Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Perfect On-the-go Brush Set: Megaga Premiere 10 Travel Brush Set

Most of the time, my readers/viewers ask me what the perfect brush set is for starters. Normally, I would recommend brushes from Marionnaud, my favorite line that can be bought from Watsons/SM Department Stores; or even brushes from local makeup lines like Nichido and Ever Bilena. You can never go wrong with those brands (that is, if you prefer really affordable brushes; Marionnaud can be a little pricier compared to the two local brands that I mentioned, though) As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”


In this post, I’m going to introduce to you the Megaga Premiere 10 Travel Brush Set. This is for all the women out there who seek for a high quality brush set that is perfect for traveling! I, myself, am a woman on the go. This is the main reason why I think the Megaga Premiere 10 Travel Brush Set is my perfect mate.

As most of you already know, I bring my 15-inch Belle Satchel with me everyday. My planner, books, and other pouches take up a lot of space in there making it impossible for me to fit in my makeup bag *which I showed in the video* Having the Premiere 10 Brush Set makes it easier for me to bring all the brushes that I need without the hassle!

I love how lightweight and how thin the brush bag is, making it perfect to throw in my satchel without the added weight. I love how compact yet it is able to fit 10 essential brushes that you can use for touch ups!

Here are the brushes that the Megaga Premiere 10 Travel Brush Set contains:

1. Powder Brush—*I called it a blush brush in the video* It works either way. Which makes it perfectly versatile—something I love about brushes! You can apply powder, blush, bronzer and face highlighter with this baby. The bristles are oh so soft, no scratchy feeling on the face at all!


2. Foundation Brush—perfect for applying cream, liquid, and gel-based foundations! The bristles of the brush feel absolutely soft and dense, making it able to pick up more products and allow ease of blending.


3. Large Eyeshadow Brush


4. Medium Eyeshadow Brush


5. Smudge Brush—perfect alternative for when you don’t have a cotton bud/Q-tip to use


6. Angled Eyeshadow Brush—*which I called a concealer brush with a tapered end in the video* Again, you can use it either way!


7. Retractable Lip Brush—this has got to be my favorite! Un-retractable lip brushes are always too difficult to carry around in the bag.


8. Angled Eyebrow/Eyeliner Brush—perfect for the brows, yet also great for lining the eyes!


9. Fan Brush—for sweeping all those fall outs away!


10. Eyeliner Brush—for creating the sleekest and most precise cat eye on your eyes!


You can see more details about this brush set when you click THIS. It also comes in other colors! I currently have the one with the black brush pouch, pink handles and metallic pink ferrules. If you’re more of a gold type of person, Megaga also has it!

I personally love this set for all the reasons I have mentioned. Wrapping it all up, why I see myself carrying this with me everyday:

  1. It’s pink!!!
  2. It has 10 brushes that are fully functional and very versatile
  3. It’s lightweight
  4. It has a chic-looking brush pouch/bag

If you’re an on-the-go woman like I am, why don’t you give the Megaga Premiere 10 Brush Set a try?


Watch my overview video here:

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