Sunday, February 14, 2010

░ How-to: Make Makeup Brush Holders ░

 You'll need:
1. Pebbles

2. Glasses

I bought Yalan Pebbles from SM Homeworld, at a very affordable price. (P57.00 per container) 
I wanted my fill to be a mixture of pink and red pebbles (the pink pebbles are much finer than the red ones). The glasses cost around P52-54.00 each.  

1. Fill in the glasses with the pebbles however you want them to look like. 
Layering is good, but so is mixing everything up! 

2. Stick your makeup brushes in! 
I had to make 2 holders because I don't want my 
brushes to crowd in just one container.
3. Voila! 

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