Monday, December 17, 2012

4U2 Face Value BB Cream | Review


Throughout all the years of being a makeup enthusiast, I’ve only fallen in love with three BB cream products—the Pinkie Swear BB Cream Foundation, the Tony Moly BB Foundation, and the latest, the 4U2 Face Value BB Cream!

I regret to inform everyone that I have to buy a new tube to be able to post a new video about this product because as I am typing this review, what’s left inside my 4U2 Face Value BB Cream is air. Yes, I finished it all.

4U2 Cosmetics Philippines sent me a stash of their latest products and this was the very first one that I tried out and later on, loved to use!

The 4U2 Face Value BB Cream contains SPF25, acts as a makeup base, a moisturizer, and a foundation for the face. 20g of content inside a squeezable, convenient tube.

Price: PHP 294.00

I love a lot of things about this BB Cream. Let me share why…

  1. Perfect shade for me--I ’m not entirely sure if they have other shades, but the one I used blended thoroughly with my skin! It does not come in the usual grayish/whitish bb cream formula that we know of.
  2. The smell is amazing—it has a light scent to it.
  3. Feels very light on the face—no greasy feeling! (coming from a person with dry skin type)
  4. Gives light-medium coverage—this bb cream is able to cover dark spots and small acne marks on my face
  5. Easy to apply—I use either  my fingers, or my Sigma kabuki brush to apply this bb cream on my skin! Either way works well!
  6. Leaves a moisturizing feel on the skin—my face feels moisturized even after the end of the day
  7. Doesn’t trigger oiliness throughout the day—again, coming from a person with dry skin type. I think this factor also varies; depends on what kind of setting powder you use. I use my Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder to set this bb cream with and the combination is amazing!

Things you might not like

  1. Upon applying the bb cream, it might feel very watery—a good setting powder will solve this problem for you, if it is a problem, that is. That perfect dewy skin finish can be achieved using this product!
  2. 20g tube only lasted for 3 weeks. I used it everyday ever since I fell in love with it! I hope it comes in a bigger tube!
  3. 294.00 for a 20g tube? An okay price for me! But other people might find it a bit expensive.
  4. Concealing is still needed—for spots that are really dark/red

You can also use the 4U2 Lovelight BB Powder to set this bb cream with! Another combination I really like!

Here’s a sample photo of myself with the 4U2 Face Value BB Cream on (with concealing & setting powder/Banana Luxury Powder from Ben Nye)


Over-all, I am head over heels in love with this BB cream from 4U2 Cosmetics. I am definitely going to repurchase and repurchase and repurchase even more. This is one of the most perfect bb cream for everyday use.

Stay tuned for the video!

Sponsored by 4U2 Cosmetics Philippines, albeit all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Hi Say! My gosh! I have been eyeing this bb cream for a long time and I'm glad that you blogged about it! I will surely try this product. I really like your reviews kasi the products usually work for me as well! I will surely watch out for the video. Keeo it up!

  2. Hi Say! I am thinking of buying the Fanny Serrano bb cream... Have you tried it? Is the 4u2 bb cream better than the fanny serrano bb cream? thanks!

  3. I have all the lists of your favourite make-ups and for sure I'll include this 4U2 BB Cream on my list and purchase it too! God bless you Say!

  4. i'll try this :D, thanks for sharing this review Miss Say :)God bless :)