanks to everyone who joined our 11/11/11 Blog Giveaway sponsored by Aigoo Shoppe. Initially I used to generate the winner, but good thing I checked—I found duplicate entries so I had to switch to

Here is the list of the participants (you may justly protest if you don’t find your name here):

  1. Joane Therese Vera
  2. Cecchine e. Cogay
  3. Camilla
  4. Angel Aragon-Manalata
  5. Merrylyn Choo
  6. Apol Marie Duque
  7. Janela zabala
  8. Aya Corsega
  9. Patty Patricio
  10. Jenny Austria
  11. Tanya Santiago
  12. Mars Llorca
  14. Kat Kim Racaza
  15. Via Dalawampo
  16. Janine Monasterial
  18. lorica mandawe
  19. Andrea Luzada
  20. Paula Palo Panlaqui
  21. Rann May Luba
  22. Ericka Pascual
  23. Azslyn Cole
  24. Glaiza Litusquen
  25. Kara Rita
  26. Fredilyn C. Ainza
  27. Mary Aiko Orcilla
  28. Maggie Malonzo
  29. Pao Lara
  30. Shiela Laroa
  31. Paola Bridgette Espiritu
  32. Alexandra Yo
  33. Grace Langit
  34. kimberly calub
  35. Agnes Dela Cruz
  36. Katrine Lao
  37. Jessamine Tang
  38. Jessamine Tang
  39. Xhanxhan Macapagal
  40. Karen P. See
  41. France Navarro
  42. Anne Catherine Tan
  43. Krystle Lee
  44. Charlene Lu Tan
  45. Elaine Merlin
  46. Camille Quiambao
  47. Jessabelle Magtangob
  48. Mae Angelie Labaya
  49. Czarina M. Garcia
  50. Maria Cristina Meriales

I used the fruit machine to select the winner, so congratulations…


Patty Patricio said...
I would love to win the Angel gray lens <3
Name: Christine Patricio
Email Add:

Congratulations, Patty! Looks like you’re getting your Angel Gray Lenses! Please wait for the email from Val of Aigoo Shoppe :)

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who joined in!

More giveaways this December!

Dulce Candy Inspired Makeup Look

I’ve been super obsessed with Dulce these past few weeks! I love everything about her! I decided to create a tutorial featuring a Dulce Candy Inspired look. I usually see Dulce with lined rims which looks super gorgeous on her since it really accentuates her eye shape. I love wearing the “Dulce Look” to school. It’s completely no-fuss and easy to achieve. Just follow the simple steps and rock the look to your school!


  1. Apply concealer—I used my Marionnaud N34 Concealer Brush and my favorite The LuLu Makeup Concealer in Light (Order here)
  2. Apply foundation—I used my Sigma F80 Brush and James Cooper Cream Foundation in 02
  3. Set foundation with powder—I used Maybelline’s All in One Shine Free Cake Powder in Honey (Refill)
  4. Redefine brows—I used the Easy Brow Pencil from Etude House and my Megaga Brow Brush
  5. Apply gold eye shadow on the inner thirds of the lids—I used my 88 Palette (LuLu Makeup Manhattan Palette)
  6. Apply dark brown eyes hadow on the crease area and the outer V, sweep the color out—I used my 88 Palette (LuLu Makeup Manhattan Palette)
  7. Line your eyes! Line the inner rims and trace the outline of your eyes to really accentuate the shape—the best pencil to use is Nichido’s Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
  8. Create a cateye tail
  9. Highlight brow bone with a white eye shadow
  10. Curl lashes and apply mascara
  11. Contour your face—I used my Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush and Fanny Serrano’s 2-Way Cake in Rajah
  12. Blush—I used my Beauty UK Baked Blush in Royal Rose (Order here)
  13. Highlight—I used my Secret Beam Highlighter from Etude House
  14. Light pink lipstick—NYX Lipstick in Tea Rose

And we’re done!

Watch the video tutorial here:

NEW! Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Line


Neutrogena Philippines sent me a package a few days ago featuring their newest line—”Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating”. This is an overview of the products inside the package. I never really had problems with blackheads (knocks on wood) but my sisters do, so I’ll be letting them use these products and see if they really do work. I was and still am super impressed by Neutrogena’s Hydroboost Line so I’m pretty confident that this new one will not disappoint.


1. Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Warming Treatmentuse the gentle power of warming sensation to help eliminate blackheads for visibly clear and healthy looking skin!

