Friday, September 30, 2011

FLAWLESS Blogger’s Night @ Borough, Podium

IMG_4883I was contacted by Isa Fabregas of the FLAWLESS Team about a few weeks ago to the bloggers event that was scheduled to push through by late September. Luckily, Pedring has left and Quiel hasn’t wreaked havoc yet (and hopefully won’t) and the event pushed through tonight. I got out of school at 6:45PM and reached home at exactly 7:00PM. Dress code was smart-casual, so I donned my Reborn skinny jeans, a gray tank top, a flowy cover-up, and Parisian’s 5-inch pumps (thanks to my sister Iza). I left home at 7:30 and luckily arrived at around 8:20. Traffic was horrible!DSC06780DSC06785DSC06772DSC06774DSC06782Janica and I met at Podium’s lobby before heading to the venue. Borough looked really cozy! The only thing that scared me was going up the stairs (and going down, as well) My legs shook for some reason. Upon arriving, I saw Shen of right away! It was great to meet her in person. Her voice is really cute! Matining, according to her, but it was adorable! Achi Char was there—it was another night of bonding with the LuLu Girls. The other bloggers looked really familiar, Regina of made me wonder where I saw her before! She’s an awesome blogger. I am subscribed to the other bloggers as well! Isa of was definitely very accommodating and friendly—she made everyone feel welcomed!DSC06741DSC06762DSC06777DSC06783DSC06745

DSC06758DSC06766DSC06770DSC06754Dinner was absolutely grand. I might have to link you to my personal blog for all that food photos and stuff, but basically, Borough serves really good food!

We were handed press kits, gift cheques, and products to try out from FLAWLESS. I am excited to try them out, including the services FLAWLESS offers. Luckily, they have a branch at SM City Manila.DSC06750DSC06751Stay tuned for my review/thoughts about the products and services of FLAWLESS! Oh, and watch out, because I might giveaway something, too! DSC06763



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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friends with Benefits Mila Kunis Inspired Look

I am sure everyone has seen the movie Friends with Benefits, and I speak for everyone when I say that Mila Kunis looked positively beautiful in that film. Her smoky brown makeup just complemented her big eyes. Everything else was kept neutral and natural. This tutorial is my version of her look. Read on for the products I used and the steps to follow:HPIM3321

  1. Conceal imperfections (LuLu Makeup Concealer in Light + Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush) Use fingers to dab on and spread the product and buff everything on with a brush.
  2. Apply foundation (Revlon PhotoReady Makeup in 006 Medium + Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush)
  3. Set foundation on with powder (Revlon PhotoReady Powder + Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush) Dab the powder on and lightly buff all over the face
  4. Redefine brows (Megaga Brow Brush + Brown Eyeshadow)
  5. Apply a cream colored E/S on the inner thirds of the eyes and the brow bone for highlight
  6. Apply a brown E/S on the crease area and blend through, create that V shape on the outer corners of the eyes
  7. Take a darker shade of brown and concentrate on the crease area, blend well
  8. Line your eyes using a black gel liner (Fanny Serrano Long Wear Gel Liner)
  9. Tightline your eyes (Elf Black Eye Pencil)
  10. Curl lashes and apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes (Elf Lash Curler + Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara)
  11. Put on False Lashes (Jamie Lashes from my lash business + Aido Lash Adhesive)
  12. Line your waterline with black eye pencil (Elf Black Eye Pencil)
  13. Contour your face (Fanny Serrano 2-Way Cake in Rajah)
  14. Apply brown/gold tone blush (The Body Shop Cheek and Face Powder Shade in Chestnut)
  15. Apply lip balm (EOS Lipbalm)
  16. Top off with nude lip gloss (Elf Lip Gloss in Candlelight)

Watch this video for the tutorial on YouTube:

Here are the photos from this tutorial:HPIM3333HPIM3342HPIM3325

Revlon Products from: Revlon For Less

Super Angel Gray Circle Lenses from: Red Jhelli Shop, Cebu City

LuLu Makeup from

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Lenses from Red Jhelli Shop: Super Angel Gray 15mm

Jhia of Cebu City’s Red Jhelli Shop contacted me about a month ago and asked me if I would be willing to review her lenses. Red Jhelli Shop is a Cebu based online shop selling authentic GEO lenses from Korea. I must admit that after doing my first GEO lens review for Aigoo Shoppe, I have grown to love them. I gladly accepted the offer from Jhia and she gave me a list of lenses to choose from. “Super Angel Gray” really caught my eye—and it is my first pair of circle lenses. I told you guys before how I’ve never worn circle lenses! But it’s pretty obvious that this changes everything.DSC06695I received the package about a week ago. This post will basically just be an overview about the product. I had a little difficulty opening the vials as usual, since the cap snapped off the aluminum seal. But thank God for scissors and patience—I was able to open them without chopping my fingers off.

