Monday, November 6, 2017


Finally, I get to share with you guys what product transformed my skin in 28 days!!! A few months ago, I started a really crazy experiment—applying a product I didn’t know anything about ON ONE SIDE OF MY FACE. Yes, you read that right. Only one side!

Not everyone is gifted with perfect skin, and I am definitely one of those. I suffer from big pores, rough patches, occasional acne, and of course, dark spots. “It wouldn’t hurt to try this.”—I thought to myself.

So then I journeyed on to the entire 28 days and though it felt really weird to be only pampering ONE side of my face, the experiment TOTALLY showed how much my skin transformed.

#1 thing I noticed is how supple my skin (treated side) became. I’m not kidding when I say SUPPLE, I mean I wake up with plump skin. Everyone’s skin dream, right? I was most impressed by this!

#2 My dark spots were visibly lightened. Dark spots are always so stubborn because you don’t really
know when they’ll go away. You resort to spot treating, but to no avail. The treated side of my face
definitely showed much improvement in this area.

#3 SKIN TEXTURE. Remember the rough patches I told you earlier? The treated side of my face totally felt SMOOTH all over just after 28 days of continuous use of the product. Yay to no rough patches!!! (You know how annoying those are especially when you apply makeup!)
Finally after the experiment, it was revealed to us what brand we used for 28 days. Olay.

Surprising, yes, because I thought I was using a luxury brand given the packaging, the texture, and even the results that this product gave! I am just excited to share this with you guys!
Check out the video I did with Olay! 

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