Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Behind the Scenes: 3M8 Charmed Photoshoot

I had the privilege to doll up our class’ main actresses for our play for the TJMA General Assembly at UST. The looks I did on them particularly fit each role they played. I worked with a mix of ethereal colors, as well as browns and auburns to add depth and dimension. As always, James Cooper’s Cream Foundation perfected everything. I cannot stress how much that foundation gets the work done every time. My models were all blessed with beautiful skin, so concealing was done at a minimal. LuLu Makeup’s Concealer (http://www.thelulumakeup.tk) hides all the imperfections like dark circles, so my ladies looked bright and awake for the shoot.

Below are some of the photos from the shoot. All credits go to my blockmate, Aldrich Luke Sy.285867_256342117723135_100000420476260_957345_6677195_o286220_256328277724519_100000420476260_957286_4392456_o286560_256345657722781_100000420476260_957355_5071307_o287001_256325957724751_100000420476260_957271_6605077_o288624_256350541055626_100000420476260_957368_3863439_o286081_256343891056291_100000420476260_957351_1733114_o287336_256333691057311_100000420476260_957308_2499279_o175742_256361901054490_100000420476260_957406_2433776_oRead the whole story here. (More photos)

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