As you all know, my eyesight is poorer than poor. These lenses have grades 4.00 on both. Jhia was kind enough to send me graded lenses since I told her reviewing 0.00 lenses would be a waste for me since my vision is as blurred as a windshield splatted with a mixture of all kinds of crap.DSC06694The vials looking all clean—contrary to my combat with the aluminum seals.DSC06700This is the Super Angel Gray lenses. It has a diameter of 14.8, roughly 15mm. Lifespan of (1) year and base curve of 8.6mm.DSC06713DSC06720Stay tuned for a more in-depth review revealing how they look like [on me] when worn, their comfort level, and pretty much how good or bad this product is!

You can find Red Jhelli Shop here.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hair & Makeup: Maika Idio


My blockmate Maika hosted an event last September 17 and I did her hair and makeup.

Maika basically had virgin brows (never-been-plucked) and it was really fun to reshape and restructure them. I wanted to give her a fresh look with a bold lip color (which was her choice of color) I did the usual concealing using LuLu Makeup’s concealer, foundation using James Cooper Cream Foundation, contouring using Fanny Serrano’s “Rajah” 2-Way Cake, blush using The Body Shop’s Rose Flower Blush and brows using Nichido’s brown eye pencil. As for the eyes, I highlighted the inner corners using MAC’s “Shroom” eyeshadow, and used “Beauty Marked” to get a soft smoky eye feel. I lined her eyes using Fanny Serrano’s Gel Liner and finished off by curling her lashes and applying 2 coats of mascara. I failed to get the shade of the YSL lipstick that Maika had with her, but it’s a shade close to the Palladio Coral Punch Lip Color. As for the hair, I used my BabyLiss iPRO200 25mm Sol-Gel Titanium Iron and made soft curls on Maika’s hair.

That is basically how I achieved this look on Maika Idio.

Stay tuned for more makeover posts!

Hair & Makeup: 22 Cheerleaders from St. Scholastica

September 16, 2011—my second major gig happened this day. Remember the time when I made up 20+ cheerleaders for my former highschool (SJCS)? This is similar to that one! DSC06500I arrived at St. Scholastica at around 12:00NN and was given a spacious area where I could set up my things. I was given approximately 2.5 hours to finish the hair and makeup of 22 cheerleaders.

I worked on their hair first, making high ponies and teasing all the way. The makeup mainly composed of Barbie pink lip color, a combination of blue and purple eye shadow (sparkling purple E/S on the inner corners of the eyes) blush, and powder foundation.DSC06488DSC06493I finished right on time and headed straight to UST for my remaining classes. DSC06502The best thing about all this? Later that night, I got the word that the team won 1st place in the cheering competition! That just made me so happy.

Congratulations to the Aqua Blue Team from St. Scholastica’s College!

YouTube Awards

I am so happy about this! This is the first time I am seeing these so called awards appear on my channel in YouTube. I know it changes constantly, but I am just very happy to share it! I know this may come out as bragging to some people—but heck, being thankful ain’t bragging! Thank you, Lord! Thank you to all my viewers from all parts of the world!

September 24, 2011:

#14 MOST SUBSCRIBED (ALL-TIME) Gurus—Philippines

#5 MOST VIEWED (THIS MONTH) Gurus—Philippines

#7 MOST VIEWED (THIS MONTH) Partners—Philippines

#2 MOST VIEWED (THIS WEEK) Gurus—Philippines

#6 MOST VIEWED (THIS WEEK) Partners—Philippines

Jenni Epperson Inspired Look

Jenni Epperson PREVIEW

|| Jenni Epperson’s “Wearable Makeup” post here ||

|| Inspirational photo: second photo in the post (Patrick Alcober of Shu Uemura) ||

|| Photo from: ||

One of the most influential bloggers in my life is Jenni Epperson. I’m sure a lot of people know her! She is a celebrity stylist, Philippine Daily Inquirer’s contributing fashion editor, blogger, foodie and entrepreneur. I became addicted to her blog last summer and she has been a constant inspiration to me since then. Have you read this post? It’s also one of the reasons why I am really thankful for Jenni. She is a real and down-to-earth person—she brings nothing but positivity in my life.