  • Instantly warms up to open pores.
  • Blackhead Fighting Complex then penetrates into pores to promote the removal of dirt, oil, and even stubborn blackheads
  • Cedarwood extract and moisturizer help strengthen the skin’s natural water and oil balance, and prevent new blackheads from forming with continuous use


2. Neutrogena Body Oil Light Sesame Formulaa sheer moisturizing experience

  • The Sensual Moisturizer
  • Experience Neutrogena Body Oil—it's light sesame formula glides on easily to moisturize dry skin, it’s so sheer it vanishes into shower-damp skin leaving it soft and silky with a radiant, healthy glow

*obviously not part of the Blackhead Eliminating Line :)


3. Blackhead Eliminating Cooling Tonerhelps to effectively eliminate blackheads and prevent new ones from forming

  • Delivers instant cooling sensation, tightens pores and soothes skin
  • Blackhead Fighting Complex contains BHA to remove dead skin cells and control excessive oil
  • Cedarwood extract and moisturizer help strengthen the skin’s natural water and oil balance, and prevents new blackheads from forming with continuous use


4. Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub

  • Contains microbeads that gently exfoliate the skin
  • Blackhead Fighting Complex penetrates deep into the pores to dissolve excessive oil to help eliminate stubborn blackheads and prevent new ones from forming
  • Natural ingredient with proven oil control efficacy
  • Helps clear and tighten pores


Stay tuned for the review!

Huge thanks to Neutrogena Philippines for this package.

Trinket Town: A Christmas Bazaar Meet & Greet Say

trinkettown4 copy

Hi everyone!

I know this is announced in quite short notice but I just wanted to say that I will be selling my faux lashes on December 4, 2011 @ BOOTH #25 at Ariato Function Center Il Terrazzo Mall (305 Tomas Morato Cor. Sct. Madrinan, Q.C.) I will be there all day from 10AM-10PM on Sunday. I will be with my sister who will be selling the gorgeous ear cuffs that you see me wearing in my videos!

I will be selling 10 pairs of lashes/set for only PHP 150.00. I hope to see you there! This is also for everyone who has been asking me about my faux lashes. Get your own set on Sunday! Limited stocks available, so come early, darlings.

Hope to see you there! Let’s take photos together!

Love, Say

Monday, November 28, 2011

Selena Gomez Hit the Lights Inspired Makeup Look

A granted requested makeup look from a couple of people from Facebook and Twitter! This is a Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look from her music video Hit the Lights. I actually had to really study how her makeup was done since I barely saw the actual colors she had on. I watched Dulce Candy’s and Masquerade Makeup’s makeup tutorials and kind of pulled techniques from theirs. What I understood was Selena wore silver lids and a hot pink/electric pink lip color. I hope you enjoy this tutorial—if you don’t think this looks like what Selena wore, might as well disregard the title! I actually wore this look to school albeit I did shorten the liner wing a bit for a less dramatic look.

Start of with your concealing, foundation, and brow routine (watch mine here)

  1. Apply a shimmering white/silver eyeshadow on the inner thirds of the lids, you want this color to stand out *I used Sleek Makeup’s INNOCENCE Eyeshadow from the Bad Girl Palette*
  2. Take a brown/mauve eyeshadow and darken your crease area with this color *I used my Nichido Stardust Trio Palette in Totally Neutral*
  3. Highlight the brow bone *Use any matte white/beige/light pink eyeshadow—I used the light pink shade from the Nichido Stardust Trio Palette in Totally Neutral*
  4. Line your lashline *I used my new Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner PHP 195.00, Watsons*
  5. Take a black pencil and start lining your lower lashline, upper waterline and lower waterline *Elf Black Pencil*
  6. Using the black pencil, draw a dramatic wing, extend it outward from the lower lashline, and connect it back to the upper lashline you created in #4
  7. Set the liner with a black eyeshadow *I used my MAC “Beauty Marked” eyeshadow*
  8. Take a fluffy brush and buff out the liner color, create a smoky effect
  9. Curl lashes and apply mascara
  10. Apply wispy lashes *I used my KKCenterHK A166 Lashes and Aido Lash Glue*
  11. Highlight high points of the cheeks *I used my Benefit High Beam* Apply 3 dots and dab lightly.
  12. Contour accordingly. *I used my Fanny Serrano 2-Way Cake Powder in Rajah and my Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush*
  13. Apply an electric pink lip color *I used Ever Bilena’s Off Beat Pink—but a better color would be Beauty UK’s lipstick in Passion #10*
  14. Apply a gloss over the lipstick (I actually applied gloss since I used a matte lipstick) *ELF lipgloss in Strawberry*
  15. Apply blush *I used my current favorite Beauty UK Baked Blush in Royal Rose*

Order Beauty UK and Sleek Makeup products from Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione.

