Saturday, December 31, 2011

Side Pinned with Soft Curls Hair Tutorial

After a few weeks of mourning over the loss of 5 inches of my hair, I finally came around and started doing hair tutorials again. This is a really simple hairstyle that you can wear during any occasion. You can actually pair it with the NYE Makeup Look that I posted a day ago! You will definitely look smashing as the new year happens! And you know what they say, “How you start off the year is how the rest of your year is going to be.” (mighty superstitious)


What you’re going to need:

  1. Hair dryer (VS Compact Hair Dryer) *if you’re starting off with damp hair
  2. Curling Iron (BabyLiss 25mm Sol Gel Titanium Iron) *available at SM Department Store
  3. Heat protectant cream/spray (FX Blow Out) *available at Watsons, Mall of Asia for 299.00
  4. Finishing Spray (FX Curl Booster) *available at Watsons, Mall of Asia for 299.00
  5. Teasing Comb/Rat tail comb/three-row comb (DenMan 3-Row Comb) *available at Beauty Bar
  6. Hair Brush (Goody Ouchless Comb)
  7. Bobby pins


  1. Apply heat protectant all over your hair
  2. Dry hair completely
  3. Part your hair as you wish
  4. Detangle hair
  5. Start creating soft curls
  6. Tease curls to add volume
  7. Spray finishing spray
  8. Pin to the side creating an “X” shaped clip with 2 bobby pins

And there you have it, a simple hairstyle that is perfect for any occasion!

Watch the video here:

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