Being a YouTube makeup guru, I am in constant search for pegs/inspirational photos to create a video out of. I was browsing through Jenni’s blog and I came across her Wearable Makeup look post [again]. A surge of inspiration rushed through my veins and voila… I made a video tutorial on how to achieve the same look that Jenni posted.


The look was made by Patrick Alcober of Shu Uemura. Jenni described it simply as: Navy eyeshadow + Eyeliner + False eyelashes + Nude lipstick

The inspirational photo was taken with, hence the color effects. I hope my remake of this look gives justice to Jenni Epperson’s!

Continue reading for the procedures and the products that I used:

  1. Usual concealing, foundation, and brow routine (LuLu Makeup Concealer in Light, Revlon PhotoReady Makeup Foundation in 006 Medium, Revlon PhotoReady Powder, Ever Bilena Original Brown Eye Pencil, Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush (for foundation and powder) Megaga EyeBrow Brush (brows)
  2. Apply a navy blue eyeshadow all over your lids (Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Palette “The New Blue” shade)
  3. Line your lashline with a black eye pencil and smudge it out using a brush (Nichido Girl’s Night Out Black Eye Pencil in Blackest Black and Marionnaud N38 Eye Brush)
  4. Curl your lashes and apply mascara (Elf Mechanical Lash Curler and Maybelline Volum’Express Hypercurl Mascara)
  5. Line your lower waterline with the same black liner, smudge it out (Nichido Girl’s Night Out Black Eye Pencil in Blackest Black)
  6. Apply faux lashes (order lashes from me here)
  7. Apply blush (MAC Blush in Pink Swoon)
  8. Apply a nude/pale pink lip color (Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in “Mauvey”)
  9. Top off with lip gloss (Shawill Vivid Charm Lip Gloss in 02)

NOTE: I tied my long hair back with a hair claw all throughout the video and the photo-taking. I tricked a good amount of people, believing I cut my hair that short. Hahaha! I just wanted to get close to Jenni’s pixie cut—and unfortunately, a bob is as far as I could get. Past-waist length hair is difficult to hide.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Now for the photo roll:HPIM3291HPIM3289HPIM3279HPIM3282HPIM3275Jenni, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for being an inspiration to many Filipinas! I’m sharing you to everyone in the YouTube community.

Watch the 3-minute video tutorial here:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Luminess Air Airbrush System: Overview

DSC06474-horzI received an e-mail last September 3, 2011 from Luminess Air’s Relations Advocate, Emily Pokluda and she asked me if I am interested in making a video for their airbrush system. I gladly accepted since I’ve been meaning to get hold of an airbrush system but always postponed buying one since it is quite expensive here in the Philippines. I have never imagined myself using airbrush cosmetics for at least 2-3 years, even! You could imagine my thrill because after just 10 days, I received the package in the mail (September 13, 2011) I had to pay PHP 1,747.00 upon receipt due to duties and taxes—the package came all the way from United States.

This post is going to be an overview of the contents of the boxes. An in-depth demo, review and tutorial will be coming up next!

So this was how the package looked like before I opened it:DSC06473I unearthed this beautiful pink and blue Luminess Air box under piles of paper files:DSC06474The box contains manuals, a Getting Started DVD, and pouches of airbrush eyeshadow and foundation kits:DSC06476DSC06480In this photo we have the airbrush system, handle, and wires:DSC06482It’s pink!DSC06484In the first pouch, we have the Foundation Kit:DSC06615It contains the following: (L-R—1. Ultra Foundation #2 Bloom, 2. Ultra Foundation All-in-One Formula Primer/Moisturizer/Concealer/Foundation Shade 3,  3. Airbrush “Moist-Primer” Moisturizer)DSC06623In the second pouch we have the Color Extras Kit:DSC06616It contains: (L-R—1. Blush Series Tulip 3N, 2. Moist Primer (moisturizer), 3. Brightening Glow, 4. Metallics Series Bronzer)DSC06619Lastly, we have the Airbrush Eyeshadow Kit which contains E/S #5 and #6 (not in photo):DSC06626

I hope you enjoyed this overview about the Luminess Airbrush System!

I will be uploading a review and tutorial video using the system in the next few days.

You can see this product here.

Check out Luminess Air through these links:

My deepest thanks to Luminess Air for the sponsorship!