Here are more photos from the tutorial:


And here’s the 5-minute video tutorial:

Gift from a Sweet Reader: MAC Satin Lipstick in RED A21

In my almost 2 years of being a beauty blogger and a YouTube makeup guru, I never really expected to have such wonderful supporters (some of which have been there since Day 1!!!) About 2 weeks ago, I met up with Ashley (a soon-to-be June bride) for her makeup testing. She actually just came back from Dubai. I felt really happy to finally meet her because she’s one of the people who actually watched me waaaay back when I started in YouTube. I’m gonna blog about her makeup testing in a separate post, but I just wanted to show you guys what Ashley brought back to Manila for me!

Before we started with the testing, she handed a MAC bag to me. I was really surprised! And looooook what was inside! It's a MAC Satin Lipstick! And you can totally tell she’s an avid reader because she knows how much I love the color red. How sweet of her, right? The feeling is just grabe lang because I was really happy that she even thought of giving me something. Sometimes the bond I establish with my readers is super amazing. Most of them actually become friends of mine!


I am sooooo thankful for all my readers. This is the reason why I do my best to reply to every single comment/email/message they send me. I love you guys!

Ashley, thank you so much for this! Such a perfect addition to my red lipstick collection. See you in June, darling! And enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush Review and Demo


After about 2-3 weeks of using the F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush from Sigma, I am finally presenting a formal review and a little demonstration on the functions of this brush.

This is the first Sigma brush that I have ever used and I can most definitely say that the quality of this brush is amazing. The handle is very sturdy, let alone the metallic ferrule. The handle, unlike other brushes, feels a bit heavier—which is a good indication that it is made from quality material. The bristles feel incredibly soft and are very dense—making it a good applicator for various kinds of makeup products. It is also made of synthetic bristles which is perfect to apply cream-based products.


A closer look on how dense the bristles of the brush are:


The Sigma logo and brush name are neatly embedded on the brush handle.



You all know how profusely I raved about Marionnaud’s N32 Blush Brush, right? It is honestly the first multi-functional brush that I ever used! But when I received the Sigma F80—everything changed!

I’m afraid Marionnaud N32 is now #2. It has been replaced by the F80! Other people might say “You’re just saying that because Sigma is more expensive and you just wanna show off…” Well, say anything you want to say, while I go through the points on why the F80 replaced my #1 favorite brush:

  1. It is incredibly dense, making it a great applicator for a lot of makeup products
  2. It applies cream/liquid/mineral/gel foundation extremely well. You will not see any streaks after application
  3. The bristles are not scratchy—they are very soft, allowing ease of buffing
  4. It makes application of setting powder very well since it pushes the powder onto the face; “setting” everything in
  5. It’s a great tool for applying baked/powder/cream blushes—it’s super easy to buff away using the F80!
  6. It does a great job on contouring as well—especially on the bridge of the nose, the jawline, and most especially the cheekbones!

I think F80’s flat top makes it multi-functional.

If you’re not convinced you can go ahead and watch my video review and demo of this amazing brush!

To order the Sigma F80 Brush, go to this link.

ENTER MY SIGMA F80 GIVEAWAY! (Ends on November 30, 2011)

Meeting Krysha (MissKPM67 on YouTube)


I finally met Krysha (MissKMP67 on YouTube) last November 12, 2011 at Greenbelt! Krysha is one of the living proofs that you can meet total strangers on YouTube that would end up becoming almost like a sister! I’ve known Krysha for about a year now, I believe. I used to only watch her videos and now I finally met her in the flesh! What I love about Krysha’s videos is how entertaining they are—especially her haul videos! She sings great, too! She’s a multi-talented person who I am really blessed to have met. Besides all that online stuff, Krysha is a great person to talk to—I share my problems to her and it’s very comforting that she feels me, despite the distance! What’s also great is that she’s Filipina!

When I first saw Krysha as I was ascending the escalator, I was like oh my gosh she’s super pretty!!! She was with her adorable momma who looked all chic! Krysha and I actually wore the same print! We didn’t talk about it, it was just mere coincidence! Haha!  I love the color of her hair! I just loved everything about her! I actually thought she’d be speaking in English like she always would [in her videos] but she spoke straight Tagalog all throughout! It was soooo fun to hear her speak Tagalog. Not at all slang.


