Friday, September 14, 2012

Pinkie Swear Foundation Demo & Review

Hi everyone!

Have you ever heard of Pinkie Swear?

DSC_0001 A (1)

My blockmate Kheem introduced this brand to me and told me that it is a sister-company of James Cooper. I’ve never seen it around my local mall but I was really interested in trying it out (particularly the cream foundation which Kheem uses) One fateful day, I went to the mall and finally found Pinkie Swear’s shelf! The saleslady was no help at all, unfortunately. She looked like she wasn’t thrilled that I was asking too much questions about the products (well, it’s expected of customers to ask!) I ended up buying (1) cream foundation. I’ll go back for the other products next time. Would you believe I only spent PHP 249.00 for the foundation?!?! CRAZY! Pinkie Swear is CRAZY inexpensive, I tell you (well, compared to James Cooper, that is)

I really like the packaging, not tacky in any way. I also find the brand name adorable! (18g)



This cream foundation comes in 3 shades CCF01-02-03. CCF-03 matched me the closest. The other two were a bit too dark for me already.


I love how this cream foundation is contained in a compact-like packaging! It is in no way flimsy!


The experiment begins…

What I applied on my face prior to foundation application: Lancome’s Hydrating Emulsion & Tony Moly Expert Smoothing Primer

I did not apply any concealer as I wanted to test out how good the coverage of this foundation is.

Here’s how my face looked like after applying the Pinkie Swear CCF-03 Cream Foundation and set together with the 4U2 Loose Powder (PHP 194.00):


I LOVE how it was able to conceal all the blemishes and redness going on in my face!!! Look at that! The shade matched my skin tone as well! This cream foundation is definitely similar to the James Cooper Cream Foundation, albeit they could improve the smell of this one! I can’t describe the scent that I smelled in the product while I was applying it on my face. Thank goodness it’s not a super bothering smell, so I guess I can live with it!

DSC_0001 A (5)

After 5 hours (after-class hours) I took a photo of my face. I did not retouch at all. It was a semi-hot day. I perspired. I dabbed my face using my handkerchief. I did not retouch at all. And this is how I looked like!

DSC_0001 B (8)

I have dry skin, and we can obviously see a slight oil build-up on my nose area. Nothing to be bothered about (in my opinion) Environmental factors (i.e. the weather) play a HUGE role in determining how much a foundation can work for you.

Overall, I would totally recommend this foundation. The #1 reason is because of its price. (The JC Cream Foundation costs me 399.00!!!) This is definitely a good alternative for that. #2, the coverage it gives is just amazing! No need for concealers!

Negative comments about the product: do something with the smell, perhaps. Albeit it’s not that disturbing, getting rid of it completely would be great.

I hope this review was helpful to you in any way! If by chance you try out this product, let me know how it works for you and how you like it!

  • SHADE CCF-03
  • PHP 249.00

Watch this review and demo video:


  1. Wow! That's a great coverage for an affordable foundation!!:) Will definitely give this a shot! :)

  2. My friend also told me about this! Their eyeshadows are very affordable too! Yay! ^^ The name is really cute :D

    ~ gen

  3. i will definitely check this out .
    and i followed your lovely blog .

  4. Great review Say! My colleague uses this as well. I want to try it out kaso I have oily skin... but will definitely give this a try ^^,

  5. I hope I'll see this product here in Cebu.

  6. Ooh... Good and affordable foundation?!?! Lol at you sniffing your brush. *suspicious smell* :D Adorable.

    Amazing review! Gonna check out the ingredients first though.

  7. Thanks for sharing miss say. :) will try this :)