Sunday, February 21, 2010

░ Update for The Week ░

Hey everyone! I haven't updated this beauty blog for quite some time and I figured, I'm going to make one today. So what up with everything? Today's Sunday and a film day for me. I've decided to film another remake. Yes, another one from Michelle Phan. She's my biggest inspiration! I'm going to create a remake of her Barbie Transformation Tutorial. Exciting! I'm actually going to workout after this and then jump into the shower and film the video. This look is all about pink! Isn't it obvious? Michelle Phan did such an excellent job with this look. 

Anyway, I've been browsing through a lot of sites and tried to grasp different looks to recreate for my upcoming videos. I've seen so many inspired looks which took my breath away. They are created perfectly. Flawlessly. It's amazing how makeup can transform anything to something more beautiful. More alive. More colorful. 

I've recently bough a sketchpad and I'm actually going to make drafts of looks I'll be coming up with. I know remakes are okay, but original ones reflect better character on the part of the makeup video maker. Wait till summer and I'll be able to really focus on all of this. 
I honestly want to become a makeup connoisseur. Well, someday, things will happen. For now I'm going to stick with simple videos, beauty blog entries and all that. I have yet to make an impression. 

Yesterday I was at the Maybelline counter and I tried on a couple of lipsticks. My heart beat for their Moisture Extreme Lip Colors! The Ruby Red shade was to die for. It was such a perfect red shade. And not to mention the pink shades. They have it all. From nude, to coral, to watermelon. I'm planning to buy those shades soon enough. 

The DollFace 96-color palette has been with me for almost a week now and an only  flaw with it is that you have to use primer beforehand because the colors don't last until 4 hours. You might also want to try Michelle Phan's wet on wet trick (did I get that right). 

Just go to her YouTube channel and browse through her videos. Better yet, watch all of her videos. She has inspired millions of women around the globe. I really love MP!

I'm actually going to be out later this afternoon and I'm going to wear the Barbie look. I just hope the sun won't shine so harshly. It's been really really hot here in the Philippines. You'll really need the AC to cool down. 
So I guess my update ends here. 
Watch out for the remake video of MP's Barbie Transformation. 
Have a great day everyone!
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