Instead of dinner, we had dessert @ Café Breton at Greenbelt. I’ve actually never tried out their food but I was blown away by their La Pinay Crepe! It was actually suggested by both Krysha and her adorable momma. We all had the same crepe!


The lighting at Café Breton was actually all yellow-y so we didn’t really get much photos taken! We even planned on vlogging but the lighting was horrible. Albeit, we were able to film a short clip somewhere inside the mall which I have yet to upload on my channel!



Here’s the La Pinay Crepe. Perfection. Krysha even asked me, “Won’t this ruin your diet?” Hahahaha!


I ordered a Chocolate Milk Shake—which I feel really guilty not finishing. It was heavenly thick and creaaaamy.


Thank you so much Krysha & Mrs. Mallari for treating me! I really enjoyed everything. I loved talking to them like I’ve actually known them my whole life! You will really feel comfortable with kababayans.

Our meeting only lasted about 2-3 hours (even less) but I truly cherish all those moments. I’m not gonna see Krysha for another year or even more, but I am super thankful to have finally met her this 2011.

Krysha, you know how much I love you! Thank you so much for the wonderful time! And for the huge-ass bottles of lotion!!! Tell Tita I said thanks and perhaps show her this blog post! You will forever be my favorite Hauler on YouTube! I can’t wait for your new videos now you’re back home safely. I am going to see you again when you get back in a few years!

P.S. I wanted to post this in my personal blog, but I’m posting this in my beauty blog instead since I want to show everyone how beautiful and amazing the people I’ve met in YouTube are.


There you have it, the beautiful Krysha from! Check out her blog as well! Hers is one of my most favorite blogs ever.! Enjoy reading and show her some loooooove.

Love, Say

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goody Simple Styles Collection Launch


If you watched my What’s In My Bag (Moving Cab) video, you would see this huge mirror inside my bag. I’ve been a Goody mirror user since my 3rd year in high school! I was happy to be invited to their Simple Styles Collection launch last November 23rd. I invited my good friend and fellow beauty blogger Sab of MissCoryPotts since I wanted to see her while she’s in town! We all met up at Edsa Shangri-la. Achi Char (of YellowYum) was also present at the event.


Sab of


Charlene of


We were served good food by the hotel. I especially loved the dessert platter that Achi Char, Sab and I shared.


The venue was definitely filled with festive balloons. They remind me of the Spin Pins!


Goody particularly launched the Simple Styles Collection which includes the Spin Pin, Modern Updo, Pony Pouf, and Bun Spiral.

Here’s a little information about each:

  1. The Spin Pin is a simple little tool that is sure to spiral out of control. Providing the hold and strength of about 20 bobby pins, it adjusts in size for optimum hold in fine to super thick, straight or curly hair to create free-floating suspension.—I’ve seen Judy of ItsJudyTime use this baby, and it truly works!
  2. Upgrade your chignon with the Modern Updo. Specially created for superior hold and optimal fit, its contoured shape lies comfortably against the head, twisting hair into a loose bun tucking the ends in to secure your style.
  3. Take your pony tail to new heights with the Pony Pouf! With a patented bi-level poufing tool that includes a strand locking support system for all day volume, the unique Pony Pouf benefits from a double contour design for added volume.
  4. Create the perfect classic bun or messy top knot with the Bun Spiral, to achieve different stylish looks in your own way. With its round spiral design created to fit average consumer’s hair, the flexible tension spiral moves smoothly through all hair types.


Goody’s newest collection definitely created quite a craze among the beauty community! Check them out and don’t miss out!

Visit Goody Simple Styles Collection!

More photos from the event:


Check out what’s inside this loot bag here!


Check out my Bun Spiral Hair Tutorial here.

Special thanks to Miss Gwen Carino and GoodyPH for the invite!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Overview: KKCenterHK Hand-Made Black Wispy Plumes Leather Fake False Lashes

KKCenterHK was kind enough to send me these wonderful, dramatic lashes after my first review on their A166 Lashes (read A166 overview here and review here)


These are the Hand-made Black Wispy Plumes Leather Fake False Lashes. I have yet to try these out for an over-the-top dramatic makeup tutorial. I bet these would look great and would definitely give the whole look more oomph.

The plumes are extra long as you can see in the photos, and the lash bands are neatly glued to the lash plate. It’s quite odd how the left lash looks a bit “bald” on the quarter end—but I guess that’s the way it was meant to look like!


I hope you stay tuned for my upcoming tutorial using these babies!

If you want to try out KKCenterHK lashes, go to: