Sunday, August 28, 2011

SkinSonic SkinCare System

DSC05941Jennifer Ungson contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted me to try out and review one of the most popular and affordable brushes in the U.S. She sent me the SkinSonic Skin Care System ( When I received the package, I literally laughed at myself since I was expectin’ a makeup brush. Little did I know that it was a skincare brush. I was totally excited when I saw it! It looked very much like the Clarisonic System. DSC05943“The SkinSonic SkinCare System by Sirius utilizes the power of sonic technology to provide gentle cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and toning in order to reveal fresh and radiant skin. The comprehensive system helps achieve professional results at home. The SkinSonic leaves skin feeling renewed, restored, and rejuvenated without the expense or inconvenience of a spa treatment. Effective and affordable alternative to costly and abrasive chemical or laser procedures.”DSC05946“SkinSonic cleansing brushes are two times more effective than manual cleansing, and remove 6 times more makeup than traditional cleansing. The system includes brushes for normal as well as sensitive skin, and is even safe for skin affected by conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and acne.”

“Gently buff and polish away excess debris and dead skin cells to reveal younger and glowing skin beneath with the exfoliation applicator which provides 8 times more exfoliation than manual scrubbing.”

“Experience full benefits of serums and moisturizers with a 50% greater absorption of nutrients with SkinSonic hydration applicators.”

“Lift, sculpt and tone facial muscles with SkinSonic toning applicator to rejuvenate sagging skin.”DSC05950

Here are some unboxing photos. The box contains the following:

  1. SkinSonic Handle
  2. Brush for Normal Skin (white + black bristles)
  3. Brush for Sensitive Skin (white + blue bristles)
  4. Hydration/Exfoliation Applicator
  5. Massage Applicator
  6. Storage Cradle

DSC05951DSC05952DSC05953DSC05956Brush for sensitive skin:DSC05958Hydration/Exfoliation Applicator:DSC05960Massage applicator:DSC05962Brush for normal skin:DSC05963DSC05965DSC05969Stay tuned for my video review on this amazing SkinCare Brush System!IMG_4075

Introductory price of only P2,799.00!

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  1. same with pursebuzz's elessa if i remember it right... :)

  2. That's pretty cheap, compared to the clarisonic :)

  3. wow, great post. Would love to try skinsonic Asap. Hope you can post more about this product:)

  4. It is effective and affordable against chemical or laser procedures. Great product!

  5. Hi Rae, yes it is. Very promising!

    Hi Leah! Thanks dear! You will not regret it!

    Hi Intensed Pulsed Light Treatment! It definitely is!