Monday, December 17, 2012

Perfect Holiday Gift | Chelsy Makeup Brush Set


More and more dupes of Sigma Beauty brushes are popping out everywhere! I am here to talk about the Chelsy Makeup Brush set from Beauty Cosmetics.

The Chelsy Makeup Brush Set contains all the brushes a makeup artist needs:


-Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Essential Kit dupe

-Synthetic brushes

-No scratchy feeling

-Soft bristles

-Sturdy handles

-No fallouts

-Comes with a sturdy brush holder—perfect to contain the brushes during gigs!

-Affordable at 1,500.00 (Philippine Peso)

The Chelsy Makeup Brush set reminds me of the Sigma Mr. Bunny Essential Kit that I have in my collection. Sigma’s Mr. Bunny Set retails for $109 (PHP 4,475.44 in Philippine Peso) The Chelsy Brush Set retails for PHP 1,500.00 ($36.6 in American Dollars)

Ang mahal ng Sigma! (Sigma is so expensive!)” I know, you might be saying this right now, but Sigma Beauty is an established, international brand. You always pay for the brand and the quality.

Beauty Cosmetics is one of the leading players in the industry (offering quality makeup brushes) in the country. It is definitely the online store that makeup enthusiasts/start-up makeup artists go to for affordable makeup brush sets.

It really depends on the consumer if he/she would purchase the original set for a premium price, or go for the dupe which offers the same function, has almost the same quality, for a very affordable price.

This would make a very good holiday gift! Any makeup enthusiast would love to have this.

Order here.

The owner of Beauty Cosmetics heard your wishes! She’s going to hold a giveaway very soon. Stay tuned for announcements!


  1. I'd definitely love to have this! Thanks for this holiday gift beautiful! Happy Holidays! ❤

  2. Hi Say! I'm a silent fan. I always see you at the Super Sale Bazaar and I'm always starstruck. :) I'm so inlove with this brush set but I recently bought a new one so I can't justify buying this but I remember you said before a makeup artist can never have too many brushes (or something like that). Are you gonna be giving away a set? Please give away a set. Please?

  3. Hnd ba worldwide yan say?sayang gusto ko pa nmn:(

  4. Hope to win perfect xmas gift! ;-) <3

  5. Hope to win this !!! Perfect xmas beauty gift!!! Been wanting to have brush sets... ;-) <3

  6. Parang nag stop ang heart ko s pag beat SAY.. nkakita nko sa wakas ng swak s bdget ko jejeje.. thanks dear...

  7. Parang nag stop ang heart ko s pag beat SAY.. nkakita nko sa wakas ng swak s bdget ko jejeje.. thanks dear...

  8. Super,Super ,Super like this but its still expensive for students like me ^___^
    i wish i had this for Christmas thank you idol say ^____^

  9. I love Beauty Cosmetics Brushes, They are perfect for people who are in budget but still want to have a good quality product. Hope to win this. Thank you Say for intoducing this Amazing product to us.

  10. A perfect christmas gift for every woman who loves makeups,thanks ms. say.hope i could win this one.:)

  11. Hi Say! You really are my inspiration in make-up industry! Though i'm not good in make-up, i'm watching your videos over and over so that i'll have ideas on how to start. Thank you for inspiring!!! :)

  12. i want.. :D

    never had any brush set.. :(

  13. I really..really..really..want this brush sets does they sell these in some malls or somewhere?which is not online?

  14. Say, which is a better dupe for the Sigma Mr. Bunny-- Makeup By Toni or Chelsy? I hope you can do a comparison review. I can't afford Sigma hehe. Thank you! :)

  15. It look exactly like the Sigma one. I really hope I can this one for Christmas.

  16. hope to win ATE SAY i dont have any brushes...... :( huhuhuuhuhuhu

  17. i hope to win.....
    I dont have brushes kht isa :( huhuuh hope to win
    Best gift for christmas....
    Godbless Ate Say...

  18. i really want to have and try your brush so i will recommend it to my colleagues and fellow make up artist... hopefully i win your heart madam, it is a great privilege to have a good brush set for an artist like me...Thank you!!! ^.^

  19. waahhhh im crazy right now.... cant wait for the announcement.... hope u choose me ate.... wahhhh....
    sana manalo ko...


  20. wahhhh ate the announcement is near pls pick me.... huhuhuhuhuhu

  21. so obssess with this brushes... i hope u choose me ate.... pls.....

  22. Ate say bakit the page cannot be found dun sa link na dapat mag lead sa order form?? :)