Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sunflower Gray from the Flower Series: Circle lens from Dull to Doll


My good friend and owner of AigooShoppe now Dull to Doll, Valerie, sent me a new pair of contact lenses to try out. These are the Sunflower Gray from the Flower Series. It is 14mm in diameter; perfect for ladies who want a little bit of enlargement of the irises but not overly large compared to the 15mm diameter lenses. I love how the Sunflower Gray lenses give the eyes a doll-like effect. The flower design is extremely gorgeous to look at, not to mention. In terms of comfort, these lenses get a 4/5 from me. I have this habit of putting on lenses on tired eyes which explains my tweets before on how my eyes have become super sensitive to lighting. Using these lenses on well-rested eyes works so much better. It just so happens that I have to push through with work (i.e. filming and blogging) no matter how tired I am sometimes. Overall, the Sunflower Gray lenses from the Flower Series is one of my most favorite contact lenses.


Here’s a closer look on the Sunflower Gray lenses:


I used the lenses in one of my recent tutorials (Sultry Glowing Makeup Look) and it really complemented my eye makeup well. If you wanna watch the video, click here.


Thank you, Dull to Doll for sending this wonderful pair of contact lenses over!

Wanna get your own pair of Sunflower Gray lenses? Head on over to where you can check out other designs too!